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beswick engineering

Company Profile

Beswick Engineering is a family owned business that is willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. Beswick employs degreed Applications Engineers that are ready to answer technical questions and help customers in a variety of ways. The unique advantages of Beswick products are the result of careful attention to fundamental engineering design concepts. All employees are committed to the design and manufacture of innovative products that will provide superior value to our customers.

Product Range

  • Air pressure switch
  • Air pressure switch, electric type
  • Miniature air cylinder
  • Miniature hydraulic: Cylinder
  • Pnematic nipple, universal type
  • Pnematic pipe and tubing
  • Pneumatic adaptor, ajustable position
  • Pneumatic adaptor, elbow type
  • Pneumatic adaptor, elbow type, ajustable position
  • Pneumatic adaptor, femal
  • Pneumatic adaptor, general
  • Pneumatic adaptor, hex extension
  • Pneumatic adaptor, male pipe
  • Pneumatic adaptor, tube fitting
  • Pneumatic coupling
  • Pneumatic coupling, femal thread
  • Pneumatic miniature fitting
  • Pneumatic miniature fitting with built-in barbs
  • Pneumatic nipple
  • Pneumatic nipple, male thread
  • Pneumatic nipple, T-type
  • Pneumatic plug
  • Pneumatic plug, screw plug
  • Pneumatic plug, tube plug
  • Pneumatic valve: 3/2 valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Check valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Needle valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Pressure control valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Pressure regulator valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Relief valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Sectional valve