Company Profile

Metsapuu Oy Domus is a family business founded in 1948. The company's factory in Koria, south-east Finland, manufactures kitchen, bathroom and storage units, while Domus windows are produced at a plant in Loimaa in south-west Finland. DOMUS KITCHENS Domus is a truly international kitchen. Proof of this is a quality system that fulfils the requirements of the SFS-ISO 9001 -standard. The model range consists of over 100 door designs and a choice of over 2,000 colours. DOMUS BATHROOMS Domus bathroom fittings come in three model ranges: - economical bathroom fittings supplied in self-assembly kits, particularly suitable where space is limited - a comprehensive standard bathroom range - a magnificient luxury model range for customers seeking that little bit extra. DOMUS WINDOWS Domus windows are manufactured on a custom-made basis in the most modern window factory in Europe. Industrial efficiency means that customers always receive custom-made windows at standard model prices. Domus is the market leader in Finland for windows sold to private detached houses. The model range includes different types of timber windows and timber-aluminium windows. The windows are durable and keep homes warm and draught-free. Timber sections are protected by the enviromentally friendly VAC deep impregnation treatment method. The new timber-aluminium window was been given a more attractive shape: the new styling of the frame and jamb imparts a more impressive sense of depth. All Domus windows can be fitted with special glass, Venetian blinds, fresh air shutters and other practical accessories. Domus offers top-class windows for both renovation and new construction projects. DOMUS STORAGE SYSTEMS A Domus storage system has high-quality, stylish units for a range of storage needs. There are two height options and a wide spectrum of colours to choose from.

Product Range

  • Bathroom cabinet
  • Kitchen Furniture