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Elegance Carpentry

Company Profile

"Elegance Carpentry" is a Spanish company owned by Mr. Conrado Eiroa, who after years of personal experience in Indonesia, including past joint ventures and societies in the country, decided to create a new company in the year 2000 in Spain as well as now two factories on its own, being its commercial office still in Spain. For rattan they are building a joint venture in Cirebon with one of the most prestigious companies there. "Elegance Carpentry Semarang", has its base in Semarang, with 2.500 sqm producing furniture or components fully machine made. Its Manager is Mr Fx. Sushendri Bawono, who has many years of experience as manager of some of the best factories in Semarang, as well as years of experience as machine teacher in the "Pika School" from Semarang; which is without doubt the most famous and valued school for preparing managers (six years) and machine operators (four years) in Indonesia, becoming thus their source of quality control and managers personal. "Elegance Carpentry Jepara" has 5300 sqm. His Production Director and also shareholder Mr Slamet Riyadi, has had over six years experience in producing components for "Midland Smith" (probably the world leader in this type of "replica" furniture) and excellent business relations with the "Pika School" In Cirebon they have a joint-venture intention with a recently opened factory by Mr. Solikhin (his currently third one), whose family and his wife’s have three generations each of factories managements in rattan. Their aim is building up a network linking very much production to commercialization, thus bringing each other's needs and possibilities as close and related as possible. Adjusting quality and timing to customers demand will be this way much easier. Each factory has its specialty, but they are sometimes all part of a system of "how to produce" (see following specific chapter), centralizing production and commercialization.

Product Range

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Contemporary living room furniture
  • Dining room furniture: Wooden chair
  • Dining room wooden cupboard and cabinet
  • Home office furniture
  • Iron garden chair
  • Iron garden table
  • Living room seating: Chair and armchair
  • Rattan chair
  • Rattan garden table
  • Sofa
  • Teak garden bench
  • Teak garden chair
  • Wooden home office bookcase