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  • Offer Profile
  • For over 25 years, Allied Vision has been helping people to see the bigger picture. Allied Vision designs, produces and sells cameras and components for image processing in industrial and life science applications. With innovative products, superior manufacturing quality and a service-driven organization, Allied Vision Technologies is well established as a premier provider of digital camera solutions for machine vision worldwide.

    Our Markets:
    • industrial inspection & automation
    • healthcare & medical
    • science & research
    • security & traffic
    • logistics
    • multimedia, entertainment & sports
Product Portfolio
  • Digital Cameras for Machine Vision, Industrial Applications and much more

  • Allied Vision offers a wide range of digital cameras for machine vision, industrial inspection, automation, medical imaging, scientific research, ITS and traffic monitoring, security, and many other demanding applications. Allied Vision’s cameras include sensitive machine vision sensors (CCD and CMOS, VGA to 29 Megapixels) and fit a wide range of applications.

      • Digital high performance industrial cameras overview:
        • Very high sensivity
        • High bandwidth, fast frame rates
        • Integrated preprocessing functions
        • Wide operating temperature range
        • Lens control functions
      • Cameras with visible spectral range, NIR cameras, SWIR cameras, LWIR cameras
      • OEM and customized cameras, boardlevel cameras
      • FireWire (IEEE 1394), Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision), USB3 Vision and Camera Link interface
      • Essential

      • Ultra-compact, affordable cameras for simple plug-and-play integration into standard image-processing systems.
          • Mako

          • Compact camera with PoE, CCD and CMOS sensors

            The Mako is an industrial camera with an excellent price/performance ratio. Mako cameras have the same compact form factor and the same mounting points as many analog cameras. All models include power supply over the interface, optocoupled inputs and outputs, and an image buffer. The image quality profits from the precisely aligned sensors.

            • VGA to 5 Megapixels
            • CCD and CMOS
            • Up to 550 fps
            • GigE (PoE) Vision and USB3 Vision
          • Guppy PRO

          • Ultra-compact 1394b camera

            The Guppy PRO is Allied Vision’s smallest economical FireWire camera.Thanks to the extremely compact, robust metal housing, Guppy PRO cameras can easily be integrated into your system. The Guppy PRO family has an excellent price/performance ratio.

            • VGA to 5 Megapixels
            • CCD and CMOS
            • Up to 123 fps
            • Small and lightweight (29x29 mm)
        • Enhanced

        • High-performance industrial cameras with a large choice of sensors, modular options and built-in image optimization.
            • Manta

            • GigE Vision camera with 3 LUTs, color correction, PoE and more options

              The Manta is a flexible, feature-rich GigE Vision camera with an outstanding price/performance ratio. It incorporates three LUTs, sophisticated color correction algorithms, a robust metal housing, and many modular options like angled heads or board level versions. Manta cameras cover a wide range of imaging applications. The Manta is optionally available with PoE (Power over Ethernet).

              • VGA to 12 Megapixels
              • CCD and CMOS (Sony, CMOSIS)
              • Up to 125 fps
              • NIR versions, board level option
            • Stingray

            • Modular design, advanced features, FireWire 1394b

              The Stingray is a versatile, powerful camera for almost all applications, and an ideal custom camera or OEM camera. Stingray cameras have an excellent image quality and incorporate an advanced set of camera features. Their design is modular and flexible (angled heads, board level versions, AVT modular concept…).

              Stingray cameras are available with daisy chain FireWire connectors or with both copper and GOF (glass optical fiber, ideal for long cable lengths) ports. High-end image pre-processing functions are included..

              • VGA to 5 Megapixels
              • Sony CCD sensors
              • Up to 84 fps
              • Daisy chain, optical fiber option
          • Extreme

          • High-performance cameras with advanced features for demanding applications.
              • Prosilica GT

              • Digital cameras for extreme environments

                The Prosilica GT are compact digital cameras designed for imaging in extreme temperatures (from -20°C to 60°C) and fluctuating lighting conditions. The Prosilica GT cameras feature Precise and DC Auto Iris, as well as PoE and the latest CCD and CMOS sensor technology making them ideal for a wide range of demanding applications including ITS & traffic imaging, machine vision, industrial inspection, security, surveillance, military applications and more.

                • 1.3 to 29 Megapixels
                • CCD and CMOS (Sony, OnSemi, CMOSIS)
                • Up to 62 fps
                • Extended operating temperature
              • Goldeye G and CL

              • Short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera with InGaAs sensor, 900 - 1700 nm

                The Goldeye is a short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera. It has a spectral response from 900 nm to 1700 nm. Its InGaAs sensors feature high sensitivity, very good linearity, and a high damage threshold against intense illumination. Thanks to the 14-bit processing and the numerous image correction features, Goldeye cameras produce an outstanding, low-noise image quality. The camera is also available with Peltier cooling. The Peltier cooling is beneficial especially for applications with long exposure times, or for exact temperature measurements.
                • QVGA and VGA Resolution
                • InGaAs sensors
                • Up to 344 fps
                • Spectral range 900 - 1700 nm (SWIR)
            • Modification: adapting our cameras to your needs

            • Even if your specifications cannot be met using the Allied Vision Modular Concept, our engineers make sure the camera adapts to your application. Tell us the hardware or firmware modifications you need – whether a special housing, a different interface architecture, specific triggering functionalities or whatever specific requirements you may have. Modifying cameras is what Allied Vision started from back in the 1990's. We have that know-how in our genes!
                • Modular Concept: flexible design for maximum versatility

                • Our best-selling camera models have been designed to include optional alternative designs or components as part of the Allied Vision Modular Concept.
                  Angled-head orientations, medical housing, board-level versions, optical filters, removed sensor cover glass,… you would be surprised that the most common modifications you may be thinking of have already been anticipated. That means they are available at affordable prices and within short delays.
                  Check our Modular Concept document or ask your Sales representative for advice!
                • Modification: adapting our cameras to your needs

                • Even if your specifications cannot be met using the Allied Vision Modular Concept, our engineers make sure the camera adapts to your application. Tell us the hardware or firmware modifications you need – whether a special housing, a different interface architecture, specific triggering functionalities or whatever specific requirements you may have. Modifying cameras is what AVT started from back in the 1990's. We have that know-how in our genes!
                • OEM development: your tailor-made camera

                • If what you need is to design your own camera from scratch, Allied Vision is your partner of choice. Our R&D departments in Germany and Canada are experienced in managing complex development projects for demanding OEM customers worldwide. Applications include 3D scanning, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment and many more. Whatever challenges you may be facing with your machine vision system - contact us! At Allied Vision, there is no such thing as "it won't work".
              • Accessories


                Every digital camera is only as good as the accessories with which it transfers image data to its host system. Our range of accessories is designed to deliver best possible image quality to your application with the greatest possible reliability. Never underestimate the role played by accessories in the overall performance of your image-processing system. Consult our experts for professional advice!
                  • The right optics for your camera... and your application

                  • Choosing the right lens is essential to the image quality delivered by your camera. We offer a large choice of professional optics from leading lens manufacturers we partner with. Each lens in our range has been exhaustively tested to ensure that we can recommend the best one for your camera. Ask for advice to find the right lens for your application!
                  • High-performance cables à la carte

                  • Quality cables are key to secure the connection of your camera to your system. Is your camera attached to the arm of a robot or on a drag chain? We have preselected and tested a range of industry-compatible interface cables for you that stand up to flexing and torsion. Length, connector, screw-lock or not... Thanks to our co-operation with leading industrial cable manufacturers, we can tailor your individual cable according to your needs.
                  • Optimal networking

                  • Do you want to operate a multicamera network over long distances? Every component of your camera network may be a bandwidth bottleneck. We have selected the interface cards, hubs, and repeaters you need to achieve the highest performance for your imaging system.
                • Software


                  Vimba is our future-proof platform-independent SDK for all Allied Vision cameras with GigE Vision, FireWire (IEEE 1394), USB3 Vision, and Camera Link interface.

                  • NEW: Windows 10 support
                  • NEW: Camera Link support
                  • NEW: Improved graphical user interface
                  • Operating system independent
                  • Linux ARM support
                  • APIs for C, C++, and .NET
                  • Based on the GenICam standard
                  • GenICam-based third-party software automatically connects with
                  • Vimba's TLs (transport layers).
                  • Cognex Adapter for VisionPro (version 6.0 or later)
                  • Integrated viewer
                  • License for every Allied Vision camera free of charge
                  • Many examples
                    • Applications


                      From quality inspection to interactive point-of-sale advertising, from traffic monitoring to 3D-microscopy, Allied Vision has been serving a large array of imaging application markets, helping people see the bigger picture in whatever they do. We have a huge record of experience and yet we keep being challenged with new applications. Whatever challenge you face, computer vision can help you gain intelligence and efficiency. Tell us what you want to achieve, and let’s find out the best imaging solution for you!
                        • Industrial Inspection


                          There are thousands of different applications for machine vision cameras in the industrial field. In 25 years, Allied Vision has been delivering imaging solutions to industries as different as fruit sorting, automotive, pharmaceuticals, or mining. By working with so diverse customers, we have gained a deep insight in the specific requirements of their business. We know which camera technology is needed for which application.

                          Industrial strength
                          Allied Vision‘s industrial cameras are designed to face the challenges of high or varying ambient temperatures, shocks and vibrations, and long-time operation for maximal durability and reliability in any industrial use: Industrial applications include quality control, non-destructive testing, robotics, 3D measurement, and more. Designed and made in Germany and Canada according to the highest quality standards, all Allied Vision cameras go through a thorough quality check, because professionals need equipment they can count on.

                          Easy Integration
                          Building cars is not the same as bottling sodas. Allied Vision offers a large choice of different housing architectures to fit in your industrial inspection system from small housings to board-level versions. Allied Vision’s Modular Camera Concept offers additional options including angled-head orientations, lens mounts, optical filters, and sensor variants for an affordable price. Our powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs) ensure easy software development in all major operating systems and are compatible with the most popular third-party image processing software solutions.


                          Quality inspection often implies observing an object from different vantage points or even generating a 3D model of the product from several images. With FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet, Allied Vision has the best suitable interfaces for high-performance, perfectly synchronized multi-camera systems.

                          Highest Productivity

                          Efficiency and productivity are key to any industrial inspection application. High speed interfaces and high camera frame rates of up to 400 frames per second at 4 Megapixels ensure that quality control will not slow down your production process. And with the latest CCD, CMOS and InGaAs sensor technologies and camera interfaces you no longer have to trade off resolution for speed.

                          See the invisible

                          Machine vision beyond the visible spectrum allows manufacturers to perform advanced inspection, non-destructive testing or sorting tasks. Allied Vision’s infrared cameras are used in the semiconductor industry to image through silicon, in the solar industry to detect defects in photovoltaic cells, or in the recycling industry to identify different plastic materials. With our thermal imaging cameras, manufacturers can monitor temperatures in their process, for example in the metal or glass industry.
                        • Science and Research

                        • CAMERAS FOR SCIENCE AND RESEARCH

                          Digital image processing makes it possible to reveal what the naked eye cannot see. Allied Vision cameras have been instrumental to the progression of sciences and research in many disciplines such as understanding the underlying mechanisms of disease progression, evolution of ecosystems, observation of astronomical phenomena, climate change, agricultural conditions, or to track eye movements for psychology or ergonomics research. No matter your requirements we are dedicated to working with you to provide you with the best imaging solution for your science and research application.

                          All in the Details

                          Allied Vision cameras work perfectly with microscopes, telescopes or other scientific apparatus to document scientific observations with the highest possible details. Whether your field of investigation is the infinitely small or infinitely large – our sensors deliver high quality with image resolutions of up to 29 megapixels.

                          Reveal the Invisible

                          Infrared imaging at various wavelengths makes it possible to visualize material properties such as water content, temperature, or chemical components which cannot be identified with conventional surface inspection. Allied Vision offers a wide range of digital cameras with infrared sensitivity ranging from monochrome cameras with enhanced near-infrared sensitivity, to short-wave (SWIR) and long-wave (LWIR) infrared imaging devices. Potential fields of application are medical and biologic research, agronomy, and many other life science disciplines.

                          Capture the Instant

                          With high-performance digital interfaces, Allied Vision cameras can utilise automatic triggers by peripheral sensors to capture very precise, unpredictable events. With high frame-rates of up to 400 images per second, you can easily analyse every hundredth of a second of a scene – whether it is a physical phenomenon or the mechanics of a bird’s wing.

                          Enduring Tough Environments

                          Scientific research does not only take place in the comfort of a lab. Field investigations often require heavy-duty, reliable equipment that can operate with extreme conditions. Designed and manufactured in Germany and Canada according to the highest quality standards, Allied Vision cameras all undergo thorough tests to perform the tough conditions of industrial and professional use. Whether aboard the International Space Station, on the sea-ground by 6,000 m depth, or towed by a tractor on the field – our cameras contribute to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.
                        • Medical Imaging


                          Allied Vision has over 25 years’ experience in providing high-quality, high-sensitivity imaging devices for many medical and healthcare applications. We hold an ISO 13485 certification for the development and production of cameras for medical devices and a specific white medical housing is available upon request as part of our modular concept for many of our models. No matter your requirements, we are dedicated to working with you to provide you with the best imaging solution for your medical application.

                          High Image Quality for High-Precision Diagnostics

                          Leading suppliers of ophthalmologic equipment throughout the world rely on high-resolution, high-sensitivity cameras by Allied Vision for their diagnostic systems such as retina imaging devices. We can provide very high resolution machine vision cameras with up to 29 Megapixels offering high sensitivity and image quality to help your system detect the smallest details, whether you are inspecting eye retinas, skin or other tissues for diseases.

                          Reveal the Invisible

                          Using infrared imaging at various wavelengths makes it possible to visualize tissue properties such as water content, temperature or chemical components which cannot be identified with conventional surface inspection. Allied Vision’s Goldeye Short-wave infrared (SWIR) cameras and Pearleye Long-wave infrared (LWIR) cameras make it possible to see what conventional cameras cannot detect. For example, thermal imaging can be used to detect inflamed tissue or insufficient blood circulation.

                          3D Medical Imaging

                          3D scanning techniques open new possibilities for medical diagnostics and treatment in various disciplines. Allied Vision cameras are used in many applications using different technologies to capture and render 3D information – be it laser triangulation, structured light or stereoscopy. Applications include 3D-toothscanning for dental prosthesis, diagnostics and monitoring of rheumatoid arthritis on hand joints, simulation of cosmetic surgery or 3D microscopy. Our cameras feature high-precision digital interfaces and intelligent triggering functions for perfect synchronization with other 3D scanning system components such as laser sources, lighting, turntables, etc.

                          Speed and Precision

                          Allied Vision customers use high-speed imaging systems to capture and process the moves of patients suffering from musculo-skeletal diseases. Applications range from first diagnostics to tracking and monitoring of rehabilitation programs. Capturing 200 frames per second and more, our cameras deliver 8 times more image information than conventional video equipment, enabling high-precision slow-motion analysis. Besides, thanks to their high-performance interfaces and settings, they can be easily synchronized in a multi-camera system or with other measurement apparatus.
                        • ITS and Traffic


                          Allied Vision has been developing and delivering best of breed ITS-ready cameras for more than 20 years. We have developed cameras to meet almost every ITS application, ranging from low resolution VGA devices for single application monitoring requirements up to 29 Megapixel devices for the continuous monitoring of multi-lane environments. No matter your requirements, we are dedicated to working with you to provide you with the best imaging solution for your ITS / traffic imaging application.

                          Committed to quality

                          As a result of our commitment to quality we guarantee our cameras for 3 years, even in the most extreme traffic imaging conditions, and our ability to offer a 3-year guarantee has been proven over more than a decade with a demonstrably higher mean time between failure (MTBF).

                          Allied Vision’s Prosilica GT camera family has an extended temperature range from -20 to +65⁰C ambient temperature. This can be further extended through the introduction of enclosure heaters in environments where temperatures routinely fall below -40⁰C/F.

                          Complete solutions for traffic imaging

                          Because of extensive market analysis and understanding Allied Vision has focused on what matters to transport agencies, ITS system integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Our cameras offer a range of features created specifically to meet not only your current traffic imaging needs but also your future ITS requirements, such as triggering and pre-triggering capabilities to seamlessly integrate with existing ITS systems and technologies.

                          Focused on the future

                          While our cameras are used in ITS applications covering almost every geography, and accommodating almost all ITS applications, including tolling systems, Open Road Charging, red light running, speed enforcement and a host of other applications, Allied Vision is focused on the future, and has become a thought leader within ITS, developing solutions which not only meet current demand, but are focused on solutions to meet your next generation ITS requirements such as Integrated Corridor Management and Smart transportation in General.
                        • Outdoor Imaging


                          Outdoor imaging applications present challenges that require the proper mix of the correct cameras and expertise. Allied Vision provides digital cameras with high resolution and useful features along with years of experience dedicated towards helping you develop successful solutions.

                          Flexible Features for Varying Needs

                          Outdoor imaging applications require a wide range of necessities such as excellent image quality, advanced camera controls, and high performance in demanding environments. Allied Vision provides machine vision cameras with useful features that meet these needs and drive solutions. For example, our Precise Iris (P-iris) lens control feature allows for a user to adjust the iris via software to appropriately respond to varying light levels experienced during aerial imaging. Whether the application be topography, night-time surveillance, or underwater imaging, Allied Vision will be by your side every step of the way.

                          Imaging in Difficult Conditions

                          Outdoor imaging requires clear and sharp image quality to capture the smallest details. Allied Vision’s digital cameras use top-of-the-line CCD and CMOS sensors that provide high sensitivity and excellent dynamic range. In addition, we offer cameras that can handle low or high temperatures (-20°C to +65°C) which ensure consistent performance in rigorous conditions. Allied Vision will collaborate with you to help develop solutions for your particular application such as facial recognition or railroad inspection. With Allied Vision, you can find the right solution regardless of what the environment is.

                          Infrared Capabilities

                          Allied Vision understands some applications, such as security surveillance or night vision, require seeing beyond visible wavelengths. Our short-wave infrared (SWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) cameras can assist you in focusing on the details you need to see. Thermal imaging with minimal lighting, viewing water absorption in plants, and much more can be accomplished with Allied Vision’s SWIR and LWIR cameras that exhibit high sensitivity and sensor temperature cooling for clear, low noise images.
                        • Sports and Entertainment


                          Image processing offers almost endless possibilities for interactive entertainment, advertising and sports. Allied Vision’s digital cameras have helped capture sharp images of rushing roller-coasters, create interactive multimedia displays, and capture athletes’ movements for coaching and professional broadcasting.

                          Long distance installations
                          Imaging applications in stadiums or public buildings often mean that cameras have to be installed hundreds of metres away from a computer. Allied Vision offers a wide range of GigE Vision compliant

                          cameras that allow for long cable lengths of up to 100 meters and several kilometers using fibre optics. We are experts in multi-camera networks and can provide guidance in choosing the right cables, switches, repeaters etc. out of our industrial grade accessories range for your application.

                          Challenging conditions

                          Sports or outdoor multimedia installations face many challenges including changing light conditions and high temperatures. Allied Vision’s cameras are built to the highest industrial standards and are thoroughly tested before leaving our factory. Our cameras come with features like auto-gain and high dynamic range, and some even support remote lens control to ensure you capture sharp images in all weather conditions. Some models also feature an extended operating temperature range and camera temperature monitoring to prevent sensor damage and keep your system imaging 24/7.

                          Infrared sensitivity

                          Many interactive applications require to illuminate the persons interacting with the system without disturbing or blinding them, or without interfering with the ambient lighting. This is the case for example in light shows or in combination with projections. The solution is to use infrared lighting, which is not visible to the human eye. Allied Vision offers digital cameras with enhanced infrared sensitivity as well as infrared optical filters to capture images beyond the visible spectrum.


                          Challenging conditions require excellent performance. Our cameras offer excellent image quality high resolution, and high frame rates to capture images of something as small and fast moving as a baseball from several hundred metres away. Our fast and sharp cameras will help you capture every move, whether you need to analyze a golfer’s swing, or bring your real-time interactive display or giant digital billboard to life.