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Photron: Photron Materials Testing

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High Speed Camera: Photron Materials Testing

The world leader in ultra-high-speed, high resolution recording
  • 312 (horizontal) x 260 (vertical) pixels
  • Recording Speed up to 1,000,000 frames per second
The ultra-high-speed, high-resolution Fastcam IS-1M camera system is a revolutionary 312 x 260 pixel resolution ISIS (in-situ image storage) CCD sensor system designed to capture a wide range of ultra high-speed phenomena at up to 1,000,000 frames per second (fps).

The key feature of the new camera is the sensor where the signal storage areas for the recorded images are incorporated within the chip. Light entering the light sensitive part of the IS-CCD is converted into an electrical signal before being transmitted sequentially to the storage areas immediately adjacent to the sensitive area of the pixel before being transmitted to the output stage. This in-situ storage method avoids the sequential backlog, caused by the limited number of output circuits, of conventional CCDs, enabling much higher framing rates to be achieved.

Extremely light sensitive, the 10-bit monochrome Fastcam IS-1M captures a wide range of high speed events, even in low light conditions, while the 100 frame image buffer provides adequate synchronous record duration for the majority of ultra high speed phenomena such as ink jet droplet measurement, micro PIV, combustion, crack propagation or blast dynamics. The Fastcam IS-1M is provided with easy to use software via USB.
Photron Materials Testing