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Xenics: Xenics Firedetection

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Firedetection - See Through smoke

Raven-384: Smart and affordable Raven-384 infrared security camera protects your facilities.
The Raven-384 is a long wave infrared imaging camera, specially designed for the demanding security market. The thermal image is crisp and clear, even under difficult weather conditions and in complete darkness without the use of additional illumination. To meet the needs of the professional security community the Raven-384 can be configured with various lenses for short-range, medium-range and longrange observation. This LWIR camera interface can be PAL/NTSC video for a regular CCTV security network or optional Ethernet for a digital LAN. Standard delivery includes a common power supply and connecting cables. The integration and use of these infrared cameras are so easy, that no operator training is required.
  • Uncooled microbolometer array
  • 8 to 14 µm sensitivity
  • 384 x 288 on 25µm pixel pitch
  • Frame rate 50Hz or 9Hz
  • DSP-based control and communication electronics
  • CameraLink interface
Xenics Firedetection

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