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  • Offer Profile
  • Intralogistics involves a diverse range of challenges including storing, conveying and transporting, picking and handling. SSI SCHAEFER provides you with customized products, solutions and systems that enable you to efficiently organize your goods for storage and transport.
Product Portfolio
  • Storage

  • Storage refers to parking goods for a limited period of time. SSI SCHAEFER offers you exactly the right solution, regardless of whether you store Euro containers, large load carriers or pallets. We are your one-stop source for efficiency-enhancing solutions ranging from pallet racks and containers to miniload systems and dynamic storage-retrieval machines or shuttle systems.
      • Pallet Rack Systems

      • Pallet racks have become an integral part of intralogistics ever since standardized pallets have become the prevalent system for storing goods. Whether you are searching for customized shelving, a high bay warehouse or a channel storage system with manual, partially or fully automated handling, SSI SCHAEFER provides your one-stop solution for pallet and large load carrier storage.
          • Pallet tracks

          • Efficiently handling storage tasks
            Manufacturing pallet racks has long been one of SSI SCHAEFER’s key areas of expertise. Our many years of experience means we can provide you with effective advice and a solution that makes your pallet storage considerably more efficient.

            Pallet racks must fulfill demanding requirements: they have to be sturdy, robust, safe, and expandable. These are all good reasons to leave nothing to chance when purchasing a pallet racking system. SSI SCHAEFER offers you a diverse range of systems for efficiently handling your storage tasks.

            Benefits at at glance:
            • Customized racks optimally designed to meet your specific requirements
            • Extensive accessories
            • Solid and robust construction
            • Sturdy due to special design
            • Easy assembly with only a few components (plug-in system)
            • Frame loading capacity of up to 30 t
            • Transverse loading capacity of up to 4.5 t
            • Single or double-deep storage possible
            • Narrow-aisle or broad-aisle storage
            • Single and multi-storage designs
            • Multi-storey application is also possible (multi-floor warehouse)
            • Diverse colors and frame surfaces
            • Upon request, officially certified rack inspectors can carry out the mandatory safety inspections
            • Optional rack safety training
          • Mobile pallet rack

          • Flexible racking system for large and heavy goods
            SSI SCHAEFER’s mobile racks are the ideal solution if you intend to store large or heavy goods. Capable of supporting heavy loads, they are also an exceptionally compact storage solution. Every SSI SCHAEFER mobile rack system is equipped with a modern control system. The modular concept enables you to create the perfect system for your individual requirements. By reorganizing the rack aisles into areas for logistics and other functions, mobile racks create new space in the space and efficiently optimize your storage capabilities.

            Ideal for deep-freeze usage
            The combination of SSI SCHAEFER’s mobile racks with conveying systems expertise, powerful electric drives, and effective system configurations makes our solutions the first choice for deep-freeze warehouses.

            Safe and accident-free work
            The mobile pallet racks are equipped with emergency stop switches, photoelectric access barriers, manual release systems, proximity sensors as well as photoelectric safety barriers. As a consequence, our mobile rack solutions make an important contribution to the perfectly-functioning and accident-free working environment in your warehouse.

            Clever control systems
            Every SSI SCHAEFER mobile rack system is equipped with a modern programmable logic controller (PLC) with integrated safety features. The modular concept enables you to create the perfect system for your individual wants and needs.

            Benefits at a glance:
            • Mobile Racking System ESX
            • Increases storage capacity by more than 90%
            • Modular design
            • Reduced operating and real estate costs through the system’s outstanding space utilization (surface area utilization of more than 80%)
            • Energy efficiency
            • Direct access to the pallet slots prevents unnecessary and time-consuming relocations
            • High throughput thanks to intelligent storage strategies
            • Suitable for use in deep-freeze warehouses
            • Earthquake-proof design
          • Pallet dynamic flow racks

          • FIFO is the clever storage concept
            Pallet storage using the FIFO principle (first-in-first-out) is an effective solution if you store goods with an expiry date or have to monitor batches and product series. The first pallets stored are also the first ones to be removed (FIFO). The pallet dynamic flow racks – also known as ‘pallet live storage’ – also play an important role as buffer warehouses for incoming goods and shipping.

            The storage is usually accessed using front loaders and reach trucks along with manual pallet trucks for the lowest level. Dynamic flow racks work via gravity alone and do not require any electrical components. Supply and removal are clearly separated, improving the organization. In addition, our pallet dynamic flow racks can also be easily integrated into an automated material flow, making them a suitable option for fully automated warehouses.

            Benefits at a glance
            • FIFO principle
            • Up to 60% space saving in comparison to conventional pallet racks
            • Higher productivity by separating supply and picking
            • The solution for non-stackable pallets
            • Areas of use: Incoming goods, shipping, production, buffer warehouses, and fully automated warehouses
            • Ideal for picking in towers and tunnels, reducing frequency of replenishment
            • The racks function via gravity alone and do not need electricity
            • Separation of supply and removal
            • Customized racks optimally designed to meet your specific requirements
            • Can be used as a pushback rack with the LIFO principle
          • High bay warehouse

          • The benefits of high bay warehouse technology
            In addition to partially-automated solutions, SSI SCHAEFER offers you the right high bay warehouses to address your specific challenges. You benefit from the diverse benefits such as high storage density, direct access to every article, high process speeds, reliability and excellent availability (24/7) along with optimum space utilization.

            Numerous designs for diverse demands
            SSI SCHAEFER’s specialist teams develop customer-oriented and tailored solutions for a diverse range of applications. As a result, you receive the perfect racking system for your individual requirements. High bay warehouses for pallets are capable of storing both conventional pallet types along with special load carriers.

            Benefits at a glance
            • Unique solutions individually designed for your needs
            • Diverse storage products and options, also in terms of the system size and height
            • Special storage systems possible
            • Handling of extremely demanding conditions such as deep-freeze temperatures
            • Reliable delivery chain as the steel construction and steel stocks are in-house
            • Professional project management and installation, supervised by internationally experienced project managers, certified to the International Project Management Standard
            • Extensive and comprehensive installation documentation
            • Reliable planning and costs
            • Branches worldwide to guarantee local expertise
            • Reduction of space through optimum usage
            • Racking systems have a diverse range of applications and enable the use of all common storage options
            • Systems can be expanded and modified, even after many years
            • Comprehensive range of accessories
            • After sales service from SSI SCHAEFER (repairs, rack inspections, spare parts, or modifications)
        • Channel storage system

        • Channel storage systems consist of multiple storage positions set behind each other in channels, creating a dense storage medium. The storage is accessed using channel vehicles which put goods into, and remove them from, storage. Compared with pallet racks, dynamic flow racks, automated miniload systems or high bay warehouses, channel storage systems make significantly higher use of the available space. Channel storage systems are utilised wherever the storage space itself needs to be minimized. The channel storage technology is ideal for a small range of items with large volumes such as in the beverage or food industry. This system is also a good choice in environments involving energy-intensive temperature control.
              • Schaefer Orbiter® System

              • The Schaefer Orbiter® System provides automated pallet handling and maximizes channel storage efficiency
                The Schaefer Orbiter® System consists of the special steel construction for the channel storage system, a channel vehicle, also known as the shuttle vehicle, and the corresponding docking station. The rack channels, in which the shuttle system is utilized, are equipped with a centering bracket at the front.

                The shuttle vehicle and docking station are inserted into the patented centering bracket of the desired rack channel by a forklift. The centering bracket prevents incorrect positioning and material damage while also saving time. This is a major advantage, especially on the upper levels. The stackers then take the storage pallet and place it on the Orbiter® which transports it to the next available space in the channel.

                Pallet movements in the channel system are completed in line with the FILO and FIFO principles. With the first in-last out (FILO) approach, the pallets are only stored and removed from one side of the rack. In contrast, the first in-first out (FIFO) principle enables the stored pellets to also be removed from the opposite side of the rack. The fully automatic reorganization of the channel ensures that the continuous supply complies with the FIFO logic.

                While the Schaefer Orbiter® stores the pallets, the stacker can simultaneously pick up the next pallet in order to resupply the system. You benefit from exceptional time savings and the corresponding increase in efficiency.
          • Shelf-Retrieval machines (SRM)

          • Storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems for pallets provide automated pallet handling and maximize efficiency

            Efficient pallet transport thanks to storage machines and shuttle systems: SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machines (SRM) and shuttle systems for pallets are key elements in a cost-optimized logistics chain. Wherever you need optimized storage with rapid material transport and short access times, SSI SCHAEFER offers you innovative storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems as a flexible, economical and optimized solution. Benefit from optimum turnover performance and experience a vast increase in efficiency.
              • Schaefer Lift&Run (SLR)

              • The Schaefer Lift&Run (SLR) system from SSI SCHAEFER is an economical solution for highly dynamic pallet handling in channel storage systems.

                The SLR storage device is typically utilized for storing and retrieving pallets up to a storage height of 8 meters and can serve two to four rack levels per aisle. It is equipped with a shuttle car with a lifting unit for the extremely flexible Orbiter load handling device.

                In contrast to conventional storage-retrieval machines, it runs on two rails and does not require an upper guide rail as a result. Using multiple devices, one above the other, easily enables the creation of high bay warehouses with a height of up to 45 meters. The pallets are supplied and removed via vertical lifts. The SSI SCHAEFER twin-boom SLR transfers the pallets laterally onto its pallet truck. The Orbiter satellite is responsible for storing and removing the pallets from the rack channel. Together, Schaefer Lift&Run and the lifts create the Schaefer Lift&Run system which significantly enhances your throughput.

                Benefits at a glance
                • Efficient pallet storage in channel storage systems with flexible channel vehicles (especially suitable for the beverage industry)
                • Use of multiple devices one above the other: Multiplication of turnover performance without loss of storage space
                • Integrated hub enables linked incoming and outgoing goods flows
                • Layout scalable to specific customer needs
                • Energy efficiency due to low weight and efficient drive systems
              • Exyz storage-retrieval machine

              • The Exyz storage-retrieval machine from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution for fully automated pallet storage. The SRM can be used in tropical conditions and also in deep-freeze warehouses down to a temperature of -30°C. It is also suitable for use in standard warehouses, with channel storage systems, dynamic flow warehouses, and picking warehouses. The system brings efficiency to high bay warehouses with heights from 8 to 45 meters.

                Exyz impresses with the highest flexibility. SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machine can be utilized as a single-boom or twin-boom machine with one or two load handling devices. It is suitable for single-deep, double-deep, and multi-deep storage as well as retrieval, and also includes an Orbiter version. The SRM is configured using an efficient modular concept: the Exyz components are manufactured in series, pre-assembled at the plant, and can be put into operation in only a short period of time.

                Benefits at a glance
                • Ideal solution for fully automatic storage and retrieval of pallets and other large load carriers
                • Modular design ensures maximum reliability thanks to proven components and series and manufacturing
                • The highest flexibility, configured to your individual needs
                • Short delivery and installation times
                • Easy maintenance: the devices can be serviced from the ground.
                • Efficient energy usage: Green Logistics
                • Efficient geometries provide more usable storage capacity through the most compact design
            • Small load carriers

            • SSI SCHAEFER creates order in your warehouse! From sturdy stackable boxes to container concepts and miniload systems to complex storage machines and shuttle systems for containers, cartons and trays: SSI SCHAEFER provides you with tailored storage solutions using Euro containers (KLT).
                • Container systems

                • Storage boxes and containers for stacking, storage, picking, and transport
                  Our boxes and containers are designed to match perfectly and can be integrated into all SSI SCHAEFER shelving systems without any problems. The various types can be freely combined thanks to their precisely matching dimensions.

                  Customized logistics solutions - the optimum combination of storage boxes and shelving systems
                  SSI SCHAEFER also develops customer-specific container designs in addition to these standard products. We have outstanding expertise in engineered packaging and customized designs . All the developments draw on experience gained from innumerable practical applications and usage under genuine operational conditions. This offers the most robust form of testing and is better than any simulated trials, ensuring SSI SCHAEFER can consistently offer its customers products of exceptional quality.

                  Benefits at a glance
                  • Large product range (2000 different types, designs and sizes) with an extensive range of accessories
                  • Practical solutions for every storage and operating facility as well as internal and external transport and shipping
                  • Products produced in-house, ensuring exceptional technical expertise
                  • The optimum combination of storage boxes and shelving systems
                  • Development of customer-specific container concepts
                  • Consistent availability and short delivery times
                  • High capacities
                • Engineered packaging

                • Unique packaging solutions provide excellent protection for your products
                  Packaging protects products during transport from the manufacturer to the consumer. Yet simple packaging is often inadequate. SSI SCHAEFER offers you engineered, customized solutions which offer optimal protection for your products during transport and storage.

                  Engineered packaging from SSI SCHAEFER consists of two components: a container with Euro dimensions and a customized packaging insert. The container is equipped with the packaging insert to guarantee optimum transport and storage conditions. All packaging is designed to match the contours of your products — ensuring the perfect fit and enabling excellent protection against soiling or damage.

                  You will always benefit from SSI SCHAEFER packaging, regardless of which solution you choose. Reusable packaging reduces your costs and also makes a sustainable choice for the environment by decreasing waste.

                  Benefits at a glance
                  • Packaging engineered with customized sizes and perfectly designed for your products
                  • Protects products against external influences during transport and storage
                  • Transportable units with standard sizes
                  • Sustainable packaging through reuse, which reduces waste
                  • Reduces costs for single-use packaging
                  • Enables automated handling
                • Small Parts Store

                • The right racking system for every requirement
                  SSI SCHAEFER offers you an extensive range of racking systems for all your storage tasks. Regardless of whether you want to store documents, clothing, small parts, tires or bulky goods: SSI SCHAEFER has developed flexible and high-quality racking systems for your products and requirements.

                  The highest quality, modular configuration, diverse combination options and the greatest flexibility are key features of our racking systems. SSI SCHAEFER also offers a vast range of accessories for all systems.

                  Benefits at a glance
                  • Variable and high-quality racking systems from a single source
                  • Modular design options
                  • Diverse range of combinations
                  • High flexibility
                  • Comprehensive range of accessories
                  • Unique solutions optimally designed for your products and general purpose requirements
                  • First-class price-performance ratio
                  • Comprehensive support
                • Storage machines and shuttle systems

                • Storage machines and shuttles systems for containers, cartons and trays
                  SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machines (RGB) and shuttle systems are the solution for fully automated storage and retrieval of containers, cartons, and trays. They guarantee rapid and flexible material transport together with short access times. Benefit from optimum turnover performance and vastly increased efficiency.

                  Modular product solutions from a single source
                  Products from SSI SCHAEFER are manufactured specifically for the customer on the basis of standardized components. The in-house production guarantees you consistent quality together with absolutely reliable products. SSI SCHAEFER guarantees the perfect interaction of all components through its engineering services, machine and steel construction along with control technology and proprietary IT and software developments - all from a single supplier. In recognition of this, the single-level shuttle system, Cuby received the 2016 industry prize in the category “Best of 2016”.

                  Benefits at a glance
                  • Highly dynamic, flexible and sustainable
                  • Modular solutions that can be expanded to grow with your needs
                  • Optimum storage density and rapid access
                  • Maintenance-friendly due to high-quality, proven machine elements
                  • Problem-free transport and rapid installation thanks to compact assemblies
                  • Connection to higher-level ERP systems or integration of the solutions via (WAMAS®)
                  • Complete solutions from a single source
              • Mezzanine

                    • Elevated racking and storage platforms systems for efficient use of space

                    • SSI SCHAEFER elevated racking and storage platforms offer multiple uses of the available space. Moreover, the design options of SSI SCHAEFER’s platform systems are almost unlimited. Their integration with our diverse range of pallet racking, work station systems and containers allows a more efficient approach to handling and storing your products. SSI SCHAEFER creates a complete and sophisticated system from this exceptional product spectrum, providing you with one solution from a single supplier.

                      Customized solutions
                      Years of experience in every aspect of logistics ranging from planning to production and assembly has made SSI SCHAEFER the market leader. SSI SCHAEFER manufactures its own systems and serves as your reliable partner. Dedicated consulting specialists develop tailored solutions focusing on your specific requirements.

                      Benefits at a glance
                      • Optimum use of space
                      • Planning, consulting, engineering and assembly from a single source
                      • Years of experience gained through numerous projects
                      • Broad spectrum of rack systems
                      • Easily scalable designs
                      • Rapid installation due to optimized plug-in and screw connections, eliminating the need for welding
                      • Multi-level systems possible
                      • When needed: Connection to SSI SCHAEFER conveyor systems
                      • Comprehensive range of system components and accessories
                • Conveying and transporting

                • SSI SCHAEFER offers a broad spectrum of modular transport solutions capable of handling the most diverse range of commercial goods flows with maximum efficiency and economy. You benefit from conveying systems consulting, planning, and implementation that draws on competence and expertise gained from a considerable number of international projects.
                    • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)

                    • Automated Guided Vehicles are an integral part of the solution portfolio for fully-automated intralogistics systems. The AGV fleet from SSI SCHAEFER features a diverse range of solutions for large and small load carriers that are capable of creating a logistics network, encompassing various warehouse and working areas.
                        • AGV WEASEL®

                        • The WEASEL® auto-guided transport system from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution for automating transport tasks and existing storage systems. Flexible and highly efficient, the WEASEL® guarantees the safe transport of your containers, cartons, and even hanging goods. You can also use the WEASEL® outside of warehouses, for supplying production as an example.

                          The transport vehicles can be equipped for manual, semi-automated, or fully automated operation, depending on your requirements. Employees can supply a manual transfer station in advance, for example. The fleet controller handles the job of sending the WEASEL® to the corresponding station. The WEASEL® then automatically picks up the load carriers. Using a transfer conveyor makes the transfer process even more efficient. The conveyor has space for a large number of containers and is capable of buffering them and distributing them among the available vehicles in a dynamic process. In addition, it can also receive goods from the WEASEL® and transfer these to conventional conveying systems.

                          Benefits at a glance
                          • Gentle and safe transport of containers, cartons, and hanging goods (up to 35 kg)
                          • System ROI significantly less than one year
                          • Barrier-free transport solution with low space requirements
                          • Conveyed material sequencing involves little work
                          • Peak volumes handled with little work
                          • Simple scalability
                          • Diverse constructions for the best ergonomics
                          • Personnel safety without extensive sensor equipment
                          • High flexibility with regard to system adaptations and expansions
                          • Easy integration into existing systems
                          • Easy connection to intra-company material flows
                        • AGV 2PICK®

                        • Efficient person-to-goods picking with 2Pick®
                          2Pick® is the perfect auto-guided transport system (AGV) for the person-to-goods picking process. The AGV transports containers, pallets, and other load carriers to receive the picked articles. 2Pick® navigates autonomously to the various warehouse positions and waits there for the picked articles. After the order has been completed, the load carriers are switched automatically. Paperless procedures, low error rates for picking, and optimized paths are just some of the advantages of this semi-automated, AGV-supported process when comparing it to manual picking.

                          SSI SCHAEFER’s 2Pick® vehicles are ideally designed for use with innovative 2Lite lithium battery technology. As a result, 2Pick® can operate 24 hours a day without any problem, allowing the entire auto-guided transport fleet to work at optimum capacity. In combination with 2Lite, 2Pick® represents maximum performance with cost-efficient power supply.

                          Benefits at a glance
                          • Enhanced efficiency through optimized paths
                          • Optimum material flow
                          • Semi-automated picking
                          • Cost-efficient power supply via 2Lite lithium battery technology
                          • Paperless processes
                          • The highest reliability when compiling orders
                        • AGV 2STACK®

                        • The auto-guided 2Stack® transport system automatically handles pallets of every type
                          2Stack® is the ideal auto-guided transport system for automated pallet handling in warehouses, picking systems, and production environments. High performance and an excellent price-performance ratio are key features of the auto-guided 2Stack® transport system from SSI SCHAEFER.

                          With support arms in the middle or at the sides, 2Stack® is excellently designed for picking up and stacking pallets. Extensive use in small warehouses and tight spaces is no problem. In addition, 2Stack® is outstandingly suited to moving goods between different storage areas. This includes transfers from the floor to mid-height shelves. Our model with a two-stage boom is capable of moving loads of up to 1.5 tonnes and has a maximum lifting height of 4 meters.

                          Innovative battery concept and intelligent control system
                          2Stack® vehicles utilize the innovative 2Lite lithium battery technology. As a consequence, the 2Stack® can operate 24 hours a day without any problem, allowing the entire auto-guided transport fleet to work to optimum capacity. 2Stack® in combination with 2Lite represents maximum performance with cost-efficient power supply.

                          Benefits at a glance
                          • Automated pallet handling
                          • Gentle transport
                          • 1.5 tonnes payload, 4 meter lifting height
                          • Optimum material flow
                          • Good price-performance ratio
                          • Pick-up/delivery pallets from and to positions on the floor, conveyors, end-of-line equipment (robots, foil wrappers, palletizers) or work stations
                          • Enables transport between incoming goods, material handling and dispatch or distant work stations
                          • Used in buffer warehouses, production, and shipping
                          • Cost-efficient power supply via 2Lite lithium battery technology
                        • AGV 2STORE®

                        • The 2Store® auto-guided transport system automatically handles heavy loads at great heights

                          The highest expertise in great heights

                          The 2Store® auto-guided transport system (AGV) can move loads of up to 2 tonnes. It features a maximum lifting height of 10 meters, making it suitable for working in warehouses, distribution centers, and production environments which require handling heavy loads on high racks levels.

                          Transporting heavy-duty pallets and other loads such as drums, rolls, and boxes is no problem at all for 2Store®, thanks to its diverse range of load handling devices (clamps and grippers). The excellent stability, flexibility, and control system make the AGV the ideal vehicle for storage and retrieval in storage systems with narrow aisles.

                          Benefits at a glance
                          • Automated handling of heavy loads (heavy-duty pallets, drums, rolls, and boxes)
                          • Flexible and scalable automation of intra-company material flows
                          • Optimum adaptation to dynamic market requirements
                          • Easy integration and low requirements for the (IT) infrastructure
                          • The greatest flexibility in terms of system adaptation and expansion
                          • Barrier-free networking of different work areas
                          • High availability
                        • AGV 2MOVE®

                        • 2Move® provides maximum flexibility when transporting goods

                          The 2Move® models are the ideal auto-guided transport vehicles for fully automated transport of diverse load carriers in the warehouse. This ground-breaking technology achieves the greatest efficiency with fully-automated processes for incoming goods, shipping, consolidation, and cross docking.

                          SSI SCHAEFER’s 2Move® vehicles are ideally designed for use with the innovative 2Lite lithium battery technology. These batteries enable the vehicles to operate 24 hours a day, guaranteeing optimum utilization of the entire AGV fleet. 2Move® in combination with 2Lite represents maximum performance combined with cost-efficient power supply.

                          A fleet controller manages and optimizes all transport orders allowing the system to receive the orders from every warehouse management system. Software solutions from SSI SCHAEFER ensure that you retain perfect control over your logistics.

                          Benefits at a glance
                          • Maximum flexibility when transporting goods
                          • Enhanced efficiency through fully automated processes
                          • Optimum material flow
                          • Diversity thanks to a number of intralogistics applications
                          • Cost-efficient power supply via 2Lite lithium battery technology
                      • Conveyors

                      • SSI SCHAEFER’s innovative transport solutions for large load carriers are primarily distinguished by their high flexibility. Connect the individual areas in your warehouse with each other and benefit from optimum material flow and throughput.
                          • Pallet conveying systems

                          • SSI SCHAEFER pallet conveyor systems are an outstanding solution for efficient processes with repetitive internal transportation procedures and standard routes. Boasting a modular design, SSI SCHAEFER conveying systems are energy-efficient and contain a frequency-controlled drive technology, which ensures flexible in-house transport between production, storage, picking, and shipping. These systems guarantee an optimum material flow and come fully assembled.

                            SSI SCHAEFER pallet conveyor technology handles a broad range of formats including Euro, DIN industrial and chemical pallets, and mesh box pallets. Plus, Chep pallets, half pallets, and special pallets weighing up to 1,500 kilograms are also suitable for SSI SCHAEFER pallet conveyors. Furthermore, other loading units are transportable after minor modifications.

                            Benefits at a glance
                            • Special support profile for chain and roller conveyors
                            • Profile design enables a modular layout
                            • Gentle product transport
                            • Clamp connections enable important components to be attached
                            • Conveyor elements are adaptable and work with a diverse range of load carriers
                            • Chain and roller conveyors are available with custom lengths
                            • Automated connection to high bay warehouses
                            • Maintenance-friendly design of all construction elements (reduces operating costs)
                            • High quality and service life longevity of each system
                            • Pre-assembly and wiring at the SSI SCHAEFER production facility
                            • Easy and rapid replacement of support rollers with a tangential drive
                            • Ongoing development and updates to components
                            • Pallet conveyor components can be used with temperatures ranging from -28°C to +45°C
                          • Roll container conveyors

                          • Integrate SSI SCHAEFER’s roll container conveying systems to enhance the efficiency of your entire system. Our systems are the ideal solution for roll container storage and transfer.

                            Benefit from significantly enhanced throughput. Conveying systems for roll containers are especially important when connected to automated storage systems utilizing packing and sorting technology such as the Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) system. Combined with direct and automated loading or packing, SSI SCHAEFER’s roll container conveying systems eliminate any additional activity that could be added to your operation.

                            Benefits at a glance
                            • Low-maintenance lifting station
                            • Load capacity of up to 300 kg (including the roll container)
                            • Gentle product transport through the use of tooth belts
                            • In-house production guarantees consistently high quality
                            • Easy installation, ease of maintenance
                            • Ongoing development and updates to components
                            • Temperature range of -28° to +45°C (without condensation)
                          • Plastic link conveying systems

                          • Plastic link conveying systems for pallet-free transport
                            Eliminating conventional load carriers for your internal material flow has a number of benefits. With a solution of this design there is no need to return empty pallets, which eliminates handling work that would otherwise be involved. This optimizes both existing capacities and the storage itself. Innovative plastic link conveying systems from SSI SCHAEFER enables the transportation of goods both with and without load carriers. Connect your warehouse with your production and profit from the high throughput and the optimized material flow.

                            The delivery stations, conveyor belts, lifts, turning stations, shuttle cars, swivelling stations, and vertical conveyors are all equipped with plastic link conveyors. As a consequence, the system is ideal for transporting and distributing individual diverse goods on conveyors. The ground-level delivery station is accessible using both manual pallet trucks and forklifts. The system is capable of transporting goods the width of up to 1.6 meters.

                            Benefits at a glance
                            • Transport goods up to a width of 1.6 meters
                            • Goods transport with and without load carriers, enabling one conveyor for everything
                            • Recyclable load carriers
                            • High flexibility
                            • Robust construction
                            • Modular design and high standardization
                            • No need to return empty pallets, reducing handling work
                            • Ground-level delivery station accessible using manual pallet trucks and forklifts
                            • Significantly enhances cargo space usage when transporting goods by truck
                            • Minimal bending of the goods on the conveyors
                            • Reduced costs due to the combined effect of the solution
                            • High throughput
                            • User-friendly
                            • Contour and weight checking to prevent damage to the goods and the system
                            • Safety: Start/stop light barriers
                            • Maintenance and service-friendly components
                            • Comprehensive support
                          • Tray conveying systems

                          • Efficient transport and buffering of trays
                            Tray conveying systems use case conveying technology to transport and buffer both full and empty trays and roll containers between depalletizing and separation.

                            SSI SCHAEFER’s tray conveying systems utilize conveyor elements specially designed for transporting grid trays. The conveying system components include both belt and roller conveyors as well as lifting and turning stations. As an example of an operation, trays can be transported for storage using a tray buffer system. Other system elements such as layer storage, vertical conveyors, shuttle cars, and diverse attachments complement the portfolio.

                            The combination of the above with case-wheeler technology enables fully automated removal of articles from trays, either in layers or individually. The articles are transferred from the tray for removal, using individually-controlled driven rollers on elements of the case conveying system.

                            Benefits at a glance
                            • Convey and buffer trays and roll containers weighing up to 200 kg
                            • Temperature range from -28°C to +45°C
                            • Profile design enables a modular layout
                            • Clamp connections ensure that all important components can be easily and safely fitted
                            • Gentle product transport through the use of rubber belts
                            • Protective plates prevent unintentional access to moving parts
                            • The height of the supports can be adjusted to compensate for uneven floors
                            • Robust and flexible due to the special support profile
                            • Rubber rollers or belts are used to reduce noise and increase efficiency
                            • Combining with elements of the Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) systems enables other functions such as separation with a case wheeler in the smallest possible space
                        • Small load carries

                        • Conveying systems from SSI SCHAEFER keep your goods flowing and form the foundation for economical processes involving repetitive procedures and consistent transport paths. Benefit from SSI SCHAEFER’s solutions for transporting small part carriers within your company. These solutions have been developed with competence and expertise gained from a number of international projects.
                            • Case conveying systems

                            • Case conveying systems for efficiently transporting containers, cartons, and trays

                              Efficiently transport containers, cartons, and trays
                              With their standard components, SSI SCHAEFER’s case conveying systems are designed to transport containers and cartons along with shrink wrap packaged products such as dry foodstuffs for the retail industry. Components with diverse functions such as merging, diverting, aligning, and singling are available to create your individual system.

                              Customized solutions
                              The components can be configured and linked to create the most efficient conveying system for the specific processes and products. These components form the basis for planning the conveying system. They are so versatile in terms of their technology, functionality, and flexibility that they can be configured to meet all your requirements. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) such as our WEASEL® are also an optional element of the solution.

                              Benefits at a glance
                              • Efficient transportation of containers, cartons, and trays: Payload from 0.5 kg to 25 kg/case
                              • Highly flexible due to modular, standardized components
                              • Systems can be expanded as needed
                              • Perfectly coordinated components
                              • In addition to common standard containers, the system can also transport customized containers
                              • Tracking of individual products even without barcodes or RFID
                              • Low noise emissions
                              • Case conveying system components can be used in a temperature range from -28°C to +45°C
                              • Easy maintenance
                              • Ongoing development and updates to components
                            • Carton/Container conveyors

                            • Efficiently transport cartons and containers
                              From warehouse automation to production facilities and machine integration, SSI SCHAEFER’s carton and container conveying systems span an exceptionally broad range of applications. Thanks to the intelligent modular concept, there are almost no limits to the system’s scope.

                              The transport system is a modular conveying system for containers, cartons, trays, and products weighing up to 50 kilograms. The functions include conveying, sorting, merging, and diverting as well as storing and buffering. SSI SCHAEFER’s perfectly coordinated range of conveying system components guarantees you maximum flexibility. Deep-freeze applications down to -28°C are also possible. Whether a new system, expansion or conversion, all of the components can be configured to meet your specific requirements.

                              Benefits at a glance
                              • Suitable for transporting containers, cartons, trays, and products weighing up to 50 kilograms
                              • Modular system with a uniform look and standardized connection dimensions
                              • Standardized spare parts for driven roller, motorized roller, belt and powered roller conveyors
                              • Integrated cable ducts
                              • Proven and reliable technology for the highest availability
                              • Low-noise operation
                              • Simple fault rectification
                              • Covered external profiles with touch-friendly plastic profile
                              • Ergonomic beveling
                              • Wiring, test operation, on-site approval of stations and handling machines
                              • Also suitable for deep-freeze usage down to -28°C
                              • UL-certified mechanical and electrical components
                            • SSI Autocruiser

                            • SSI Autocruiser for efficient intra-company transport
                              Are you looking for a high-performance and simultaneously economical solution to close the gap between stacker transporters and conventional conveying systems? Then the SSI Autocruiser it is exactly the right solution for you. It is designed for small to moderate throughputs and delivers maximum profitability at up to 600 transports per hour.

                              The system can transport goods weighing up to 30 kilograms with a footprint of 600 x 400 mm. The transport speed is 1 mile per second. Employees load and unload the trolleys manually at the work stations.

                              Simple, safe, and effortlessly scalable
                              Using cruisers on rails makes the system exceptionally scalable and also suitable for long distances. Cruisers are the only motorized solution with the ability to recharge their battery along the route or when receiving and delivering containers. As a result, the SSI Autocruiser is a highly energy-efficient transport solution.

                              Benefits at a glance
                              • No central control system required
                              • 50% cost savings for intra-company transports
                              • Easy operation without complicated IT
                              • Simple destination specification using barcode cards
                              • Scalable and expandable concept
                              • Layout can be changed without any problems
                              • No wiring along the route required
                              • No pneumatics in the system
                              • All components are supplied via a conventional 110-240V 1 phase plug socket
                              • Low cost
                              • Robust design with low service costs
                              • Uncomplicated commissioning with minimum training required, extremely low maintenance
                          • Overhead conveyors

                          • Overhead conveyors are the most efficient and gentlest means of transporting certain items. The range of goods extends far beyond the fashion industry, in which this technology has traditionally been employed. SSI SCHAEFER helps you to find the best conveyor system for your goods and offers the perfect design for your warehouse layout.
                              • SSI Carrier

                              • The SSI Carrier system is a modular pocket conveyor with numerous options
                                The heart of the SSI SCHAEFER overhead conveyor technology is the primary load carrier, which is a roller adapter on an inner rail. You can manually connect your various secondary load carriers to this adapter or integrate them as a fully-automated system. These secondary load carriers could be clothes hangers, pockets, or sturdy boxes.

                                The roller adapter and hanging load carriers include an RFID transponder. As a consequence, this conveying system is extremely reliable. As an alternative, barcodes can also be used. High throughput, low maintenance, and universal usage for goods weighing up to 3 kilograms are just some of the key features of this SSI SCHAEFER Carrier system.

                                Numerous functions united in one system
                                One of the most unique features of our SSI Carrier system is its flexibility. One load carrier enables accumulation, buffering, distributing, and sorting of goods.

                                Benefits at a glance
                                • High system performance of up to 10,000 parts/load carriers per hour
                                • Extremely high sorting accuracy, load securing, and process reliability
                                • Lying goods and hanging goods can be transported at the same time
                                • User-friendly due to easy operation
                                • Flexible due to optimum space usage
                                • Long service life, low maintenance
                                • Cost-effective implementation of dynamic warehouses
                                • Precision and error prevention through RFID
                                • Optimize the sorting process
                                • Rapid re-availability of returns
                              • SSI Single

                              • The SSI Single provides flexible overhead transport on horizontal and vertical conveying sections
                                The SSI single serves to transport and sort individual clothes hangers on both horizontal and vertical conveying sections. This universal solution enhances efficiency, especially in the fashion industry and at laundry facilities.

                                High-quality materials ensure that the SSI Single system is exceptionally robust. Standardized connections enable the individual conveyors to be combined and seamlessly linked to create lines.

                                Benefits at a glance:
                                • Usable as a storage and transport system
                                • Intelligent overhead conveyor with a universal modular system
                                • Single part identification or train formation
                                • High system throughput
                                • Transport weight of up to 3 kg per clothes hanger
                                • No empty storage and no empty section buffers required
                                • Delivery to the front, right, and left
                                • Special machines can be integrated easily
                                • High operator safety
                                • Low noise operation
                              • SSI Mover

                              • The SSI Mover is the pocket sorter for e-commerce and batch picking applications

                                Innovative overhead conveying technology for electronics, food, and e-commerce

                                The SSI Mover pocket sorter from SSI SCHAEFER is the optimum product for the e-commerce market and batch picking applications, which involve individual products weighing up to 10 kilograms.

                                Typical pocket sorters such as the SSI Carrier are limited to a weight of up to 3 kilograms per pocket. As such, they focus on sectors with light products such as the fashion industry. In contrast, the SSI Mover was specifically developed to provide a solution for e-commerce operations involving heavy goods. Furthermore, it is especially suitable for automatic buffering and sequencing. The SSI Mover is a robust technology option for industries such as
                                • Automotive
                                • Electronics
                                • Food

                                The system utilizes gravity, making it exceptionally economical and energy efficient. The three-dimensional system enables the SSI Mover to make the best use of the conditions on site, creating a space-saving conveying system.

                                Benefits at a glance
                                • Suitable for transporting individual products weighing up to 10 kg
                                • System performance of more than 5,000 articles per hour
                                • Circulation conveyor 0.8 meters per second
                                • Throughput of up to 10,000 articles per hour
                                • Energy efficient and economical
                                • Space-saving
                                • Suitable for numerous industries such as automotive, food, electronics, etc.
                              • SSI Trolley

                              • Three options for your perfect material flow with SSI Trolley

                                Our SSI Trolley can be used to create manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic overhead conveyor systems. The components are extremely sturdy and can support a weight of up to 105 kilograms. Three options are available:
                                • Manual: as transport support, generally for bridging short distances with frequent movement in both directions.
                                • Semi-automatic: Utilized for long transport paths extending across multiple storeys or work areas. The system manages the destination automatically.
                                • Fully automatic: The system is used where direct access to the goods is either not desired or not possible. The trolleys are identified via bar code or transponder.

                                Translog® software optimizes the material flow
                                Translog® is the powerful and innovative software for all types of overhead conveyor technology and trolley solutions, ranging from individual overhead conveyors to adapter systems for bag sorting. Furthermore, the Translog® software integrates seamlessly into our WAMAS® application suite for warehouse management and material flow control.

                                Benefits at a glance
                                • Low investment costs
                                • Highly flexible system design
                                • Can be adapted to your requirements
                                • Easy maintenance and minimal spare parts stocks
                                • Simple expansion due to the modular design
                                • Optimizes the material flow
                            • Picking

                            • Picking goods is one of the most costly and labor-intensive processes for both warehouses and distribution centers. That is why SSI SCHAEFER has developed a range of picking systems that effectively reduce manual activities in the warehouse. This enables you to process your orders faster and more effectively.
                                • Paperless Picking

                                • Picking is the central function of warehouse logistics. SSI SCHAEFER offers a variety of ergonomic manual picking solutions for your warehouse.
                                    • E-PICK

                                    • Setting up and operating Pick by Light systems with E-Pick
                                      E-Pick is a cost-effective stand-alone solution for setting up and operating Pick by Light systems. The picking tasks in your warehouse benefit from greater accuracy and efficiency.

                                      A sophisticated graphical user interface enables users to set up a complete Pick by Light application without any special computer skills. The setup encompasses linking the system to an order database, installing the operating elements, and assigning the storage locations as well as the day-to-day operation.

                                      E-Pick supports a diverse range of options for transferring your products and order data. The data can be exchanged via an XML file, a connection to your SQL database, and also directly via an SAP interface.

                                      Small work station, high performance
                                      E-Pick is the ideal solution for smaller work stations that have to react to autonomous off-line picking and assembly cells and also need to flexibly address changes and modifications made at short notice. The core element is the touch panel PC that controls the connected picking elements and also instructs the operator.

                                      Even if your logistics tasks change, you can rapidly adapt E-Pick to the new situation.

                                      Benefits at a glance
                                      • Cost-effective entry-level solution
                                      • Enhanced picking efficiency
                                      • Increased picking quality
                                      • Easy parameterization of the order processing, expandable in individual steps
                                      • User friendly as an in-house programmer is not required
                                      • Potential to increases the performance of your output by 300%
                                      • Significantly reduces errors
                                      • Picking traceability
                                      • Ideal for warehouses with up to 800 products per work station
                                    • Pick by light and put to light

                                    • Pick by Light is a picking system with signal lamps on product storage locations
                                      Pick by Light is a semi-automated, paperless picking system. With the use of Pick by Light, conveyor systems, and our proven material flow control software WAMAS®, you not only optimize your picking processes but you can also significantly reduce your logistics costs at the same time. The software is parameterizable and can be easily configured to match your requirements. It can be used in combination with SSI SCHAEFER software systems and also as a separate picking system within an existing warehouse management system.

                                      The Pick by Light system from SSI SCHAEFER enables you to almost entirely eliminate picking errors. Every storage compartment features a signal lamp with a display and at least one acknowledgment button. When the picking container reaches the picking location, the lamp illuminates to show employees the correct compartment to pick from and the display indicates the correct number of articles to be removed. The removal is then confirmed with an acknowledgment button.

                                      Benefits at a glance
                                      • Paperless picking
                                      • Easy and safe operation
                                      • Reliable user guidance and increased picking quality in comparison to picking with order lists
                                      • Flexible order processing and exact stock management
                                      • Stock control through inventory function
                                      • Short picking paths
                                      • U-shaped layout to optimize picking performance
                                      • Maximum delivery reliability
                                      • Stock control through inventory function
                                      • The highest possible availability through hardware self-checks
                                      • Transparent order tracking
                                      • Easy maintenance
                                      • Brief introductory training in the easy, clear system
                                    • Pick by voice

                                    • Paperless picking for better performance and profitability
                                      Pick by Voice is a picking solution that enables your employees to control the picking process using spoken commands. Acoustic feedback confirms the correct picking and enables the quantity to be corrected. As a result, employees only need to use their hands for the picking itself.

                                      This enhances both the accuracy and the speed of the picking process.

                                      SSI SCHAEFER’s picking system is exceptionally user-friendly and easy for employees to learn. This enables you to implement the Pick by Voice solution without having to provide extensive training. Employees no longer work with printed picking lists or remote data terminals. Instead, they use a wired or wireless Bluetooth headset. In addition, the employees can also enter information or make changes via spoken commands.

                                      Benefits at a glance
                                      • Paperless picking system
                                      • Voice control
                                      • Hands free in the warehouse
                                      • Enables multiple simultaneous picking processes
                                      • Picking process directly linked with the warehouse management
                                      • Easy and rapid implementation
                                      • Enables flexibility in number of operators
                                      • Can be easily adapted to the required picking performance to compensate for seasonal fluctuations
                                      • Can be combined with a barcode scanner and screen input
                                      • Up to 20% better performance in comparison to wireless data
                                      • Scalable and cost-effective solution
                                    • Radio Frequency Picking

                                    • Radio frequency picking creates a mobile dialog with your employees
                                      Radio frequency picking (RF picking) is suitable for manual picking and represents the ideal solution if you are looking for a way of efficiently guiding and managing your employees in the warehouse.

                                      Mobile user interfaces (MUI) enable you to exchange data wirelessly between individual end devices. Our system utilizes hardware-independent user dialogs. RF picking can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or connected online with your system. Broadband radio (spread spectrum) enables both hand-held terminals and fixed stacker terminals to be networked with a central server.

                                      The mobile UIM is an outstanding efficiency solution for use in a diverse range of tasks:
                                      • Incoming goods registration
                                      • Picking
                                      • Stock-taking
                                      • Stacker control systems
                                      • Loading checks

                                      Comprehensive expertise
                                      In addition to technology, SSI SCHAEFER also provides the logistics software along with the complete connection to your storage system. As an intralogistics specialist, we have gained in-depth experience from a vast number of large-scale and small-scale projects over many years. We always focus on our customers’ requirements and on the goal of delivering a complete system that makes your warehouse more efficient and your company more successful.

                                      Benefits at a glance
                                      Online everywhere with our portable radio frequency terminal

                                      Our RF terminal is connected to a ring scanner and your picking employees simply wear the device on their arm. This enables them to receive job instructions anywhere, read the order data directly on the display, and then confirm completion via the RF terminal. The information is transferred wirelessly to the line computer via an access point.
                                      • Easy, rapid, and safe picking via radio terminals
                                      • Manual picking
                                      • Integrated scanner
                                      • Reduces manual entries
                                      • Reduces picking errors
                                    • LOGIMAT® storage lift

                                    • The LOGIMAT® storage lift is your vertical storage and picking solution in one!
                                      SSI SCHAEFER’s LOGIMAT® vertical storage lifts provide you with a storage and picking solution in one system. The state-of-the-art storage lift utilizes the goods-to-person principle and sets standards in performance and ergonomic operating comfort.

                                      The storage lift can be compared with an over-sized drawer cabinet with front and rear rows of trays containing product. A lift is located between the two rows, pulls out the trays, and transports them individually to the correct position of the operating opening, allowing the operator to perform the picking operation with the highest level of accuracy .

                                      Diverse designs for diverse requirements
                                      The LOGIMAT® can be optimally adapted to all site conditions with eight different model widths and two model depths along with a freely selectable machine height of up to 24 meters. The compact design makes maximum use of the available height on site. Features such as tray storage with a 25 mm spacing, the FIX height storage strategy, and/or intelligent height optimization (IHO), or trays, flexibly designed for space and weight optimization, enable high-density storage with the smallest surface area.

                                      The system adapts to all your site conditions, whether separate supply and removal sides, two-sided supply or removal one level higher, whether the system is located in the basement, as a ceiling breakthrough, or recessed into the floor. The LOGIMAT® storage lift can be fitted on the external facade of a warehouse, if necessary. This construction serves to reduce the construction costs for expanding the warehouse to a minimum.

                                      Benefits at a glance
                                      Up to 90% less storage space required in comparison to static storage solutions
                                      Reduces travel times by more than 70%
                                      Automated processes and ergonomic design increase performance by more than 20%
                                      One-stop solution: from hardware to software to a sophisticated after-sales concept
                                  • Semi-automated order picking

                                  • Humans remain an essential and economical factor when it comes to performing many picking activities. Using semi-automated picking systems from SSI SCHAEFER for your goods-to-person solutions enables you to significantly enhance the efficiency of your warehouse while simultaneously improving the quality.
                                      • Batch Pick 'n Scan Sorter

                                      • Scanning and sorting in the smallest possible space
                                        The Batch Pick ’n Scan Sorter from SSI SCHAEFER is an option for companies to rapidly enhance the capacity and efficiency of their picking. This system can automatically record and check the articles picked using the efficient batch pick method with 1D and 2D barcode reading and then divide them up into customer orders.

                                        It consists of four areas. At the output station, the picked products are manually placed on a V-shaped conveyor belt. After separation, they pass through the Schäfer Scan Machine at a speed of 2.0 m/s where cameras scan every product from all 6 sides.

                                        After the information has been processed and analyzed, the individual articles are placed on gondolas along with the sorter before they are delivered to the order containers or cartons at the sorting destinations. The versatility of the sorter and its high throughput of 4,500 items/hour makes it an ideal solution for a variety of different areas, tasks and industries. Whether used for incoming goods, returns, or sorting, the system’s only limitation is that the products are not spherical and their dimensions do not exceed 260 x 180 x 180 mm.

                                        The sorting delivery and supply are specifically adapted to the nature of the articles being transported and these processes are optimized to fulfill the customer’s operational requirements.

                                        Benefits at a glance:
                                        • Higher picking performance
                                        • Up to a product weight of 1 kg
                                        • Suitable for product dimensions from 50 x 10 x 10 mm to 260 x 180 x 180 mm
                                        • Automatic control including photo documentation
                                        • Easy integration thanks to 3D sorter
                                        • High throughput: 4,500 items/hour
                                        • Product identification using a 6-side scan at a speed of 2.0 m/s
                                        • The number of required sorting destinations can be determined by
                                        • Application areas: Healthcare and Cosmetics
                                        • Optimum use of space: requires significantly less space in comparison to other systems.
                                      • Parallel Picking Systems (PPS)

                                      • The economical solution for rapid order processing
                                        Rapid order processing for products with a high ordering frequency and different characteristics creates complex challenges for an optimum warehouse material flow. SSI SCHAEFER’s Parallel Picking System (PPS) carries out these tasks rapidly, easily, and efficiently.

                                        The Parallel Picking System is a picking system for parallel, manual, person-to-goods order processing. The same articles are picked for multiple orders and distributed among the individual orders at the filling module. This system supports and optimizes your picking processes, increases productivity, and guarantees short cycle times.

                                        Your picking operators receive all necessary information via radio-frequency terminals (RF terminal) to locate the desired articles in the article containers and transfer them to the filling module. The RF terminal is worn on the arm and connected to the ring scanner. The order data is read directly from the display and confirmed on the RF terminal. The information is transferred wirelessly to the line computer via the access point. In addition to radio-frequency terminals, Pick by Voice or Pick by Light systems can also be utilized to support the picking process.

                                        Benefits at a glance:
                                        • Best-possible order fulfillment time, through parallel processing
                                        • Suitable for: High-turnover products that cannot be picked using automated systems due to their shape and packaging requirements, or moderate and low turnover products that are not required frequently enough to justify automated picking
                                        • Product sizes from 280 x 230 x 200 mm; volume of up to 18 l per slot
                                        • Efficient order processing through program-controlled order optimization
                                        • High-performance picking and path optimization through batch formation
                                        • Throughput of up to 600 lines per hour
                                        • High quality work stations in the picking zone thanks to their ergonomic design
                                        • Efficient resource usage
                                        • Clear and simply designed picking process
                                        • Short familiarization times and high-quality picking due to smart user guidance (very user-friendly)
                                        • Application areas: Healthcare and Cosmetics, Fashion, Industry, Retail and Wholesale
                                        • Low investment costs
                                      • Pick to Tote

                                      • The Pick to Tote goods-to-person system creates high-performance, ergonomically-optimized work stations
                                        Fast, gentle, ergonomic: SSI SCHAEFER’s Pick to Tote goods-to-person work station system accelerates slow-moving unit picking. Benefit from a picking performance of up to 1,000 units per hour together with an optimum material flow. Pick to Tote enables you to pick directly to order containers and cartons.

                                        Efficient goods-to-person picking
                                        The ergonomic Pick to Tote solution from SSI SCHAEFER has been specifically developed for this task and makes goods-to-person picking highly efficient. Pick to Tote can be connected directly to your automated warehouse system.

                                        Clear user guidance and insertion monitoring via light barriers at the target points guarantee the highest picking quality. Optional functions include applications for efficient storage consolidation and inventory management.

                                        Higher productivity thanks to ergonomics@work!®
                                        Our ergonomics@work!® concept is another unique feature of our Pick to Tote work station. A carefully designed “top to bottom” movement sequence makes the work less strenuous. Contact surfaces are made of touch-friendly wooden components cladding the cold metal, enhancing the ergonomics.

                                        Benefits at a glance
                                        • Based on the goods-to-person principle
                                        • The highest picking quality, errors reduced to almost zero
                                        • Increases picking performance by a factor of 10 in comparison to conventional picking
                                        • Performance of up to 1,000 picks per hour
                                        • The gentlest handling of your products
                                        • Light barrier monitoring prevents incorrect additions
                                        • Picking directly to the order container
                                        • Ergonomically optimized
                                      • Pick to Bucket

                                      • Pick to Bucket is fast, safe, and gentle on the products
                                        The ergonomic Pick to Bucket goods-to-person work station system from SSI SCHAEFER enables rapid picking. This system can process 14 orders simultaneously, allowing up to 1,000 picks per hour.
                                        The Pick to Bucket work station from SSI SCHAEFER is designed for high performance picking of droppable articles combined with the gentlest possible handling. The goods-to-person system retrieves the stored articles using plastic containers.

                                        The storage containers are delivered via the conveying section and are then stopped centrally. The removal location (with up to 8 locations per storage container) is indicated by container location lights. A central display shows the picker the quantity to remove. The picker removes the articles and places them in the corresponding bucket.

                                        The delivery is assisted by a Put to Light system. Once the order is complete, the bucket containing the pre-picked goods is opened and the articles fall onto a central collection conveyor. This conveyor transports the articles to an automatic filling point.

                                        Benefits at a glance
                                        • Based on the goods-to-person principle
                                        • Can process up to 14 orders simultaneously
                                        • The highest picking quality, errors reduced to almost zero
                                        • Increased performance by a factor of 10 in comparison to conventional picking
                                        • Order can be picked in one or multiple buckets
                                        • Performance of up to 1,000 picks per hour
                                        • Gentle product handling
                                        • A central filling point eliminates container handling
                                        • Light barrier monitoring prevents incorrect additions or placements
                                        • Ergonomically optimized
                                    • Automated Order Picking

                                    • SSI SCHAEFER picking systems ensure maximum productivity and an optimum material flow in your warehouse. Benefit from consistent quality - even during times of peak picking activity.
                                        • 3D-MATRIX Solution®

                                        • Problems of conventional storage systems
                                          Conventional storage systems are limited by the restricted number of lifts. This results in bottlenecks during storage and retrieval. As a consequence, the number of transfer spaces is restricted and the movement processes can only be decoupled along the horizontal and vertical axes to a limited extent.

                                          However, increasing performance through the use of shuttles in the aisles creates major bottlenecks on the conveyor loops in the pre-zone. Sequencing is required to overcome this and it is only possible through the use of additional, and subsequently installed, sequencing systems.

                                          The flexible and revolutionary innovation
                                          The matrix consists of three key system components: Shuttle vehicles, lifts and conveying systems. The shuttle vehicles work on the x-axis in the depth of the storage channels. Lift systems provide vertical transport on the y-axis. The conveyor systems handle the horizontal transport on the z-axis and supply the goods directly to the connected picking or dispatch work stations. All movements which the transport devices perform within the storage facility are consistently separated on the x, y and z-axes. This enables them all to be carried out in parallel.

                                          Benefits at a glance
                                          • Highly dynamic system solution for storing and picking individual articles, cartons, layered trays, and pallets
                                          • Parallel processes achieved by decoupling the horizontal transport, vertical transport, and supply to the work stations
                                          • Constant access to all articles in the warehouse with consistent performance
                                          • Dynamic, high throughput without bottlenecks
                                          • No more need for ABC goods classification
                                          • Supply buffering via transfer spaces
                                          • Complete sequencing of the orders
                                          • Lifts have individual access to the transfer spaces
                                          • Modular, scalable, and expandable solution
                                          • All components can be installed in any desired quantity and location, while the length, width, and height of the storage itself can be flexibly expanded
                                          • Simplified maintenance through easy accessibility while the system is operating
                                        • Schaefer Case Picking (SCP)

                                        • Seamless automation is a total concept
                                          Schaefer Case Picking is an integrated, modular, and fully scalable solution for automated delivery picking. With the SCP, SSI SCHAEFER offers a consistently fully automated concept for picking product units for individual branches.

                                          The Schaefer Case Picking concept
                                          This concept covers incoming goods, depalletizing, buffering, picking, sequencing, and palletizing along with goods-out. You benefit from a functionality that contributes to increasing the efficiency and economy of your entire logistics chain :

                                          • Innovative optical checks without any additional labeling systems such as barcode or transponder identification
                                          • Manual or automated supplier from the stock warehouse (with stackers or storage-retrieval machines)
                                          • Automated depalletizing of the manufacturer’s pallets in individual layers
                                          • Automated temporary storage of the trays in highly dynamic tray buffer systems
                                          • Automated picking and branch sequencing of the individual products
                                          • Automatic palletizing using palletizing robots and pallet securing (pallets or roll containers)

                                          Benefits at a glance
                                          • Warehousing temperature-controlled fresh goods: Storage and processing procedures for product detection and tracking along with inventory management are carried out without conventional labeling using barcodes or transponders
                                          • Increased delivery speed due to the completely automated process (same day/next day delivery)
                                          • Minimizes requirements for operating personnel thanks to automated procedures
                                          • Suitable for deep-freeze applications
                                          • Minimizes goods breakage or loss and the associated return shipments thanks to computer-controlled volume and static-optimized palletizing using robots
                                          • Processes 30,000 to more than 300,000 packages/day
                                          • Reduces energy and freight costs by making maximum use of the available transport vehicle volume and optimizing the route planning
                                          • Minimizes error rates during picking through the use of Machine Vision technology
                                          • Consistent transparency and traceability
                                          • SPPG: calculates the optimum packing pattern (volume-optimized, by product class)
                                          • Store-friendly delivery
                                          • The packing pattern calculation can be flexibly adapted (usable for small to large picking factors and simple to complex products)
                                          • Can be easily expanded for individual processes and packing rules
                                        • A-Frame

                                        • The A-Frame enables rapid processing of complex orders, even under peak loads. It guarantees you the greatest possible productivity and an optimum material flow.

                                          The high flexibility of the configurable product channels is the key feature of the A-Frame. It can be effortlessly integrated into existing systems. Up to 40,000 products, whether cylindrical or rectangular, can be picked per hour. That is why automated picking systems are the preferred solution for processing automatically pickable products in the highest volumes.

                                          Key areas in which the A-Frame is utilized:
                                          • Pharmaceuticals
                                          • Tobacco
                                          • Cosmetics
                                          • Office articles
                                          • Contact lenses

                                          The advantage of the A-frame lies in the fact that refilling and picking are separate processes. During low-load times, the A-Frames are refilled and then perform the picking fully automatically at peak times. For you, this means optimum personnel utilization in the warehouse, low error rates, and a significantly enhanced performance.

                                          Benefits at a glance
                                          • High productivity at peak times
                                          • Highly efficient due to the elimination of time-consuming manual picking activities
                                          • Consistently high accuracy and reliability, even under peak loads
                                          • Efficient space utilization resulting from high product density
                                          • Easy maintenance and flexibility in the dimensions of product channels
                                          • High throughput
                                          • Minimal errors
                                          • Easy integration into existing systems
                                          • Ideal expansion capabilities thanks to a modular system
                                          • Optimum personnel utilization through refilling during periods of low demand and fully automated picking at peak times
                                        • Fulfillment Factory

                                        • Fulfillment Factory is a multi-channel shipping solution for efficient distribution e-commerce operations
                                          The Internet is changing the way people shop and also creates a vast range of new opportunities to serve customers. Yet regardless of whether you have to make individual or bulk deliveries, the delivery channels themselves are becoming increasingly specific and complex. The Fulfillment Factory solution from SSI SCHAEFER offers a new approach to split case order picking. The solution is specifically designed to handle the modern challenges associated with diversified sales and distribution channels.

                                          Benefits at a glance
                                          • Efficient distribution system for diverse products (clothing, toys, small electronics and more)
                                          • Cost-effective approach for handling small orders
                                          • One system can serve diverse distribution channels
                                          • High throughput thanks to overhead conveyor systems with RFID enabled carriers
                                          • Fully automatic returns handling
                                          • Rapid and error-free order picking
                                          • Sequencing and consolidation of picked products to optimize packaging and loading
                                          • Smoother day-to-day workflow
                                          • Ergonomic work stations
                                          • Storage-optimized deliveries
                                          • Flexible and future safe
                                          • Easily expandable solution that can be modified and enhanced with additional technologies such as storage-retrieval machines (SRM) and various packing technologies
                                          • Highly scalable system
                                        • SSI SCHAEFER Robo-Pick / picking Robot

                                        • The SSI SCHAEFER Robo-Pick is the first fully automatic picking cell that can be effortlessly integrated into existing storage architectures. Benefit from the highest picking quality and a performance of up to 2,400 units per hour.

                                          The picking, namely the compilation of an individual selection of articles for a customer, is the most demanding task in storage automation. Up until now, every attempt to create a less expensive and simpler picking process through picking automation has failed because of the inflexibility of image recognition systems. SSI SCHAEFER has solved this problem with the development of the SSI Robo-Pick. The picking robots from SSI SCHAEFER can now handle the monotonous tasks previously performed by warehouse workers.

                                          The innovative combination of 3D and 2D image processing has enabled SSI SCHAEFER to achieve a technological breakthrough.

                                          Benefits at a glance
                                          • Fully automated picking cell
                                          • More than 2,400 picks/h
                                          • The highest flexibility as products do not have to undergo a ‘teach-in’ process
                                          • Gentle product handling
                                          • No additional product data management
                                          • Two-stage image recognition system reads the position of the products in the storage container and controls the universal picking robot
                                          • Rapid return on investment
                                          • High picking quality and reliability
                                          • Low error rate
                                          • Short order fulfillment times
                                          • Relieves employees of monotonous procedures
                                          • Suitable for both fast moving and slow-moving products
                                      • Handling

                                      • Whether you palletize or depalletize goods, add documents to containers or cartons, or rely on error-free and traceable picking, SSI SCHAEFER has precisely the right solution to cover all your requirements.
                                          • Paper handling systems

                                          • System expansions for paper handling systems, specifically tailored to the throughput
                                            Paper handling systems are the ideal supplement to conveying systems. Paper handling systems from SSI SCHAEFER are used to supplement all activities within a partially or fully automated picking warehouse and can be easily combined with existing systems. They handle the automatic orders and punctual insertion of invoices along with addressing and/or labeling all goods for shipping:

                                            Benefits at a glance:
                                            • Extensive time savings through just-in-time printing, for example
                                            • Automated order fulfillment and processes
                                            • Automates time-consuming, monotonous tasks
                                            • Low noise emissions
                                          • Container handling systems

                                          • Container handling systems ensure accurate processing and provision of containers for rapid order processing
                                            Automatic container handling ensures a rapid material flow and significantly enhances productivity. That is why the automatic container handling systems from SSI SCHAEFER carry out the individual steps of the container handling process at the speed of the goods flow. The highest possible throughput peaks are also taken into account.

                                            Benefits at a glance:
                                            • Modular aluminum design
                                            • Extremely quiet, yet high-speed operation
                                            • Simple maintenance thanks to clear and easily accessible modular design
                                            • Gentle container handling with starting and lowering damping protects products
                                          • Depalletizing and palletizing

                                          • Depalletizing and palletizing robots handle goods flexibly and efficiently
                                            Statutory regulations regarding picking work stations are becoming more and more stringent, increasing the demand for robot-supported solutions.

                                            Fully automatic systems for palletizing and depalletizing prove very economical when implementing a fully automated process chain. At the same time, they ensure consistent performance regardless of external influences. Using fully automatic systems you benefit from perfectly coordinated components and constant performance. From load carriers to conveyor systems and fully automated warehouses,
                                            SSI SCHAEFER offers you economical intralogistics solutions from a single source.

                                            The automated palletizing and depalletizing solutions from SSI SCHAEFER are highly dynamic and functionally safe, regardless of size and weight of products or environmental conditions.

                                            Benefits at a glance
                                            • Broad spectrum of manual, partiallyautomated, and fully automated depalletizing and palletizing solutions
                                            • High functional safety, dynamics, and economy
                                            • Gentle product handling
                                            • Ergonomic and flexible work stations
                                            • Unique solutions optimally designed for your needs
                                            • Consistent performance regardless of the product size and weight, working times, environmental conditions, and ergonomic requirements
                                          • Schaefer Scan Machines

                                          • Schaefer Scan Machines are the solution for automated picking processes
                                            Picking sensitive products has to be trackable and error-free, especially in the healthcare and cosmetics sectors. The ability to reliably track the batch and serial numbers is essential. SSI SCHAEFER offers customers with these requirements an array of automation solutions that can be easily integrated into existing warehouse environments.

                                            Benefits at a glance:
                                            • Trackable and error-free picking
                                            • Batch and serial number documentation
                                            • Easy integration into existing warehouses
                                            • Primarily used in the healthcare and cosmetics markets
                                        • Interlinked Workstations

                                        • SSI SCHAEFER’s ergonomics@work!® is an extensive and advanced selection of ergonomic work stations for warehouses and operations, spanning applications ranging from incoming goods to production and assembly, as well as picking and returns processing.
                                            • Goods-in work stations

                                            • Incoming goods work stations form the interface between the internal and external goods supply. The goods are delivered, inspected, prepared for storage and then repacked in standard containers.

                                              When the goods arrive they are transferred sideways from an electrically height-adjustable pallet station to the worktable. Their bar codes are scanned to record the data in the warehousing system with its graphical menu display. Then the goods are transferred to the storage containers. The containers are pushed onto a conveyor belt, which is positioned at the same height as the table, for transport to their storage location. An additional conveyor belt located above transports the empty cartons away. Integrated waste containers for plastic and general refuse, along with ergonomic, fatigue-dampening mats complete the incoming goods workstations.

                                              High turnover, low stress
                                              This workstation model is designed to reduce the stress on your employees, despite high goods processing volumes. The ergonomic optimization enables efficient warehousing of a variety of different articles with high performance storage placement while also ensuring the safest possible handling of products. The SSI SCHAEFER work stations can be adapted to the people who use them, not the other way round. That is why productivity increases of up to 20% can be achieved with our system.

                                              Benefits at a glance
                                              • Ergonomically optimized human-machine interface
                                              • Scissor lift table eliminates lifting at the workstation
                                              • Goods delivered directly to the work station on the pallet
                                              • Use of special mats at the standing work stations to reduce fatigue
                                              • Geometrical arrangement of the goods and the storage containers in the closest possible proximity
                                              • Sophisticated waste management (removal cycles) for disposing of carton (carton conveyor), plastic and general refuse (integrated waste containers)
                                              • Material flow is consistently gravity-led.
                                              • Visual software support for the storage process via appropriate menus with graphical displays
                                              • Additional functions implemented: returns storage for the pharmaceutical market
                                            • ergonomics@work!®

                                            • Sophisticated workstation solutions with ergonomics@work!®
                                              SSI SCHAEFER has long understood the fundamental importance of ergonomics. The famous “SCHAEFER box”, our storage fix box, is the result of sophisticated ergonomic design. SSI SCHAEFER now offers the broadest and most advanced portfolio of ergonomic work stations for storage and operation.

                                              Even in times of state-of-the-art warehouse automation, human performance remains the factor that determines quality, throughput, and delivery times. Employees perform key tasks in the value chain in the warehouse, at the production facility, and in the office.

                                              As a provider of logistics solutions, SSI SCHAEFER has been a pioneer in ergonomic work stations. ergonomics@work!® was developed as a part of a concept for creating work stations designed to enhance productivity and reduce physical strain. This concept has become an integral part of all SSI SCHAEFER products.

                                              Our concept also includes:
                                              • Energy-saving materials flow
                                              • Optimum layout of control elements and displays
                                              • Clear, simple, and logical user guidance
                                              • Natural, skin-friendly, and yet robust materials
                                              • Low-noise operation
                                              • Integrated fault detection and support for false rectification

                                              We analyze the work processes in advance. In this process, we record manual activities with more than 30 individual procedural steps, for example. This data forms the foundation of the optimum ergonomic solution.