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  • GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH offers comprehensive solution packages comprising products and services for transport and assembly systems, warehouse, sorting and distribution technology across the globe - directly and with partners. Planning and implementation as a "concerted action" constitute the basis for success. Coordination by a single source releases synergies. GEBHARDT Fördertechnik – a "modular system" with flexible, modular components, which can be adapted to the weight and size of the transportation goods. These transport systems, and those of other suppliers, can be quickly and easily expanded, updated and technically optimised using GEBHARDT components, in order to align them with a change in applications.
Product Portfolio
  • GEBHARDT products - broad diversity, individually planned

      • Tote / carton transport technology

      • GEBHARDT System 300 - a universal talent

        When used between incoming and outgoing goods the GEBHARDT conveyor system 300 brings every advantage of a universal talent to bear. The well structured assembly contains all modules required for the configuration of faster material flow routes, for order picking, for sorting systems and for warehouse technology:
        Accumulation roller conveyors, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, lifting and transfer devices.

        When producing the modules for the container conveyor technology, great importance is place on a light design and precision for functional assurance. The modular design with various standard widths enables numerous combination options, in order to facilitate a tailored yet flexibly adjustable logistics system. Integrated with intelligent control and data management, precise complete solutions are generated for a broad application spectrum in a wide range of sectors. A multitude of flexibly utilisable components permit tailored configurations for conveyance goods of up to 80 kg.
      • Pallet transport technology

      • A TRUE HEAVYWEIGHT – GEBHARDT pallet conveyor technology

        The GEBHARDT conveyor system 500 – No load is too heavy: Variable complete program for the transportation and storage of heavy pallets and box pallets.

        • Robust loading and unloading devices for adding to or removing from a conveyor route.


        • Special pallet storage technology with high bay reception area and curved travel aisle stacker automates storage input and output.

        • Conveyance of over 300 pallets per hour via rotating turntables and ongoing lines.
        • Simultaneous chain conveyance of pallets and roller Containers.
        • Supply stations for the directional pallets via accumulation roller conveyors.
        • Stacking stations for pallets by roller conveyors and transverse carriages.

        Special characteristics

        • Material flow under refrigeration store conditions.
        • In and out-feeding via a lock, with chain conveyor and transverse carriage.
        • Horizontal and vertical transportation between packaging and goods output - without interruption.

        • Roller lift conveyors with integrated chain conveyors are used for the right-angled in and out- feeding of the pallets.
        • Contour control provides additional operational assurance of the high bay storage system.
      • FlexConveyor

      • GEBHARDT FlexConveyor - Industry 4.0 Conveyor Technology Construction Kit

        Plug & Play Conveyors
        The concept of the FlexConveyor is very simple: Individual conveyor modules are pushed together by Plug & Play and connected as in a construction hit system. After connection to the power mains, the modules are ready for use at once. From this moment onwards, the material flow is completely controlled by the local FlexConveyor logic. This way, the FlexConveyor – in contrast to the classic conveyor systems set up with conventional PLC controls - does not need the time- and cost-intensive planning and commissioning or can do with a strongly reduced version. This makes it easy to setup a conveyor route.

        Smart Conveyors
        This is enabled by a smart, linkable control module – the FlexBox, which is integrated into each conveyor element. A simple connection technology ensures the transmission of energy and data between the modules, with the locally working control algorithm of the FlexBox being able to independently recognize the system's topology and plan transport paths. Failure of components is recognized as well and replacement routes are looked for, with the system able to regenerate itself.

        Configurable Conveyors
        The wish for fast adjustment to frequently changing requirements is taken into consideration in the simple configuration of conveyor systems with the FlexConveyor's technology. An easy to operate configurator enables manufacturers and end customers alike to comfortably make settings for the modules or the conveyor system. Thus, e.g. the passage times can be set in advance as parameters depending on the length of the constructed conveyor at GEBHARDT. On the other hand, the customer can dynamically specify transport routes to, e.g., optimize material flow depending on utilization of workplaces.
      • SimplePick

      • GEBHARDT SimplePick - High performance work station

        SimplePick by GEBHARDT is the answer to the continually increasing requirements on staff and facilities in intralogistics. The solutions are innovative intralogistics automation paired with a strong ergonomic design of workplace and environment. These reduce the employees' effort; at the same time, it is an effective basis for increasing the picking performance.

        Flexible and modular
        GEBHARDT's dynamic SimplePick ensures high picking output and short container change times. Peak erformance is supported by innovative order or container buffering and sequential provision. The detailed function required determines the equipment of the high-performance workplace. Homogeneity and composition of the order, as well as article range, sequence and secondary work influence the layout.
      • Roll cage transport

      • GEBHARDT roll cage transport

        GEBHARDT roll cage transport is an optimally applicable material flow technology in the foodstuffs industry above all.

        Optimum use
        Based on a dual-strand chain-belt conveyor it is possible to transport one or more roll cages at a time. With an integrated shifting unit it is also possible to drive to multiple channels. Additionally, the individual trolleys can also be transported to higher levels with a vertical conveyor. The transport system can also be used for the combined transportation of roll cages and pallets. The possibilities are limitless.

        Component application
        It is possible to utilise various components for the optimum transportation, e.g.:
        • Pick-up and delivery stations
        • Belt/chain conveyors
        • Corner convertors
        • Shifting units - Shuttle carriages
        • Lifting systems
        • Roll cages holding areas / Buffer sections
        • Control stations
      • Assembly technology

      • Assembly conveyor system for Just-in-Time markets

        Produce with flexibility - what the market wants, and when and how it wants it. The demand from the buyer market is constantly changing, becoming more spontaneous and unpredictable. What one person sees as a problem is viewed by another as an opportunity for competitive advantage. With the GEBHARDT assembly conveyor system 400 it is possible to react quickly and flexibly to constantly changing requirements.

        Faster setup of the GEBHARDT assembly conveyor system as well as problem-free retrospective adjustment result in rapid amortisation, gains in time, greater added value and reduced capital services.

        The assembly product - up to 1,000 kg in weight - such as a household appliance, office appliance, drive element, consumer electronics etc, runs process-controlled on workpiece carriers through the individual production stages, is lifted for manual or hybrid assembly, swivelled, turned, etc. before being packaged with the correct data documentation. The GEBHARDT System 400 is suitable for use under harsh operating conditions, such as those that exist in production and in damp areas for example. The components are distinguished by low-noise running, low installation height and minimal wear.
      • Warehouse technology

      • The warehouse holds the capital

        In times of globalisation, the use of low energy transport and the efficient storage of goods are of increasing importance. It is essential that the intralogistics industry therefore assumes the responsibility of sustainability and energyefficiency. The demand for high-performance, as well as flexible systems, is no less important. Changing business models in the 21st century are driving factors for this development, specifically because of the progress in information technology.

        In the area of distribution logistics, customers are increasing their order frequency whilst the volume of each individual order reduces. Intralogistics systems must meet these requirements with increasing dynamics and automation. Staff must not be neglected in this development, since no logistics centre today works without the contribution of its employees. Therefore the improvement of operator ergonomics is also a main focus. The production logistics must be designed with increasing flexibility and cost effectiveness to ensure international competitiveness. The objective is staying competitive even in high cost countries. State-of-the-art storage systems provide a new level of efficiency that were unthinkable just a few years ago.
      • Sorting technology

      • GEBHARDT sorting technology

        GEBHARDT GridSorter
        Based on the Gebhardt FlexConveyor, a modular, decentralized controlled conveyor system, the Gebhardt GridSorter was developed, which makes the sorting of goods very flexible. The modular design and the adaptive control in addition to the traditional new application fields where previously no sorter were used before, arise.

        GEBHARDT SwitchSorter
        The GEBHARDT SwitchSorter is a modular sorting system, which can be integrated with ease into existing systems. Due to the aligned design of the switch an additional drive is not required.

        GEBHARDT SpeedSorter CFK
        The GEBHARDT SpeedSorter is based on carbon fibre technology, which makes this type of sorting device exceptional due to its extensive availability, high level of stiffness and optimised weight - emphasised by the use of deflection rollers with a diameter of just 20 mm.
      • Goods lift

      • GEBHARDT ConVer® goods lift planned online

        With two to eight stops and up to 16 accesses, the individual requirements of innovative intralogistics systems can be successfully fulfilled by the GEBHARDT ConVer goods lift. With this number of stops conveyance heights of up to 22.5 m are possible. The payload is a max. 2000 kg. The single or double wing shaft doors - with or without windows - are produced in accordance with DIN 18090. These doors are approved for fire containment.

        The freestanding framework of the GEBHARDT ConVer goods lifts guarantees stability. The compact structure results in minimal spatial requirements, meaning that the GEBHARDT ConVer goods lift can be installed almost anywhere - also retrospectively. Depending on the payload, a floor cavity or loading ramp of just 70 to 110 mm in height is required. These goods lifts in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC are also suitable for use outdoors. The modular system ensures short delivery times and easy installation on site without cutting or welding work.

        The safety parts used enable installation above passable spaces. Drop protection, speed limiter and overload protection are natural basic elements. Light barriers in the cage access, protective grills and an emergency call device complete the package. The lifts are operated from outside using call and send controls.
      • Telescopic belt conveyor

      • For the final meter – GEBHARDT telescopic belt conveyors

        GEBHARDT Conboom® telescopic belt conveyors extend the automated conveyor route through to the loading area and are therefore the "first and last metre" of the internal material flow system. In this way GEBHARDT Fördertechnik creates the connection between transportation logistics and incoming goods with the delivery of packaged goods or between dispatch and the means of transportation with deliveries. System break points are avoided and the ramp personnel are disburdened.

        Special characteristics
        The GEBHARDT Conboom® telescopic belt conveyor reaches right into the farthest corner and spares personnel unnecessary carrying - quickly and flexibly. The loading bay in the container, semi-trailer or HGV can be up to almost 22 metres in length. The two GEBHARDT ConBoom® lines 081 (double extending) and 082 (triple extending) are each available in three different installation lengths and with three different belt widths. There are therefore nine double and nine triple extendable GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyors. This choice of modules fulfils every requirement with every conceivable parameter such as ramp length, access to supply technology, transportation vehicle and packaged goods format.
      • Robot technology

      • Maximum flexibility - GEBHARDT Robotics

        Technological cooperation with our suppliers forms the basis for innovative solutions from GEBHARDT. That is why we work together with the world's leading manufacturers and specialists in the field of robotics. Our customers should profit from this integrative competence. We offer state-of-the-art, tailored robotic solutions.
        That means the maximum in flexibility at the lowest cost level.

        Palletising robots are the perfect link for incoming deliveries as well as outgoing end products. Nowadays, modern, flexible automation technology without them is inconceivable. The GEBHARDT System 800 offers the latest in robot technology with extensive power and high precision as the link in the warehouse and logistics area, and precisely finishes and equips everything that ultimately goes out to the customer.

        Complete solution
        Each individual component of this comprehensive 800 System is also available separately and can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes. However, GEBHARDT is also able to design the complete performance chain for you from the complete system configuration right to the final little screw, integrate it individually into your processes and ensure that the entire system functions reliably - all the time.
      • Automated truck loading

      • Seamless loading and unloading of trucks

        The automated truck loading from GEBHARDT provides a seamless connection between the warehouse output and the transportation vehicle and vice versa. The material flow is thereby optimally guaranteed to the final metre.

        GEBHARDT technology
        Double pallets are transported using special semi-trailers. Chain conveyors are located inside the modified truck loading bay, which are compatible with the fixed GEBHARDT technology installation.
        During docking, the articulated lorry is automatically centred in the door area by a mechanical guide. Throughout the loading and unloading process the level is maintained between the truck and stationary conveyor technology. For this purpose the driver creates an electrical connection with the system control.

        Once the doors on the semi-trailer have been opened the loading and unloading process is initiated automatically.
        After 65 seconds the truck, with a max. 2x10 doubled pallets, is completely unloaded. A contour monitoring system with freespace, running board, length, width and height checking - which functions continuously throughout the process - enables seamless operation, for example with a subsequent automatic high bay warehouse.
      • Favorit Absackblitz

      • GEBHARDT Favorit Absackblitz

        The GEBHARDT Favorit Absackblitz is an automatic recording and sag device for all types of coal. From a adjusting conveyed good the coal is mined into the dump body of the scale. In between is a sieve device connected which separates the coal from slack coal.

        • sag power approx. 150 hundredweights per hour
        • conveyor power on tape approx. 30t per hour

        • conveying and weighing process are automatically controlled
        • material flow stops when adjusted weight is reached
        • entrance voltage 380 V

        • the wedge-shaped holder is pushed by the eletrical driven carriage underneath the conveyed goods. The vibration of the holder brings the coal to flow.

        • the weighed coal tilts independently of the engaged recess in the under-held sack. When the trough tilts back the next delivery process is triggered automatically.

        • green / orange
        • special colours on request
    • Solutions Intralogistics - with GEBHARDT there is a solution to every problem

    • Today, in particular, it is necessary to integrate time-saving technologies into everyday work. GEBHARDT offers you the optimum solution for your individual requirement in every area of internal material flow technology - starting with incoming goods, which precedes every other internal transport, storage and goods picking process.

      Furthermore, perfect solutions are available when it comes to optimal storage. If too much capital is contained in goods in storage, it is difficult for a company to earn money. However, there are a number of possibilities for storing goods in an economical manner, whilst also attaining high throughput quotas. Be it a transfer depot, stock storage or distribution warehouse - optimal storage of goods, unpackaged or packaged in boxes, pallets or containers is essential in guaranteeing a seamless material flow.
        • Goods receiving

        • The receipt of incoming goods is a vital step that precedes all other internal transport, storage and order picking processes.

          This area encompasses goods acceptance, goods acceptance controlling and quality assurance of the incoming goods. It is particularly important to ensure here that the individual goods are correctly checked and labelled, in order that any errors when storing the goods or order picking - which result in erroneous forwarding on for dispatch or production - are duly avoided. It is necessary to utilise a range of methods here, in order to ease goods acceptance in advance and to avoid any errors.
        • Storage systems

        • If too much capital is held in the warehouse in the form of stock, it is difficult for a company to earn money - the essence of the experience of production and retail operations. However, there are a number of possibilities for storing goods in an economical manner, whilst also attaining high throughput quotas.

          Be it a transfer depot, stock storage or distribution warehouse - optimal storage of goods, unpackaged or packaged in boxes, pallets or containers is essential in guaranteeing a seamless material flow. Investments in the warehouse in the form of contemporary technology - hardware and software - combined with complete integration into the added value chain ensure the necessary movement and guarantee transparency.
        • Internal transportation

        • Conveyance systems - with a range of modules such as accumulating conveyors, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, lifting and transfer devices - are vital to the seamless flow of materials between incoming and outgoing goods.

          In the shelf reception zone, packaged goods and containers are fed in and out of the ongoing material flow. With simultaneous in and out-feeding, continuous conveyors form a direct link between multiple transport levels.

          Be they systems for assembly as installed at NEFF, for production as at Bang & Olufsen or in goods distribution centres as used by Stihl and Polo, GEBHARDT systems can be flexibly aligned with customer-specific transport tasks. Conveyance bridges, such as those installed at Ferrero in order to link multiple buildings - for example production and dispatch halls - are no problem either.

          GEBHARDT Fördertechnik offers tailored complete solutions from the idea through to realisation. Holistic concepts for electronic control and automation are decisive for powerful logistics systems.

          The range on offer from GEBHARDT Fördertechnik includes electrical and electronic equipment - hardware and software - conveyor systems, material flow control and warehouse management.
        • Sorting

        • oday, in particular, it is necessary to integrate time-saving technologies into everyday work. So-called distribution and sorting technologies are highly advantageous if goods with varying configurations are to be sorted according to certain criteria. This means that previously unsorted goods can be separated on the basis of previously defined criteria by a sorting system.

          Using sorting and distribution technologies it is possible to overcome time problems and smoothly negotiate personnel-intensive working steps. Shorter throughput times and timely dispatch can also be guaranteed in this way.

          The GEBHARDT SwitchSorter, used by Rhenus, is a modular sorting system, which can be integrated with ease into existing systems. Due to the aligned design of the switch an additional drive is not required. A further strength is the efficient sorting capacity, which enables the SwitchSorter to attain throughputs of 6000 to 7400 packaged goods per hour. Due to pneumatic pivoting, the system is able to sorting the conveyance goods to the left and right.
        • Order consolidation

        • In order to be able to guarantee speedier dispatch times it is possible for materials from various areas, which are intended for a single order, to be brought together by means of suitable material flow technology. One component that supports this order consolidation is so-called buffer storage.

          Here, the GEBHARDT shuttle system StoreBiter 300 - as used by Avnet - in particular offers effective access to incoming and outgoing goods in accordance with the "goods to man" principle. In contrast to classic ASS solutions, the shuttle system offers a considerably greater input and output capacity. The modular design of the individual channel routes also enables a flexible expansion of the storage system if required. It is exceptional due to its optimum use of space and area, its low maintenance and servicing requirements, rapid assembly and low investment and operating costs. The storage system can comprise multi-aisle storage, whereby a single aisle can be divided into multiple modules depending on the storage height. In this case the StoreBiter 300 is able to access multiple storage levels. The GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 is an economical solution for the individual storage of load carriers. The efficient delivery is supported by the automatic provision of containers, trays or boxes for processing per the requisite sequence.
        • Dispatch

        • Technological support is indispensible in ensuring efficient and rapid dispatch processing. A procedure that encompasses components of material flow technology accelerates the processing of all dispatch units and also reduces the associated costs.

          At EBM Pabst in Mulfingen a wide range of pallets weighing up to 1.5t are strapped and film-wrapped prior to dispatch on a GEBHARDT articulated belt solution. The modular articulated belt conveyors used in this solution move transportation goods with a wide range of dimensions, weights and properties. In conjunction with a direct SAP connection with the GEBHARDT connectors it has been possible to establish an assured and reliable dispatch process.

          Sica uses automatic HGV loading in order to supply its customers with seats on a Just in Time (JIT) and Just in Sequence (JIS) basis. GEBHARDT lightweight chain conveyors are put to use in sequenced loading preparation and automatic loading.
        • Energy efficiency

        • In the scope of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative of VDMA, GEBHARDT takes on board complete responsibility for economy, ecology and society. The objective is minimisation of the energy and resource consumption by innovative technology.

          Lowering costs, protecting the environment
          The Blue Competence initiative of the VDMA helps to find sustainable products and companies who adopt sustainability. GEBHARDT decided early on to place its products and services under the Blue Competence flag of the VDMA. It has always been our objective to develop machines that keep the energy consumption as low as possible. This objective becomes more and more important particularly in times of increasing energy prices. GEBHARDT combines innovative software with advanced mechanics to achieve this objective. Optimisation that only includes individual components utilises only a small part of the optimisation potential. In intralogistics the overall system must be monitored. One example of this is the GEBHARDT dynamic handover system. The combination of shuttle and ASRS technology increases efficiency considerably. The reduction of energy consumption often goes hand in hand with the also welcome effect of wear reduction. Both together reduce the operating costs and make the logistics centre more efficient.