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  • Offer Profile
  • CERATIZIT is the world market leader in selected industry sectors for unique and consistently innovative hard material products.

    CERATIZIT provide their business partners with direct competitive advantages, and in this manner remain on the pathway of continuous growth.

    Our dedication to hard material matters and creates intelligent solutions for tomorrow and time to come.
Product Portfolio
  • Wear parts

    • Carbide specialties

    • One of CERATIZIT's strengths is the possibility to manufacture blanks and finished, round and flat carbide wear parts for different applications according to customer's requests.
    • Discs

    • CERATIZIT blanks for solid tungsten carbide discs for slitting and circular shear knives are designed according to the continuously increasing application fields as well as the rising quality demands concerning the material.
    • PCB blanks

    • More than 10 years ago CERATIZIT started the development and production of blanks for PCB-tools. CERATIZIT responds to the fast changing market and the growing demand for exquisite products by innovative grades and close partnerships with our customers.
    • Tool & die blanks

    • To meet the very high demands of the tool and die industry, CERATIZIT offers carbide grades especially developed for stamping applications. Application consultancy regarding grade selection, machining, and properties of different grades is just part of our service for you.
    • Knives

    • The CERATIZIT programme of knives, previously known under the brand name EFRADUR, contains circular, long and special knives for the paper, plastic and metal industry and are made from solid tungsten carbide, TCT, powdermetal, or HSS.
    • Nozzles

    • Water jet cutting technology has asserted itself to an ever increasing degree against competing technologies. Highly wear resistant carbide nozzles are a major fact for the cutting result. The main areas of application are the automotive, packaging and aerospace industries, mechanical engineering and electronics.
    • Hobs

    • CERATIZIT has produced blanks for solid tungsten carbide hobs for many years. Every hob is an individually manufactured high-tech product based on our customers' drawings. Furthermore we offer tailor-made CERATIZIT tungsten carbide grades – a guarantee for reliability and maximum output.
  • Cutting tools

  • Tool changing system

      • Maxiflex UTS - the idea

      • Maxiflex UTS, CERATIZIT's universal tooling system is synonymous with:
        • standardised tool interface
        • universal application possibilities
        • stable and precise tools
        • increased machine productivity
        • reduced costs and optimised production
        Typically UTS: - quick lock; manual clamping; insert, clamp, release
  • HyperCoat

      • The CERATIZIT coating philosophy

      • CERATIZIT HyperCoat is synonymous with the extraordinary and particular. HyperCoat is a milestone in coating technology. Based on more than 25 years of know-how, the CERATIZIT coating systems meet maximum requirements in terms of extraordinary cutting performance.  Within the HperCoat family there are two main groups:
        • HyperCoat-C (cvd-technology: chemical vapour deposition)
        • HyperCoat-P (pvd-technology: physical vapour deposition)
  • Drilling

  • Maxidrill - the advantages
    • state-of-the-art drill and chip flute design guarantee maximum rigidity without deviation. Significant reduction of cutting noise.
    • low cutting forces
    • flexible application of the insert family in all drilling tools
    • optimum compensation of radial forces prevents the drill axis from running off-centre, even large drilling depths in solid material can be produced economically maintaining the quality of the hole.
    • WCGT-FN: the 'sharp' one
      for aluminium and non ferrous metals

    • WCGT-SN-29: the 'robust' one
      for steel and cast iron materials

    • XOMT-SN: the 'universal' one
      for steel, stainless steel and cast iron materials

  • Turning

      • MaxiLock D

        • Secure clamping of the insert also under tension (e.g. copy turning).
        • No tilting of the insert towards the front during heavy or interrupted cuts.
        • Maximum feed rates for ‘Masterfinish’ inserts applied.
        • Suitable also for inserts made of various hard materials such as ceramic, CBN or PCD.
      • MaxiLock S

        • The form lock screw guarantees a safe connection of the insert and the tool holder.
        • Chip evacuation is not hindered by obstructive clamping elements.
        • Due to the neutral insert position the effective rake angle is identical to that of the insert form and geometry.
      • P25

        • New geometry –M50
        • Improved grinding quality
        • Optimized cutting edge
        • NEW CVD coating
        • Special polishing

      • Masterfinish

        • Top quality surfaces can be produced at low costs
        • Optimum swarf control can be obtained by means of the chip groove geometry
        • In many cases grinding is no longer necessary
        • The cutting forces are not higher than with a standard insert
        • Inserts CNMG 1204..EN-TFQ can be used at both the acute and the obtuse corners
      • Multifunctional cutting tools

        • fewer tool changes
        • increase of cutting speed
        • increase of feed rate
        • increase of depth of cut
  • Milling

      • MaxiMill HSC/HPC

      • High speed for aluminium cutting
        Milling cutters Ø 16-100 mm
        • milling tool suitable for high-speed machining at maximum revolution numbers
        • criteria for machining of aerospace components fulfilled
        • grade and chip groove optimised for high process safety Microfinish
      • MaxiMill HPC/HSV

      • High performance cutting of aluminium with PCD
        Milling cutters Ø 40-315 mm
        • quick and simple adjustment of axial run-out
        • excellent work piece surface quality
        • minimum built-up edge
        • stable and wear resistant steel cutter
        • long tool lofe guaranteed through PCD cutting edges
        • HSC-suitable
        • inserts for roughing and finishing
      • MaxiMill HEC11

      • High Efficiency Cutter, simply efficient milling
        Milling cutters Ø 50-125 mm
        • Precision-manufactured inserts with 8 usable cutting edges
        • Maximum cutting performance combined with very low power consumption
        • Optimised surface quality combined with maximum tool life
        • Tangential insert for maximum stability
        • High table feed
        • Long consistent tool life
        • Economic application and process security
      • MaxiMill HFC

      • Feed matters’, rapid milling
        Milling cutters Ø 25-100 mm
        • Low power consumption, maximum chip removal rate
        • HyperCoat inserts for all steels and cast iron materials
        • Integrated coolant holes for standard lubrication and minimum quantity lubrication in all tools
        • Cutter body optimised for maximum stability using FEM
        • Soft cutting and reduced vibration for maximum spindle protection
      • MaxiMill 211

      • make the connection
        Milling cutters Ø 10-160 mm

        1.Win with performance
        2.Win on quality
        3.Win time savings
        4.Win tool life
      • MaxiMill 251

      • Button insert cutter
         Milling cutters Ø 10-125 mm
        • specially formed chip pockets - guarantee optimum chip evacuation
        • universal application for best accessibility
        • the power screw: differential screw provides a stable connection between tool and milling adapter
        • 8-fold indexing. The insert can be precisely positioned on the cutter body, all 8 cutting edges are fully utilized and reliable insert locking is guaranteed during machining.
      • Maximill 490

      • Shoulder and face milling
        Milling cutters Ø 25-125 mm
        • 4 cutting edges
        • Optimum price
          performance ratio
        • 90° approach angle
      • MaxiMill 270

      • Face milling
        Milling cutters Ø 6-160 mm
        • Maximal chip volume
        • 45° approach angle
        • Soft cutting action
      • MaxiMill 260

      • High Efficiency Cutter, simply efficient milling
        Milling cutters Ø 25-125 mm
        • Universal application
        • Adjustable wiper edges
        • Long tool life
    • HeliMax

    • Solid carbide milling cutters
  • Parting & grooving

      • MaxiClick

      • CERATIZIT has designed a parting & grooving tool, which is the result of our innovative and flexible thinking. The MaxiClick tool design gives a simple method of breaking off the worn-out cutting edge replacing it quickly and thus reducing unproductive downtime. Starting at a width of 1.5 mm the new tooling system can be applied to grooving depths up to 10 mm.
      • MSS

      • Both parting and grooving are characterised by numerous variations, demanding technology and a complex tool design.

        MSS, the CERATIZIT tooling system with modular construction, is perfectly suitable to meet a wide variety of requirements.
  • Multi-function tools

  • Drilling, turning, parting and grooving - all in one
    Thanks to improved utilization of the available machine capacity considerable cost reduction per workpiece becomes possible.
    In this context multifunctional cutting tools from CERATIZIT makes a decisive contribution through:
    • fewer tool changes
    • increase of cutting speed
    • increase of feed rate
    • increase of depth of cut
      • EcoCut

      • Drilling and turning with only one tool
      • ProfileMaster

      • Has totally redefined the machining process
  • Wood machining

      • Solutions for wood machining

      • CERATIZIT covers the entire cutting tool sector with its carbide products for wood machining. In this way we contribute essentially to the performance capacity of the wood machining tools provided with products from CERATIZIT – from the professional to the DIY enthusiast. We consider ourselves first of all a partner for the wood tool manufacturers.
        Our production programme includes carbide blanks, semi-finished products and ground indexable knives ready for use.
  • Stone working

      • Stone working tools

      • To makers of stone working tools, we are today the principal supplier world-wide, furnishing the industry with millions of drill tips used in masonry drills and hammer drills.
        For producing drill tips we could use steel with the disadvantage of a short lifetime. CERATIZIT, however, produces hard metals with very interesting properties ranging from exceptional hardness to high toughness.
  • Carbide rods

  • Hard metals for precision tools
    In addition to competent advice a tool manufacturer also expects a complete product and service package. The stock programme adapted to the needs of the tool makers with the most common dimensions from 1 to 46 mm in up-to-the-minute grades helps to produce tools successfully.
      • QuickService

      • Enables the production of rods in recognised CERATIZIT quality, in individual styles, and in small quantities.
        Let us know your requirements for diameter, length and grade. Decide if you want the rods sintered or ground, with or without coolant holes. Various chamfer widths and angles are also possible.
      • CTS 18D, 50XD

      • Rods made by CERATIZIT have always represented a quality standard in the precision tool segment in a considerably more attractive and extended range for solid carbide tooling manufacturers.
      • Standard & Special rods

      • Standard rods
        Special rods
        Cermet and silicon nitride