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  • Offer Profile
  • Based on the latest production technologies, ZCC-CT produces products of consistent quality at the highest level. The extensive product range includes carbide indexable inserts (coated and uncoated), indexable insert made from cermet, CBN, PCD and ceramics, solid carbide tools, as well as tool holders and milling bodies. ZCC-CT is a long-term and reliable partner of the global metal cutting industry.
Product Portfolio
  • Turning

      • Aluminium Processing

        • Long tool life
        • Reduction of manufacturing costs
        • Excellent surface quality
      • Stainless Processing

      • Perfect combination of chip breaker and grade.
        Excellent solution for the machining of stainless steel, adhesive material and super alloys.

        1. High precision
        2. Sharp cutting edge to reduce cutting force and vibration
        3. Excellent chip control
        4. Excellent surface quality
      • New Grade Generation

      • Grade in second generation for machining of steel and casting steel
        Higher cutting speed, longer tool life
      • Drilling Tools for Precision Sizing

        • High precision
        • Sharp cutting edge reduces cutting force and vibration
        • Excellent chip control at small cutting depths and feedrates
        • Excellent surface quality
      • Simply Coloured

      • Easy choice on the basis of the table without any further knowledge and without looking at the insert box. The colour of the inner ring indicates the application range.(P/M/K). The colour of the cutting edge indicates the grade.
    • Milling

        • Aluminium Processing

          • Long tool life
          • Reduction of manufacturing costs
          • Excellent surface quality
        • High-feed Milling

        • The feature of high feed tool is to resolve the  major cutting force into the axial direction, greatly  reduce the radial cutting force, thus improve tool’s  capability of shock resistance. In addition, this  structure can effectively reduce the vibration in  long overhang milling application.
        • High performance cutter FMA07 FMA11 FMA12 FMD02 EMP13

        • With double sided insert


          • Stable double side insert with 16 cutting edge for high
          • Positive light cutting chip breaker for finishing to roughing
            in wide application field


          • New generation of face milling with double sided insert
          • 8 cutting edge
          • Inserts with big rake angle, reducing power consumption.
          • Milling cutter with thicker inserts for high stability and big cutting depth.
          • Inserts with wiper cutting edge for good surface quality


          • High Performance Face Mill with 16 edges for outstanding economy
          • Double negative rake angle, in combination with helical insert structure, achieves double positive axial angle, which will help reduce cutting resistance and improve chip evacuation.
          • Unique 3-dimentional edge
          • Smooth cut due to positive and sharp cutting edge.


          • Achieving 90° with high quality Square Shoulder Milling Tools
          • Double negative rake angle of the tool body in combination with extra thick insert achieves double positive tool angle,which will help reduce cutting resistance and greatly improve impact resistance.
          • The component machined by using EMP13 shows better surface quality and verticality than the similar products from company A.
        • Face Mill FMD02

          • New generation of face milling
          • Open chipbreaker and big rake angle
          • Wiper for good surface quality
          • Reliable screw clamping system
          • Inserts with 10 cutting edges
      • Drilling

      • 1588SL for Deep Drilling
        • Special flute design for optimal stability and good chip flow
        • Special margin for high accuracy and stable operation
        • Optimal cutting edge for different material
        • New PVD-coating for smooth chip flow, less friction and food wear resistance
            • Indexable drill ZTD03/04

              • Drill holder with excellent stiffness and special surface coating for  higher feed rate and higher productivity.
              • Big chip pocket for better chip remova
              • Optimised insert seat and clamping, for less  vibration and higher tool life.
              • Double helix internal cooling for more effective cooling and good
                chip removal, especially for in deep hole boring.
        • HM Drilling/-Milling

              • High Performance Solide Carbide Endmills

                • Unique geometry design with 38°/41° helix angle in optimal combination of top grade, KMG 405.
                • Suitable for roughing and finishing of steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, heat resistance super alloy.
                • Effective milling with higher feed rate and bigger cutting depth.
                • Quiet machining without vibration.
                • Long tool life and good surface finishing.