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Parker Electromechanical Europe

Company Profile

At its European locations, the Electromechanical Automation Europe (EME) Division develops and manufactures components and systems that are used for state-of-the-art Motion Control automation. Control and drive technology, Human Machine Interfaces are part of the comprehensive product portfolio, as is a wide range of mechanical components for handling and precision applications. Electromechanical Automation is leading the way in current automation technology trends. Customers may choose from an excellently balanced Direct Drive Technology product portfolio.

Product Range

  • Automation line: Automated picking systems
  • Automation line: Automated warehousing and distribution systems
  • Automation line: Fully automated machinery
  • Handling units, general
  • Handling: Case handling unit
  • Handling: Core handling
  • Handling: Depalletising, palletising system
  • Handling: Feeding unit
  • Handling: Gripping device
  • Handling: Load and unload unit
  • Handling: Packaging system
  • Handling: Pick & Place unit
  • Handling: Portal loader
  • Handling: Robotics pick and place unit
  • Handling: Shelf-picking unit
  • Handling: Storage system
  • Handling: Vacuum lifter
  • Handling: Vertical packer
  • Linear positioning: Linear ball bearing slides
  • Linear positioning: Precision railguide slides
  • Linear positioning: Standard slides
  • Material handling robot: Handling of workpieces
  • Material handling robot: Machine loading
  • Material handling robot: Packaging robot
  • Material handling robot: Palletizing robot
  • Material handling robot: Pick and place robot
  • Material handling robot: Transferring of parts
  • Material handling robots
  • Robot: Cartesian robot
  • Robot: Gantry robot
  • Robot: handling robot mounted on traverse rails
  • Robot: Line gantries
  • Robot: Linear and gantry robot
  • Robot: Palletising robot
  • Robot: Pick and place robot
  • Robot: Room gantries
  • Robot: Shelf-picking unit
  • Textile machines: Cross-cutting machine
  • Textile machines: Cutting and stacking machine
  • Textile machines: Cutting machine
  • Textile machines: Longitudinal-cutting machine