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GPS Corner System for precision farming by Bauer Group

Satellites ensure precision farming by complete and on-the-spot irrigation of irregular fields Precision farming is becoming more and more important in agriculture – not only for the use of equipment but also […]

The new John Deere 6M Series Tractors – designed for versatility and efficiency

John Deere’s versatile 6M Series tractors are designed to meet the needs of livestock, arable and specialty farms, and offer more power, functionality and operator comfort than their 6030 Series predecessors. The […]

AGCO Launches New Global Precision Farming Business Strategy

Welcome to the future of agricultural technology! AGCO’s Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) department is dedicated to providing high-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world, and in 2013 ATS announced an important […]

The next evolutionary step in StripTill – one machine, more possibilites

HORSCH is considered to be the pioneer in the StripTill sector. Already since 2001 a lot of experience and knowledge have been gained in this sector with the Evo. With the Focus […]

driveGUARD – The innovative overload protection for your disc mower

Every farmer knows from experience that foreign objects on agricultural land that are accidentally drawn into the mower along with the crop flow can cause significant damage. With its brand new driveGUARD, […]

AEROSEM 1002 – The new generation of pneumatic seed drills

The new generation of pneumatic seed drills – AEROSEM 1002 – have been completely revised by Pöttinger to deliver unique technology and the highest level of flexibility. Using the latest developments such […]

CLAAS launches the new XERION series with three models and three engine sizes

All three models in the new family are available in a TRAC version with fixed cab or as a TRAC VC with rotatable cab. The XERION 4000 is also available as a […]

New Holland CX7000/8000 Elevation Combines – The cleanest grain sample from the world’s most powerful super conventional combine harvester

New Holland has launched the latest generation CX7000 and CX8000 Elevation super conventional combines. The world’s most powerful strawwalker machine, up to 490hp, delivers unsurpassed straw quality and the cleanest grain sample […]

Fliegl brings nutrients to the root

Fliegl Agrartechnik presents a new disc cultivator that makes slurry disappear without trace. The nutrients get directly and fully in up to 15cm depth. Completely covered they can start to enfold their […]