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Assistive Robots – Interactive Butler to Exoskeleton

Recent United Nations world population projections show that seven out of eight newborns would survive to age 80 plus by 2050. With such statistics, it is easy to imagine how a society […]

SABIX Ultra – Fire protection has never been so flexible

The new SABIX Ultra series of cable have a myriad of beneficial characteristics for various applications; these features are outlined below. Due to the new sheath material the cable can be used […]

Control systems PSSuniversal from Pilz communicate via PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe

Machinery safety and axis monitoring in one architecture Pilz is expanding the control systems PSSuniversal multi. The new control system type can communicate via PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe. Using PSSuniversal multi makes safety technology simpler […]

Beckhoff CP-Link 4: The One Cable Display Link

The optimum combination for remote operator interface units located up to 100 m away: Beckhoff multi-touch panel + CP-Link 4 Beckhoff presented a technological highlight at Hannover Messe 2013: CP-Link 4 is […]

LaserSnake2 – Combining robots and lasers to create safe, cost efficient tools for high hazard confined spaces

The LaserSnake2 project is an £8m collaborative R&D project led by OC Robotics that will run from 2013 to 2016. The Technology Strategy Board, together with the Department for Energy and Climate […]

Format adjustment in filling and packaging machines – flexibility alone is no longer enough

Precision and condition monitoring support availability Today, format changes in filling and packaging machines are required more frequently than ever before. The users of these machines expect to be able to manufacture […]

Siemens develops world’s largest turbo compressor for sulfuric acid industry

Siemens is expanding its compressor portfolio with a turbo compressor which has been especially developed for the sulfuric acid industry. With a rotor diameter of 2,240 millimeters (mm) and a capacity range […]

KUKA mobile robot concept vehicle “MOIROS” wins robotics award

The KUKA “moiros” concept study has won the coveted Robotics Award at HANNOVER MESSE. The Robotics Award was presented to the Mobile Robotics team by Olaf Lies, Minister for Economic Affairs, Employment […]

New Line of PLC Programmable Robots by Adept

New ePLC robots programmed by customer’s existing PLCs allow users to efficiently program robots Adept Technology, Inc.  a leading provider of intelligent robots and autonomous mobile solutions, recently announced the development of […]

Trends in control technology: is there a future for the PLC?

Change defines the world. The current challenges faced by society range from the demographic shift to a growing scarcity of natural resources. Automation, too, is changing: future trends in control technology suggest […]

roboTest H: robotic testing system for impact tests on metal specimens

The reproducibility of test results is an important aspect of impact testing on metal Charpy specimens. To minimize operator influence and maximize accuracy, Zwick has developed a robotic testing system for pendulum […]

Laser hybrid welding and new large gantry for laser applications by Reis Robotics

Reis Robotics will display laser hybrid welding solution and new large gantry for laser applications on this year’s LASER World of PHOTONICS (May 13 – 16, 2013) in Munich. The demand for laser […]

YASKAWA has developed a standard robotic solution for cutting and welding of lighting masts

The system features five MOTOMAN robots for handling, cutting and welding of lighting masts with a length from 3 up to 13 m, delivering an output of 20 to 30 masts per […]