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Feed forces of up to 400 N – The GP 16 spindle drive from maxon motor

The spindle drive program will be extended with the new size 16 mm. This is also an easily configurable complete system with integrated axial bearing for high loads. Version with metric M6 […]

Saving Energy with decentral drive technique from Watt Drive

After last year’s successful market introduction of the decentral drive controller INVEOR, the single phase designs for power classes 0.37 up to 1.1kW are as well available now. Furthermore the product range […]

New Planetary Gearbox Revolutionizes Deep Drill Technology

In September 2010 Maxon launched the groundbreaking EC22HD Heavy Duty Downhole Drilling Motor. In combination with its matching GP22HD Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox, operation on the ‘limit of what is bearable’ in […]

Dunkermotoren: Intelligent servo motor size significantly reduced

Dunkermotoren has  reduced the length of its 45mm frame size brushless DC motors with integral 4-quadrant speed controls (BG45SI) by 25%, while maintaining the same power and torque capabilities and motor efficiencies. The length […]

Improving process performance with Baldor•Dodge speed reducers

ABB’s Baldor•Dodge® motorized speed reducers have boosted process uptime and reduced operating costs in a highly abrasive glass-dust environment. “This product has met all my expectations. They run trouble-free, which is an […]

Lenze’s new Servo Inverter i700.

Lenze puts simplicity to the test at the industrial trade fair in Hanover

At the industrial trade fair in Hanover, Lenze shows exactly how working together makes it easy, fast and safe for customers to get their machines ready for the market. The specialist in […]

brush-type DC motor

Small-sized, brush-type and strong

With the GR 23, Dunkermotoren launches a powerful brush-type DC motor with an output power of up to 4.3 Watt. In contrast to its predecessor, the GR 22, the continuous output torque was […]

nanopositioning actuators

High-Force Ceramic Linear Drive for Long-Range Nanopositioning

N-216 NEXLINE® high-load linear motors are ultra-precision nanopositioning actuators with travel ranges to 20 mm and push / pull forces to 600 N.

servo components

A new generation of graphite commutated DC Motors

In complement to its high power CR series motors FAULHABER extends its new CXR range of graphite commutated DC micro motors to include 26mm technology. These new motors are constructed of high performance materials and manufactured using cutting edge process technology.

New operator panel for frequency inverters

New operator panel for frequency inverters

With the Sinamics BOP-2 (Basic Operator Panel) the Siemens Drive Technologies Division has brought a new version of its operator panel on the market. The clear menu structure and the two-line display speed up the commissioning of Sinamics G120 frequency inverters.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Inverter IC for Motor Drive with High Efficiency

Panasonic announced the development of a Gallium Nitride (GaN) -based monolithic inverter integrated circuit (IC) for motor drive. The integrated six GaN-based transistors can be independently driven in a single chip, which enables successful motor drive with high efficiency.

DC converters

New converters for DC technology

Siemens Drive Technologies Division has expanded its range of drives by a converter for DC applications With the Sinamics DC Master (DCM) the Siemens Drive Technologies Division has expanded its range of […]

ZABER - T-LSM Series

New Series of Miniature Linear Stages

Zaber Technologies releases T-LSM Series of compact Miniature Linear Stages Zaber’s T-LSM series devices are computer-controlled  motorized linear stages with high thrust and speed capabilities and a very compact size. They are […]