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igus: chainflex cable increases the safety of machines with Fanuc drives

Photo by igus GmbH

In the field of machine tools, many users worldwide rely on the motors and controls from Fanuc. In order to provide the drives with a fail-safe power supply even while they are moving, igus has now developed a new, highly flexible servo cable. It is specially designed for the dynamic demands in the energy chain. The cable has an oil-resistant PUR jacket, a UL approval and a UL-verified certified guarantee promise of up to 36 months.

It connects the machine with its drive and sets it in motion: The servo cable. This is why it is of particular importance in mechanical engineering. When used in the energy chain, it must be fail-safe, highly flexible, durable and oil-resistant, and at the same time meet a wide range of standards and certifications for use in the global market.

With its CF270.UL.D family, igus offers 32 cable cross sections suitable for 24 drive manufacturers, which were developed for use in the e-chain. igus has now expanded the series with a new cable for the Fanuc βi series motors with a (6G1.0)C structure.

“We offer over 20 different chainflex cable families especially for the machine tool sector,” explains Katharina Esch, international product manager for chainflex cables at igus GmbH. “As more and more machine builders are relying on Fanuc motors, we have now developed a corresponding cable that meets the demanding environmental conditions such as high travel speeds and accelerations.”

The CF270.UL.10.06.D has an oil- and coolant-resistant PUR outer jacket, is coloured according to DESINA and is approved according to 1000 V ULAWM. As with all of its 1,350 cables, motion cable Spezialiste gives a guaranteed service life of 36 months, which has been certified with UL-verified.

Cable withstands up to 18 million strokes

In test 4831 in the company’s own 3,800 square metre laboratory in Cologne, the chainflex cable withstood 18 million strokes. Its durability in the individual application can be determined with the help of the free and freely accessible online service life calculator.

The new Fanuc cable is available from igus either as a metre-long product from 1 metre directly from stock or assembled with a matching connector as a readycable ready for connection.If the user is looking for a complete energy supply system consisting of an e-chain, cables and connectors, he can make use of the readychain service from igus.

For more information, please visit: https://www.igus.de/