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50 percent more unsupported length: igus further expands hybrid chain series YE

Photo by igus GmbH

50 percent lighter than conventional steel chains and 50 percent more unsupported length than plastic energy chains: that is what makes the igus YE energy supply system so special. It consists of plastic and steel elements and therefore has a particularly high rigidity. In order to be able to safely guide even large hydraulic hoses and extreme additional loads on elevators and construction machines up to heights, igus has now expanded its easy-to-assemble hybrid chain series by two new sizes.

Cables and hoses on drilling rigs, cherry pickers and lifting platforms must not only withstand extreme loads, but above all be guided safely and compactly upwards on the machine. Users often rely on heavy steel chains for such scenarios. However, these are expensive to install and carry the risk that the entire chain has to be replaced in case of maintenance or repair. At the same time, a machine standstill means downtime costs. That is why igus has developed the world’s first hybrid chain, the YE, which combines the advantages of steel and plastic. “With an internal height of 42 millimeters, the YE is already successfully in use on several construction machines and telescopic arms for unsupported lengths up to 7 meters. Our customers are convinced by the modular design and easy installation of the cable carrier. Because the energy chain can be opened and closed easily,” explains Jörg Ottersbach, Head of the E-Chain business unit at igus GmbH.

To be able to realize even higher unsupported lengths with hydraulic hoses and heavy additional loads, igus has now expanded its hybrid chain by two further sizes. The YE.56 has an internal height of 56 millimeters and enables unsupported lengths of up to 8.5 meters, while the YE.108 with an internal height of 108 millimeters is primarily developed for drilling rigs that can safely guide heavy and large hydraulic hoses and cables up to 9.5 meters.

Plastic and steel – a light and stable combination

The special feature of the YE series is that the load-bearing chain links are made of steel, while the pins, the outer plates and the opening stays are made entirely of a tribologically optimised high-performance plastic. This makes the chain stiff on the one hand, and thanks to a rear grip it is additionally stable and at the same time up to 50 percent lighter than conventional steel chains. Due to the weight reduction, higher additional loads on the extension arm of access equipment are possible. At the same time, the use of plastic means that the production of the hybrid chain requires 22 percent less energy.

Thanks to the modular design of the YE, there are no screws, rivets or bolts that can become loose under vibration. Cables can be replaced quickly thanks to the hinged opening stays: For the interior of the Energy Chain®, igus offers cable and hose protecting interior separation elements. The energy supply system is also available as a ready-assembled readychain system with energy chain-compatible and tested chainflex cables, hydraulic components as well as hoses and hose fittings. All chainflex cables have a worldwide unique guarantee of 36 months due to numerous tests under real conditions in the in-house 3,800 square meter igus test laboratory.

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