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LFS.cnb: Contract and billing management with EPG

Photo by Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Limited

Fast, efficient and automatic – the all-in-one Contract and Billing (LFS.cnb) solution gives logistics companies the digital support they need to create and manage invoices and contracts. The new software package from the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) provides powerful tools for all the relevant work and process steps. Users benefit from automated billing runs, as well as both analog and digital invoicing. The Contract and Billing solution LFS.cnb not only records and manages the logistics services that have been provided, it also prepares customer and supplier contracts – in detail and for specific requirements.

Contract and Billing – the comprehensive digital solution for logistics companies

Everything at a glance at all times – the new Contract and Billing software package is a cloud-based solution for all logistics billing and admin processes. Services are recorded, assigned and billed automatically. As well as managing catalogs of standard services, the software can handle changes to meet customer-specific requirements too. The module has standardized interfaces and can therefore also be connected to external accounting and ERP systems. LFS.cnb is easy to use and quickly provides the required information. As centrally managed software, it can be used to process data online from multiple locations. Invoicing is flexible – the integrated formula library can calculate prices and create invoices for custom-defined time periods. The smart IT solution takes all relevant tax rules into account and offers a choice of different currencies as well. Customers receive their invoices automatically, either on paper or electronically in compliance with e-invoicing standards. In addition to billing processes, LFS.cnb also supports end-to-end contract drafting and management. It can be used to create customer and supplier contracts quickly and in detail. Rounding it all off, the software package securely archives all documents and information as well.

For more information, please visit: https://www.epg.com