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Murrelektronik’s distribution solutions offer quick and easy installations

Photo by Murrelektronik GmbH

A primary concern of companies that manufacture mobile production machines is shortening the lead times in production. Output needs to increase; more machines need to be produced in the same amount of time.

Flexible and expandable distribution solutions are in demand. Installation errors are not welcome.

With its preassembled and sheathed connection lines and distribution boxes, Murrelektronik has the optimum products and solutions for realizing installations quickly and easily.

Commonly used sensors and actuators in mobile production machines are hydraulic valves, temperature sensors, pressure transmitters, and rotary encoders. If these parts need to be connected to a controller, Murrelektronik distribution boxes are ideal for easy installation. Cable harnesses are either slimmed down or, in the best case, replaced entirely.

The passive MVP Xtreme and xtreme DB distribution boxes designed for use in mobile production machines are very robust, sealed, and resistant to media and UV radiation. Even CAN-based sensors and actuators can be easily incorporated into installation concepts. The connectors of Murrelektronik products are robust and sealed, have been tested multiple times, and have proven themselves in use. Connectors, conductive materials, and lengths are fully customizable and can usually be delivered individually.

Customer-specific solutions

If customers need components that are accurately adapted for special application purposes but do not want to rely on do-it-yourself solutions, they have found the right partner with Murrelektronik. Murrelektronik creates professionally manufactured solutions from many decades of acquired expertise.

For more information, please visit http://www.murrelektronik.com.