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Sensirion presents its new SDP821 and SDP831 differential pressure sensors

Photo by Sensirion AG

Sensirion, the market leader in air flow measurements, has two new product variants within its SDP800 series of differential pressure sensors. The product versions SDP821 and SDP831 are suitable for applications with high requirements when it comes to fail-safe operation. In order to guarantee these requirements, both sensors have been certified according to the GAR (Gas Appliances Regulation) standard and can therefore be used in gas burners, for example.

The rising demand for energy-efficient applications in combination with the proven and improved differential pressure sensors produced by Sensirion has led to great success in the VAV (valuable air volume) market. Able to draw on extensive expertise in reliable and precise air flow measurement, the sensor producer is now expanding its product range with the SDP821 and SPD831. These Sensirion products provide the ideal solution for applications with high requirements for type B and type C fail-safe operation.

In combined gas-and-air systems such as boilers, the air/fuel ratio can be accurately and quickly regulated using a mass flow sensor. This enables the boiler to be dynamically adjusted, meaning that it can run more efficiently and adapt to changing conditions more quickly. To enable Sensirion to ensure the required level of safety, the new product versions were developed and certified in accordance with the GAR standard.

The system’s insensitivity to changes and the small form factor enable the SDP821 and SPD831 to be used in a host of different applications. The differential pressure sensors excel in particular due to their rapid response time and fail-safe operation. They offer exceptional repeat accuracy and a sampling rate of up to 2 kHz. The fully calibrated, temperature-compensated sensors are available in a variety of models.

The SDP800 series is based on Sensirion’s own patented CMOSens® Technology, which measures differential pressure using a thermal measuring principle. This means that Sensirion differential pressure sensors have no zero-point drift and outperform conventional sensors with piezoresistive membranes in terms of sensitivity at low differential pressure levels, offset drift and hysteresis. The sensors are not sensitive to shocks or fluctuations in temperature.

For more information, please visit http://www.sensirion.com.