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POKOLM’s new M35 PCTC cutting materials highly desirable for its high temperature stability

High-performance M35 PCTC cutting materials for the machining of titanium and high-temperature alloys Since the new cutting materials of M35 carbide with PCTC coating were introduced to the market last autumn, they […]

Quicker grooving with KOMET Quatron

The KOMET Quatron hi.feed indexable insert milling cutter proves its effectiveness in plunge milling a slide chamber Komet has latetly begun using the plunge milling technique and its own Quatron hi.feed indexable […]

EMO 2017: BOEHLERIT makes Face milling easy

The Austrian cutting material specialist is expanding its milling tool range by adding another product for face milling applications. The ETAtec 45P is a seven-edged face milling cutter with an approach angle […]

Behringers dynamic way of sawing – EMO 2017

At the EMO 2017, the sawing specialist Behringer presents the new HBE663A Dynamic band saw machine with an extended material feeding axis of 1500 mm or 3000 mm per stroke. With a […]

New edges expand Sumitomos line-up of latest CBN grades

BNC2010 and BNC2020 are the newest additions to Sumitomos coated SUMIBORON series, to offer even better stability and longer tool life for hardened steel machining. BNC2010 grade for high precision hard turning applicable for […]

Stauff designs its new soft-sealing cutting rings with unique capacity for settling effects compensation

New in the Stauff Connect product range and introduced for the first time at the Hanover Trade Fair: FI-WDDS-type soft-sealing cutting rings, which distinguish themselves in particular through their capacity to compensate […]

BIG KAISER C-Cutter Mini reduces up to 85% of machining times

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metal-working industries, announced the C-Cutter Mini, an ultra-fast compact chamfer cutter. The C-Cutter Mini is designed for multi-functional […]

Pokolm presents new round inserts for SAH machining applications

Pokolm Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG has just expanded its range of cutting materials for milling cutter bodies with round inserts in 7 mm and 16 mm diameters for machining stainless, acid […]

POKOLM’s QUADWORX®XL milling system now more versatile with new innovative cutting materials

The QUADWORX®XL milling system has already convinced many practical users with its exceptional cutting rates in high-feed roughing applications. The innovative cutting materials, developed specifically for step and slot milling, now make […]

Sandvik Coromant’s GC1130 milling grade is now available for more milling cutters

Cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant has made its high performance steel milling grade, GC1130, available for use with CoroMill® QD and CoroMill 331 groove milling cutters. GC1130, which is […]

BIG KAISER’s new SW Smart Damper features built-in anti-vibration mechanism

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metal-working industries, has announced the SW Smart Damper – a rough boring head with a built-in anti-vibration mechanism. […]

New BIG KAISER App offers precise cutting data for digital boring tools

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metal-working industries, launched its new BIG KAISER App for precise cutting data of digital boring tools at the […]

Walter releases new BLAXX M3255 porcupine milling cutter with completely new optimized design

The new Walter BLAXX M3255 porcupine milling cutter achieves outstanding results in this regard thanks to a completely new design. A special front insert with an axial limit stop, combined with the […]