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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ HMI enhances machine quality and performance

Kollmorgen introduces Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ HMI (Kollmorgen’s HMI). These rugged IP65-rated touchscreen HMI panels feature a single-surface screen with widescreen format, a rugged aluminum chassis housing, and premium configuration and screen building […]

SICK’s RapCo system solution offers great flexibility and availability in packaging automation

Rapid, precise, reliable: the Rapid Changeover (RapCo) system solution from SICK meets these requirements for automatic format adjustment in packaging machines. It also permits the technically and economically efficient operation of complex […]

HARTING’s M12 connector proven to sustain under harsh outdoor environment

The M12 connector, which has proven itself in industrial applications, is also a top performer in outdoor applications. The use of specific materials makes this possible. Industrial environments would be unimaginable without […]

Epson presents its new RA8900 and RX8900 RTC series

Seiko Epson Corporation, the world leader in quartz crystal technology, introduced its new RA8900 series and RX8900 series of real-time clock (RTC) modules with built-in digital temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (DTCXO). There are […]

Stratix 5100 by Rockwell Automation allows simultaneous connection up to 19 IP addresses

To make accessing critical production data easier within the manufacturing enterprise, Rockwell Automation is launching the Allen-Bradley Stratix 5100 wireless access point (WAP) featuring a work group bridge. Unlike typical wireless clients […]

Hennecke improves further its transparent PUR systems with CLEARRIM technology

In automotive engineering in particular there is a growing trend towards touch-sensitive control logic as a cutting-edge interface between man and automobile. Through the combination of a thermoplastic base support, a capacitive […]

Lenze allows access to its devices with OPC UA Server

The current version of the Lenze EASY Starter contains the Lenze OPC UA Server, which makes it possible to access Lenze devices regardless of the type of software used. The basis for […]

HEIDENHAIN unveils MSE 1000 for high degree industrial production

The MSE 1000 from HEIDENHAIN provides the best conditions for the highest degree of quality in industrial production. The flexible evaluation unit acquires the measured values from automated multipoint inspection apparatuses, and […]

LINAK and AKK partnership to improve efficiency and create employment in Denmark

CO2 emissions equivalent to the annual private consumption of 10,000 Danes. That is what LINAK saves by moving production of profiles for electric table legs home to Sonderborg. At the same time […]

Mitsubishi Electric continues to innovate packaging applications with its motion control technoloy

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in the three principal application areas for servo drives in industrial automation: robotics, CNC and general motion control (GMC). Mitsubishi manufactures its own technologies in all […]

E2v releases new space specific PC8548 microprocessor

E2v, the leading hi-rel semiconductor solutions provider, today announces the launch of the space qualified PC8548, the second microprocessor in its portfolio of high performance products targeting the new QML Y space […]

LINAK focuses on improving the efficiency of textile machines

LINAK put focus on textile machines and other industrial automation applications for which we have been supplying actuator solutions for years. Industrial automation is a huge area consisting of an almost endless […]

Rockwell Automation unveils new global line of circuit protection devices

Industrial automation customers worldwide can now reap the business efficiencies of standardizing on the new global line of molded-case circuit breakers, and control-circuit and load-protection devices from Rockwell Automation. The new line […]