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User-friendly servicing screw pumps by KRAL

KRAL Screw Pumps

Photos by KRAL AG

The characteristic feature of L series is the simple specification and user-friendly servicing.

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The main spindle of the L pump can be disassambled together with the seal casing, as all therotating parts are pre-assembled in the removabled end cover. This makes the L series particularly easy to assemble, dismantle and maintain.

The L series gets its name from its long construction. The long spindles allow a discharge pressure of up to 63 bar.

KRAL L pumps use lifetime- lubricated, external ball bearings. FKM sealing discs with high temperature stability prevent wash out. This increases the life of the bearing and reduces maintenance costs.

The innovative one-piece casing design guarantees that pressure-side leakages are a thing of the past.

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