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Wangen is a Founder Member of World Biogas Association (WBA)

Fossil fuels are becoming scare. Renewable energies are gaining in importance.

The Pumpenfabrik Wangen is delighted to be a founder member of the World Biogas Association(WBA).
This association offers an international platform for developing the biogas and anaerobicdigestion industry globally.

WANGEN PUMPENs Sales Development Manager, John Booth, believes that the Pumpenfabrik Wangen can contribute significantly to the development of this associationwith over 20 years of expertise in pumping technology for this industry.

Our company looks forward to sharing best practices in handling organic wastes and various feedstocks with countries interested in developing renewable energy based on anaerobic digestion.

View a video of WANGEN’s innovative range of Anaerobic Digestion pumps here:

You can find all detailed information concerning the biogas pump-technology online.

(Link zu: http://www.wangen.com/en/products/application/biogas/index.php)