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World of saws at BEHRINGER

Photo by Behringer Saws, Inc.

Real efficiency appears in results. At the In-house exhibition BEHRINGER „World of saws“ from June 20 th –22 nd , 2017 at the premises in Kirchardt, the company presents a cross section around band- and circular sawing machines as well as systems for the industrial sector, manufacturers, steel trade companies and steel constructers.

The subjects of the exhibition in lectures and machine presentations will give deeper impressions around the shown technology such as the new HBE- mitre cutting band saws, the HBE Dynamic range or automated system-solutions by the PARTNER 4 STEEL with combined production plants focus on the steel section treatment.

Big Band saws will be presented as well as High-performance sawing machines for steel, highly alloyed materials and aluminium are other subjects. Even the BEHRINGER foundry is of interest and can be visited at the In-house- show. Besides the company organzises two evening events during the three-days exhibition.

Information and registrations under www. worldofsaws.com