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    If you are sitting properly, you are moving.

    Chairs are our passion. Chairs that meet the needs of the human anatomy. Office chairs that allow and support healthy, dynamic, mobile and active sitting. Whether swivel chairs, conference chairs, visitor’s chairs or other types of seating. This has been the focus of our energy and skill since 1872. With worldwide success.
Product Portfolio
  • Products

      • Swivel chairs

      • For workers with and without seat leather.
        • Conference chairs

        • For participants and partners.
          • Visitor's chairs

          • For customers, guests and visitors.
            • Stool

            • The practical helper.
              • Tables

              • Nicely served.
                • Accessories

                  • Services

                  • Out of respect for the product.

                    Office chairs need staying power. They accompany every move, every load change, every movement through the office. For years. Age should have little effect on them. Good looks and obvious cleanliness are imperative, mechanisms always in working order. We take care of all that, right up to ecological disposal. And beyond.
                      • Guarantee

                      • We believe in what we do.

                        giroflex chairs are quality products with above-average durability. Under normal use (8 hours per day and 220 working days per year) we provide a 5 year guarantee on the construction, materials and workmanship of all new models, assuming proper treatment and normal use. The terms of the guarantee are governed by the guarantee label.
                          • Maintenance contracts

                          • An offer to maintain the value of your purchase.

                            Depending on your needs, you can use our services on an ad hoc or a contract basis.

                            We would be delighted to make you an offer covering ongoing care and maintenance carried out at sensible servicing intervals.
                              • Repairs

                              • Always prepared for all eventualities.

                                The factory customer service at Giroflex can be reached by phone, email and fax. In addition, repair orders can be placed via service contact or phone at any time. We will visit you at the earliest date possible or promptly send you the required spare parts.
                                  • Office chair analysis

                                  • Access unused comfort zones.

                                    Maintaining the value of your investment is important to us. An in-depth seat analysis by our qualified service technicians of the functionality, cover materials and upholstery of your giroflex seating furniture reveals how the service life of your chairs can be extended and thus their sustainability further improved. Tailored to your local situation, we provide you with an individual offer – from the repair of individual parts to upholstery cleaning.
                                      • Care

                                      • Attractive on the outside and on the inside.

                                        Office chairs are business cards for a company, so their appearance and cleanliness are correspondingly important. The Giroflex customer service offers special cleaning followed by a test of the mechanisms. So that everything is definitely in order.

                                        If you avoid soiling as far as possible, you will rarely need the cleaning service. To help achieve this, on request Giroflex will treat the cover materials of your office chairs with an environmentally friendly stain protection. Giroflex CleanGuard creates a "lotus effect", where practically all substances roll off the upholstery surfaces and can be dabbed off with a cloth.
                                          • Disposal

                                          • First class right until reuse.

                                            When you replace your existing office chair inventory with new giroflex chairs you are also choosing the most ecological disposal possible for your old furniture. Because in keeping with our commitment to sustainable action we take on this task for you. Regardless of which manufacturer the old chairs come from.
                                              • Leasing

                                              • Active sitting easily financed.

                                                giroflex leasing is the easy financing option for the furnishing of offices.

                                                In Switzerland, from a total purchase value of CHF 5,000, high quality seating furniture from the current giroflex range as well as complementary office furniture can be leased. An offer that is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. It was developed together with Credit Suisse AG. The contracts are for 2 to 5 years.

                                                International solutions to meet particular needs are available on request.