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  • Offer Profile
  • When Waldemar Strietzel, Christian Fischbacher Sen., and Hennoch Altherr founded the company in 1957, they could hardly imagine that it would one day become an international business with a staff of over 300 employees. And yet these three gentlemen were pursuing exactly the same principles and ambitious objectives – to think and act innovatively, without ever losing sight of their traditional values.

    Today, FISBA AG is one of the leading suppliers in the optics industry. Its mass-produced optical components, systems, and microsystems are distributed worldwide, and alongside its headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland, the company has sites in Germany, the USA, and China.
Product Portfolio
  • We put optics in perspective

        • Micro Vision Systems

        • In high-resolution and compact form.

          We produce imaging systems in compact form with high resolution. We fulfill the procedural and technical requirements to be able to meet the specific needs of a micro-camera system in the optimal way.

          Technical Data
          Example specifications for a FISBA micro-camera:

          • Diameter without illumination:
            1,6 mm
          • Diameter with illumination:
            1,95 mm
          • Length without illumination:
            ≤ 4 mm
          • Length with illumination:
            ≤ 6 mm
          • Field of view (diagonal):
          • Working distance:
            5 – 50 mm
          • Resolution:
            400 x 400 px
          • F-number:
          • Wavelength:
            400 – 700 nm
          • Illumination concept:
            Integrated LED lighting adjustable with separate control box

          Example applications
          • Endoscopy
          • Medical Imaging
          • Augmented Reality

          Our process begins with the idea, which we elaborate in an initial design study. We then develop prototypes for the desired production stage through to series production. What never ends is our customer service: Even once the product is successfully up and running, we are there for you at any time.
        • Imaging Optics

        • For sophisticated lenses and systems.

          We have extensive expertise in opto-mechanical design. This way, we deliver lenses and optical systems manufactured to customer specifications with impressive results of the highest quality.

          Technical Data

          • Broadband assemblies:
            VIS – SWIR
          • F-number as low as 1.2
          • Athermal designs for outdoor applications
          • Compact and light weight designs
          • MTF measurements temperatures:
            -20°C bis +60°C

          Building and optimizing manufacturing processes and technologies is in our DNA. The advantage for your project is the complete FISBA package for the entire production chain.

          Example applications
          • Microscopy
          • Industrial Image Processing
          • Aerospace & Defense
          • Medical Imaging

          We have extensive expertise in opto-mechanical design. This way, we deliver lenses and optical systems manufactured to customer specifications with impressive results of the highest quality.
        • Laser Beam Shaping Optics

        • Based on intelligent polishing and coating processes.

          We develop high-performing optical systems based on sophisticated polishing and coating processes. They are diffraction-limited and adjusted precisely to your requirements.

          Technical Data

          • Integrated optomechanical system design with refractive and/or catadioptric design approaches
          • Designed according to your specific wavelength requirements ranging from VIS to SWIR
          • Manufacturing technologies optimized for high damage threshold
          • Focusing systems in combination with in-line thermal pyrometer function

          Example applications
          • Material Processing

          Our laser diode focusing and laser beam shaping systems are the interplay between optical and mechanical design, with F-Theta lenses and scan and zoom systems. Your challenge is our challenge. We look forward to tackling it together.
        • Customized Photonics Systems

        • For opto-mechanical and electronic solutions.

          Amongst our core competencies are imaging systems used in the areas of machine vision, microscopy and endoscopy. We are just as well-versed in optical components for laser beam shaping, material processing, display technology and projection.

          Technical Data
          • Wavelength range from:
            UV – SWIR
          • Diameter range from:
            0.7 – 250 mm
          • Extensive production capabilities, including grinding and polishing of lens elements, molding of aspheres, coatings and precision centering, and active alignment for semi-automated or automated assembling processes
          • Metrology capabilities including MTF measurement in wide temperature range of -20°C to +60°C

          Example applications
          • Medical Technology
          • Endoscopy
          • Diagnostics
          • Machine Vision
          • Aerospace & Defense

          We offer two forms of collaboration: We can either align ourselves to your specifications or develop a personalized solution. Your needs and wishes form the key element. We analyze both thoroughly so we can advise you of the best solutions. And we’ve been doing it for over 60 years.
        • Micro Laser Modules

        • for wide-ranging applications.

          Our laser modules are the result of decades of experience in dealing with micro-optical and mechanical systems. Whether fiber-coupled or free space propagation, whether for applications in life sciences or in industry, FISBA has the right light source.

          Technical Data
          • Dimensions (SM):
            30 mm x 15,5 mm x 9 mm
          • Dimensions (FS):
            22,5 mm x 13,5 mm x 9 mm
          • Wavelength:
            UV – NIR (FS) / VIS (SM)
          • Output power ranges:
          • Multi-mode fiber:
            NA 0,12 / 0,22 / 0,39 und 0,5
          • Single-mode fiber:
            NA 0,12

          Example applications
          • Head-up Displays
          • Instrumental Analysis
          • Projections
        • FISBA READYBeam™

        • A compact multi-wavelength laser module.

          With the READYBeam, we offer a highly compact laser module with integrated electronics and temperature control. Fiber-coupled and individually modulated, the individual channels deliver an output of up to 40 mW. The module is available in different versions.

          Technical Data

          Available in various configurations and also individually configurable
          • bio 1:
            405 nm / 488 nm / 638 nm
          • bio 2:
            488 nm / 520 nm / 638 nm ind 1: 450 nm / 520 nm / 660 nm
          • ind 2:
            450 nm / 520 nm / 638 nm
          • Dimensions:
            77 mm x 40 mm x 37 mm
          • Output power range:
            >30 mW per wavelength
          • Fiber connector:
            FC / APC
          • Fiber type
            SM oder SM/PM

          Example applications
          • Flow Cytometry
          • Automated Screening
          • Confocal Microscopy
          • Projection and display technology

          The successful history of laser module development began at FISBA more than 30 years ago. We are proud to make a significant contribution to the development of this future-oriented area of photonics.
        • Precision-molded Glass Optics

        • For imaging systems and laser beam shaping.

          From custom design and prototyping through to series production of double-sided aspheres, off-axis aspheres, and acylindrical lens arrays both in the visible and infrared range of the spectrum. We are the independent supplier of precision-molded glass optics.

          Technical Data

          VIS to NIR with oxide glasses
          • Irregularities down to
          • Moldable glass types with refractive indexes from
            1,5 und 1,9
          • Moldable glass types with abbe numbers from
            21 bis > 80
          • Achievable precision suitable for imaging optics and laser beam shaping

          SWIR to LWIR with chalcogenide glasses
          • Wavelength:
            1,2 – 14 µm
          • Standard spec of 2 fringes irregularity at C.A. 25 mm
          • Diameter: 2,5 – 50 mm
          • Broadband AR and hard coatings

          Example applications
          • Endoscopy
          • Visible and Infrared Target Definition
          • Intra-oral Scanners
          • Night Vision/Thermal Imagery
          • Analytics
          • Hyperspectral Imaging Optics
          • Process Monitoring
        • Flat Optics

        • From the individual components through to the kit system.

          FISBA not only has the complete production chain in-house, we can also develop entire systems built to spec or support you in your development. Whether through optical design, coating design, or planar optics production technology.

          Technical Data
          • Edge length:
            0.8mm bis 50mm
          • Angular accuracy:
            depending on the angle up to 2″
          • Surface form deviation:
            3/ -(0.05)
          • Surface quality:
          • Surface imperfection:
            5/ 3x0.01 according to DIN-ISO10110 or
          • Surface imperfection:
            10-5 according to MIL-PRF-13830B

          Example applications
          • Endoscopy
          • Ophthalmology
          • Periscopes
        • Micro Lenses for Imaging Systems

        • Precise and ready-to-install.

          We are specialists in ready-to-install, small and high-precision individual lenses and cemented elements. Our expertise includes sophisticated AR coatings, metallic rear-surface mirrors and masked black chrome coatings to reduce light scatter.

          Technical Data
          • Smallest diameter:
            0,3 mm
          • Surface finish:
            5/2x0.01 according to DIN-ISO10110 or
          • Surface finish:
            10-5 according to MIL-PRF-13830B
          • Irregularity down to:
            bis λ/6

          Example applications
          • Endoscopy
          • Intra-oral Scanners
          • Ophthalmology
          • 3D Ear Scanners

          As early as the design phase, we plan the perfect solution for you, both technically and commercially. All manufacturing processes – from raw glass to kit subsystems – are provided in-house. This allows us to guarantee flexible, fast production.
        • Slow Axis Collimator Lenses (SACs)

        • For single and multi-emitter applications.

          In our portfolio, customers will find SAC lenses for single emitter laser diodes and SAC arrays for laser diode bars. Your optimal aspheric design is based on FISBA's many years of experience in the collimation of laser diodes.

          Technical Data
          • Feasible focal length:
            4 – 12.3 mm
          • Feasible wavelength:
            405 – 1550 nm
          • Length for single-emitter diode:
            2 – 5 mm
          • Arrays for multi-emitter (laser bars):
            Pitch 500 or 1000 µm

          Example applications
          • Diode Laser Systems
          • Fiber Laser Pumps
          • Disk Laser Pumps
          • Solid-state Laser Pumps
          • LiDAR Systems

          Like our FACs, our SACs also deliver outstanding collimation quality and transmission. Our standard portfolio aside, we also facilitate individual customer solutions to guarantee optimal results and consistently high quality.
        • Fast Axis Collimator Lenses (FACs) on bottom tabs

        • Reproducible and precisely pre-positioned.

          The FACs are positioned precisely on tabs in accordance with customer specifications. This makes handling easier and the FAC smile is therefore smaller and reproducible.

          Your Benefits with FACs on bottom tabs
          • Easy handling on tabs
          • Controlled FAC smile / FAC smile on low, stable level
          • Precise positioning on tabs (± 2 μm)
          • Adjusted offset of the FAC to the tab, depending on the individually measured BFL of the lens (+/-5µm).
          • Constant glue gap in your application
          • Optional glue stop

          Example applications
          • Diode Laser Systems
          • Fiber Laser Pumps
          • Disk Laser Pumps
          • Solid-state Laser Pumps
          • LiDAR Systems
        • Fast Axis Collimator Lenses (FACs)

        • The essential components for diode laser systems.

          We started developing FACs more than 15 years ago. The result is highly automated in-house processes which allows for competitive prices – even with high volumes.

          Technical Data
          • Focal length:
            150 – 1700 µm
          • Material:
            Glass with high refractive index n >1.8
          • Wavelength:
            430 – 1550 nm
          • Length:
            2 – 20 mm

          We are an independent supplier of FACs. In addition, our customers appreciate our extensive standard portfolio and the fast, flexible production times. Benefit from our many years of experience and our first-class customer service.

          Example applications
          • Diode Laser Systems
          • Fiber Laser Pumps
          • Disk Laser Pumps
          • Solid-state Laser Pumps
          • LiDAR Systems
      • Solutions

            • Industrial Applications

            • FAC and SAC lenses for the collimation of laser diodes, optical components for high-precision measuring technology or fully integrated machine vision camera systems. If your application relates to components and systems in the industrial environment, then we are the right partner for you. From design to manufacture of prototypes through to series production.

              FISBA has been developing innovative technologies and proven processes together with its customers for decades. You can expect trusted manufacturing technology and uncompromising quality from us. We work true to an OEM approach and are therefore independent of laser diode or sensor manufacturers. That means we are not just an expert partner for you, we are also a flexible one.
              You can bring your products to market quickly with FISBA.

              We provide solutions for the following fields of application:
              • Collimation of Single and Multi-emitter Laser Diodes
              • Pump Modules for Fiber Lasers
              • Pump Modules for Disk Lasers
              • Industrial Imaging
              • Pick and Place Applications
              • Quality Control in Various Sectors
              • High-precision Optics for Surface and Wavefront Error Measurements
            • Aerospace and Defense

            • Security is of vital importance in aerospace and defense. The technology used must be precise and reliable. With our optics and systems, we provide the security required in the various applications. Whether it's defense on land, water or in aerospace technology.

              With FISBA, you have experienced experts by your side. Our solutions are highly accurate and have been developed specifically for the aerospace and defense sectors. This means that we guarantee uncompromising, trusted functionality, even under extreme environmental conditions.

              Our optics enable:
              • Target Detection in the Visible and Infrared Spectral Range
              • Image Processing Systems for Poor Lighting Conditions, Mist and Fog
              • Optical Trackers
              • Thermal and Night Vision
              • Unmanned Flight and Transport Systems
              • Laser Range-finders and Laser Target Markers Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging
              • Head-Up Displays (HUD)
            • Life Sciences

            • Every day, biopsies are carried out, new chemical materials are produced and lab samples are analyzed – and FISBA is part of it. Our experts work every day on micro-optics and solutions for imaging and illumination in medical technology and analysis.

              FISBA has been a leader in the development of optical components and systems integration for more than 60 years. Laser modules for fluorescence applications, white light sources or imaging systems with sensor technology also currently play an important role in the life sciences sector. You get the whole range from FISBA.

              We are proud to be at the intersection of nature, technology, medicine and the environment as an important systems partner. Or rather, as a supplier of critical solutions that contribute to research & development and facilitate the everyday work of experts.

              Our fields of application:
              • Endoscopy / Imaging for Conventional, Minimally Invasive and Robotics-controlled Surgery
              • Diagnostics
              • Imaging for Biopsies
              • Imaging for Dental Medicine, 3D Scanners
              • Laser Sources for Flow Cytometry and Sequencing
              • Laser Sources for Microscopy
              • Imaging Optics
              • Process Monitoring for the Pharmaceutical and Laboratories Industry