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  • Offer Profile
  • With nearly 20 years of experience, we count as pioneers in the young world of biogas technology.

    The permanent focus of our work: the high quality, productivity, and reliability of your biogas plant. Because that's what we measure our work against every day. Specialists who strive to set the highest quality standards. Nationally and internationally.
Product Portfolio
  • UTS Plantsystems

    With a plant from UTS, you decide in favour of almost 20 years experience and around 1600 installed biogas plants. Very important: our Full Service. In a biogas plant which we have planned and designed, all components are perfectly matched to each other and efficiency-oriented – thanks to our own development department and our own manufacture of pumps, mixers, etc. Pumps, mixers, mechanical, hydraulic, electronic parts, and all equipment are designed with economy in mind. The numerous patents and the protected processes which are already part of our company history are witness to our experience and to our claim to be a technology leader. UTS agitator and mixing technology, substrate dosing, pump and separation technology, and our solutions to exploit the energy of the biogas are practically based, reliable, and service-friendly. Here, safety and reliability have top priority.

    In brief, the benefits of our UTS solutions are:
    • Patented, hydraulically driven mixers with submersible motors guarantee safe operation within the fermenter.
    • The use of the hydraulic unit in a protected environment guarantees simple maintenance and automatic monitoring.
    • Patented Service-Box with integrated working platform guarantees safe maintenance of the mixing technology outside the fermenter, and avoids expensive gas loss and emissions damaging to the environment.
    • High plant availability through robust and appropriate technology
      • Helios® system

        All UTS plants are flexible systems which we individually adapt to your needs and requirements. The Helios® system is available for various plant sizes, and is characterised by the following benefits:
        • Flexibly extensible multi-tank system
        • Standardised system assembly solution
        • High operating safety
        • Complete utilisation of residual gas by means of gas-tight covered storage tank
      • Triton® system

        For plant sizes over 500 kW, and for gas feed plants or locations with restricted space, our Triton® system is suitable. The most important characteristic of this plant system is the ring-in-ring construction: One or more concentric rings are fitted around a central tank, thus creating additional fermentation or storage space within a single structure. This provides the following benefits:
        • Minimisation of operating costs yet providing maximum gas yields
        • Optimised flow ducting
        • Best homogenisation by means of UTS mixer technology
        • No short-circuit flows
        • Uniformity of dwell times of the raw materials in the plant system
        • Outstanding maintenance access via UTS Service-Box
        • Extremely compact construction
        • Fermenter heights up to 10 m
        • Minimised heat loss
        • Shortest possible ducting routes
        • Low internal power consumption
        Over 10 years, we have further developed and improved the Triton® system. Today, plants all over Europe are successfully operated using this process. Read more about this in our references.

    • Do you want a high quality of biogas, an increased biogas yield, and a consistently high operational efficiency from your investment? Every day and continuously?
      Many activities come together in the construction of a biogas plant: Earthworks, civil engineering, construction of the fermentation tanks and of the supply and preparation buildings, installation of the pumps, electrotechnical work, piping and network connection work, etc. As your general contractor, we undertake the complete project organisation and construction management on your behalf. The benefit for you: everything from one source, with only one contact partner.

      Always in focus: quality. We are always working to further optimise our plants and their technology. That has made us into market leaders, and has convinced project developers such as Aufwind/BayWa, AgriCapital and UDI of our capability to implement major projects.

      We offer:
      • Biogas plants: turnkey or as components
      • Pump technology
      • Solid material dosing
      • Hydraulic mixing technology
      • Electric mixing technology
      • Separators and Service-Boxes
      • Our own manufacture, installation, service
      • Support of biological processes
      • Plant-related financing
      • Plant-related insurance concepts
      • Plant control with remote monitoring
        • Planning & Construction

          For us, the project planning for your plant starts with comprehensive consultancy and analysis of your location and of the general set-up. Here, we naturally take into account the economic parameters and the biological and technical implementation options. The result is a meticulous site and detail plan for your biogas plant – the basis for the construction of the plant.

          In detail, UTS offers you the following services:
          • Consultancy and feasibility studies relating to biogas, creation of profitability calculations, and plant concepts
          • Planning, tendering, and approval of biogas plants
          • Construction support and coordination
          • General contractor services for biogas plants
          • Examination of support options
          • Technical strategies for component orders
          • Planning the electrical process control
          • Planning pre-approval for biogas plants before final official approval
          • Outstanding, economical, and efficient solutions
          • Many years of experience from over 1,600 completed projects
        • Safety

          Our technological claim is: It must be possible to replace and maintain all the technologies in a biogas plant, without risk and without negatively affecting the biological process. And: the routine maintenance of a mixer must not bring the plant to a stop for days on end, thereby resulting in production stoppages.

          We fulfil these requirements with a new standard of safety and service quality. The patented UTS systems, such as the Service-Box Classic or Pro, ensure that operation and maintenance work can be reliably carried out in compliance with the highest industrial safety requirements. If desired, we can supply safety-related documents which are legally prescribed for the operator.

          Safety first:
          • Patented, hydraulically driven mixers with submersible motors guarantee safe operation within the fermenter (not subject to ATEX).
          • The use of the hydraulic unit in a protected environment guarantees simple maintenance and automatic monitoring.
          • The patented Service-Box with integrated working platform guarantees rapid and safe maintenance of the mixer technology outside the fermenter, and avoids expensive gas loss and emissions damaging to the environment.
          • Explosion protection documents and operational hazard analyses.
        • Biological Service

          Both when commissioning your plant and afterwards, we are available to you for all technical process problems - from the achievable gas yield of a new substrate, to the potential of auxiliaries, to the quality of the fermentation residue generated. In collaboration with qualified laboratories, our specialists with their many years of experience are able to solve difficult problems analytically, e.g. the effect of auxiliaries on the resistance of individual components. However, the analyses become really useful for your operation only after our expert evaluation – to ensure the most robust and long-term application possible.

          Our services:
          • Commissioning
          • Training in all matters relating to the operation of biogas plants
          • Stabilisation of the fermentation processes
          • Process optimisation to increase yield
          • Evaluation of potential auxiliaries
          • Use of new substrates
          • Resolution of breakdowns and accidents
          • Regular participation in the UTS plant comparison

          Currently more than half of our plant operators avail of the various offers and service packages from our Biological Services team. From complete packages with onsite appointments, various analyses and fermentation tests, as well as monthly maintenance and evaluation of your plant log, to cost-efficient sampling packages - talk to us, and we will prepare the right offer for you. For this, please use the short contact form on the right side.

        • Technical Service

          At UTS, Technical Service works hand in hand with Production. This ensures rapid and solution-oriented intervention down to the finest technical detail. As well as our own service and manufacturing locations, we are represented regionally by our UTS service partners who are evenly distributed all across Germany, and who can rapidly be on site if necessary.

          Preventative and predictable: UTS service contracts consisting of:
          • Process-technical and biological consultancy
          • Repair and maintenance by specialist personnel
          • Extended guarantee on system components
          • All-in wear and replacement part agreements for up to ten years

          Need-based and rapid: technical service according to need:
          • Functional checks according to need
          • Wear and replacement parts as they become due
          • Express delivery possible, if desired
        • Extensions & Repowering

          If the configuration or equipment of your existing plant is no longer state of the art, or you are considering the use of modern technology - current automation technology, substrate-related digestion processes, or minimisation of fermentation residue by separation - then we will be pleased to advise you. We are equally your contact partner if you want to extend your existing plant for financial reasons.

          We will develop an extension or optimisation concept for your plant – with robust technical and financial presentations and figures for your entire biogas plant. For this, just contact us via the short contact form on the right side.
        • Spare Parts

          Do you need a replacement part for your plant, even though your components have been working reliably for many years? No problem. For more than 15 years, our customers have been using our replacement parts service. Both in southern and northern Germany, our subsidiary UTS Products GmbH, has for many years operated its own manufacturing and production workshops with attached service centre.

          The use of stainless steel is just as much an integral part of manufacturing as the installation of pumps and the construction of mixers. Ongoing product development – especially through the inclusion of experience from the service area – has resulted in the renowned top quality and well designed system components for which we are recognised in the market. We take the same care in designing special components for complete plants, building them individually, and integrating them into the combined system.

      • For your biogas plant and your investment, do you favour a partner who is recognised and experienced worldwide, and who is seen as a technological leader in the industry?

        Innovative products, state-of-the-art technology, and qualified staff and specialists: Those are our success factors, and are a reason why UTS has ensured itself a leading position in the national and international market. This is reflected in numerous patents and protected processes.
          • Service-Box Pro & Classic

            Biogas is produced in enclosed tanks, the fermenters. Depending on the substrate feed, pressure peaks may arise which have to be safely trapped. In addition, the mixer equipment located in the fermenter must be maintained at regular intervals – wherever possible, without interrupting or negatively affecting the biological process.

            We developed the UTS Service-Box Pro and its predecessor, the UTS Service-Box Classic, precisely for these purposes, and we thereby guarantee an unbeaten availability of your gas plant. Our Service-Box Classic has been installed hundreds of times in biogas plants in Europe, and has thereby become the visible emblem of our biogas expertise.

            The technical innovations in the UTS Service-Box Pro reduce methane emissions, increase the operational periods of the biogas plant, and reduce maintenance time – so that as a biogas plant operator, you save money and time, and protect the environment! The UTS Service-Box, manufactured from stainless steel, can be used as a system solution for tanks with a foil or a concrete roof, and is protected by national and international patents.
          • Separator

            The UTS separator is a compact filter screw press for separating structured fibrous suspensions and sludges, such as slurry, fermentation residues, distiller’s wash and waste water. Our separators are also used in the paper and foodstuffs industries.

            The separator processes input material with dry solids contents of 0.5 to 15 % and on average achieves dry contents from 25 % to 35 %, and depending on the use, even up to 50 %.

            • Made completely from stainless steel
            • Drive adapter with face seal and seal chamber
            • Retractable press screen housing with quick release
            • Inspection openings in the inlet and filter screen housing
            • Press screw with hard-facing
            • Combination of filter and press screen
        • Pump Technology


          Designed to meet the most demanding requirements: With our pump technology, we cover all current areas of application, from agriculture to the foodstuffs industry – with minimum wear and maintenance costs.
            • Series 3000

              • Supply rates up to 200 m³/h
              • Can deal with thick matter up to 8% dry matter
              • Supply head height up to 20 mWS
              • Pumps and chops
              • Unsusceptible to foreign bodies
              • Very low maintenance costs
              • Very low lifecycle costs
              • Range of operation modes

              The Series 3000 product range (chopper mix pumps) includes
              • Pressure chopper mix pump HRP 3000 E
              • Pressure chopper mix pump HRP 3000 S
              • Pressure chopper mix pump HRP 3000 E/T
            • Series 4000

              • Supply rates up to 320 m³/h
              • Can deal with thick matter up to 12% dry matter
              • Supply head height up to 45 mWS
              • Resistant to clogging by straw and feed residues
              • Pumps and chops
              • Very high cutting effectiveness
              • Unsusceptible to foreign bodies
              • Very low maintenance costs
              • Very low lifecycle costs
              • Range of operating modes

              The Series 4000 product range (chopper mix pumps) includes
              • Pressure chopper mix pump DRP 4000 E
              • Pressure chopper mix pump DRP 4000 S
              • Pressure chopper mix pump DRP 4000 E/T
              • Pressure chopper mix pump ZPS 4000 E
              • Pressure chopper mix pump RPM 4000 E
          • Mixing Technology

            Our range includes the most varied types of electrical and hydraulic mixing equipment. Whether propeller, paddle, axial or other mixer systems: We are pleased to advise you, and we will find individual system solutions matched to your requirements.

            A result of our striving to further develop the best technologies and to improve is the trend-setting accessory unit, the UTS Service-Box for mixers. It ensures safe working and is characterised by:
            • Problem-free mixer maintenance without having to drop the fermenter contents
            • Minimized gas / power loss
              • Hydraulic Mixing Technology

                Our hydraulic mixers are compact installation units – with height and swivel adjustment, as well as in combination with our maintenance-friendly Service-Box. The beam mixing device is suitable for installation on the tank wall with convenient height and tank depth adjustment. UTS mixer technology is also suitable for fitting to tanks with sheeting roofs, and the height can be conveniently adjusted by means of hydraulics.

                GENERAL PROPERTIES
                • Circulation up to 7500 m³/h
                • Enormous thrust up to 5000 N
                • Variable rotational speed, providing the option of fine adjustment to different substrates
                • Can deal with thick matter - very good effect even with solid substrates
                • Resistant to clogging by straw and grass, thanks to special propeller geometry
                • Very safe, no ignition source in a gaseous atmosphere
                • Can be powered by tractor if there is a power cut
                • Unsusceptible to dry running
                • Very low maintenance costs
              • Electrical Mixing Technology

                Our electrical mixers are compact units, and are installed in combination with height and swivel adjustment.

                GENERAL PROPERTIES
                • Circulation upt to 6800 m³/h
                • Enormous thrust up to 3900 N
                • Range with power requirement from 5.5 to 18.5 kW
                • Submersible engine IP68, pressure resistant to 20 mWS
                • Thermal winding shield
                • Probe to monitor for leaks
                • Two blade propeller made from stainless steel
                • Very robust and precise planet drive
                • Drive shaft made from stainless steel
                • Can deal with thick matter - very good effect even with solid substrates
                • Resistant to clogging by straw and grass, thanks to special propeller geometry and to the leak probe
                • Low maintenance costs
            • References

              Over two decades, in which we have played a significant part in the development of the exploitation of regenerative resources and organic residual materials, more than 1,600 reference plants have come into being. Biogas plants where UTS technology is at the core. And that is worldwide.

              We have gathered the most important references here for you. In order to show you the plants which are relevant to you, you can sort the references by size, substrate selection, power, and location.
                • Biogas Plant Söhnergy

                • Commissioning year - 2008
                  Power - 1.1 MWel
                  Substrates - Corn silage, whole crop silage, sudan grass, sweet sorghum)
                • Biogas Plant Tangeln

                • Commissioning year - 2007-2009
                  Power - 1 MWel
                  Substrates - Corn silage, manure, cow slurry, grains, rye silage
                • Biogas Plant Smits Wanroij

                • Commissioning year - 2006
                  Power - 4,6 MWel
                  Substrates - Pig slurry, cow slurry, corn silage, organic wastes
                • Heitling Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG

                • Commissioning year - 2007
                  Power - 500 kWel
                  Substrates - Corn silage, crops, slurry
                • Rosenögger-Sander Biogas GmbH & Co. KG

                • Commissioning year - 2010
                  Power - 370 kWel
                  Substrates - Corn silage, pig manure, pig slurry, cow manure, whole crop silage, beets
                • Biogas Plant Szarvas

                • Commissioning year - 2011
                  Power - 4 MWel
                  Substrates - Sweet sorghum, manure, process sludge, pig slurry, slaughterhouse wastes, whey
                • Biogas Plant Anschütz

                • Commissioning year - 2009
                  Power - 250 kWel
                  Substrates - Corn silage, pig slurry
                • Biogaspark Neckar-Odenwald GmbH

                • Commissioning year - 2008
                  Power - 715 kWel
                  Substrates - Corn silage, crops, grass silage