Company Profile

Since 1995, Molinari has been producing refining mills to reduce rubber
chips from 0 to 4mm. To complete the range of our products, we have
designed two completely new machines: the primary shredder TP and
Helyos, the granulator with vertical axis.
TP is a robust and powerful primary shredder which permits the rapid shredding
of car tires and truck tires with an homogeneous output result,
without the use of other machines.
The unique design of the revolutionary granulator Helyos, allows to separate
the wire of the tire, producing rubber chips of various sizes, in accordance
to the client’s needs.
After the separation of the wire, the rubber and the textile pass to the refining
phase. This is a stage where Molinari Refiners are very well known for
their reliability and production. The size of the granules is reduced below
By working with experienced partners, we can offer complete systems for
the separation of the textile or, if the output is used as AF, the dosing and
feeding system for the calciner.

Molinari is a company 100% Made in Italy that deals directly with the design, manufacturing and installation of recycling machines.

In the last two years, it has strongly invested in research and development of new products. Innovation must, before all else, produce a simple, functional structure, because this means less risk of breakage and easy maintenance. Innovation must offer energy savings compared to market standards, because using less energy means more profit.

Molinari manufactures granulator mills for plastic, rubber, wood, copper and waste materials. In 1995 the Molinari Mill Granulator is manufactured and patented. This machine was completely new and had much success in the field of granulation of plastic waste, wood and tires.

In 2011, the historic production site Grassobbio (BG) is transferred to a new covered area of 4000 square meters in Lenna, Brembana Valley, where there is a well equipped test area where clients can test the machines with their products.