• Offer Profile
  • FRAMOS is a leading technology provider in the industrial, scientific and medical imaging sector and enables manufacturers, system integrators and researchers to benefit from imaging technologies. FRAMOS provides a fully comprehensive portfolio of imaging components (image sensors, cameras, optics, illuminators, frame grabbers, etc.) and engineering services for tailored camera development as well as complete turn-key-solutions.

Product Portfolio
  • Sensors

  • As Europe's primary distributor for Image Sensors we maintain a long-lasting and tight supplier relationship to the market leaders in industrial imaging, Sony and Aptina. Due to our high purchase volume, stocking, and technical experience, FRAMOS is capable to offer unbeatable and individually tailored conditions and services for high-volume camera OEMs as well as research laboratories with single quantities. For camera OEMs, we compensate for long lead times of sensor manufacturers and simplify the order process by frame contracts, consignment stock, direct ERP system interfaces, etc.. Developers benefit from our highly experienced technical support and the provision of detailed datasheets, CAD data, evaluation boards and application consulting.

    Brands: Sony, Aptina, Andon (Sockets).
    • Cameras

    • Based on more than 30 years of experience in the imaging field we love to identify your requirements and to translate them in the optimal product choice where each component integrates seamlessly in a comprehensive and smoothly operating solution. The camera is the core part of every imaging system. Beyond bare resolution and frame rate, we consider your optical requirements, spatial constraints, software preferences, and your expectations regarding technical support, repair service, product life cycle etc., when selecting a camera with the right image sensor, the right data interface and from the right manufacturer.

      Brands: SMARTEK Vision, Lumenera, Toshiba Teli, SVS-Vistek, Pacific Corporation, Videology, Visiosens.
      • Image Acquisition

      • For transmitting video data from the camera to the PC, some systems use the standard port of the PC, while others need additional frame grabbers. Our support team will help you selecting the right interface card or frame grabber for your application.

        Brands: Euresys (Internal frame grabbers, software tools) and Pleora (External frame grabbers, interface boards, IP packages).
        • Optics

        • Quite often, too little attention is spent on selecting the correct lens for the camera system and the application requirements. Our support team will assist you with tasks like calculating the correct focal length and selecting the optimal lens to guarantee the best possible image without quality decline.

          Brands: Sunex, Fujinon, Pentax Ricoh, Schneider Kreuznach, Schott Moritex and Tamron.
          • Illumination

          • The choice of correct lighting components is very important for the reliability of imaging applications. Our support helps you to select the best lighting method and illumination technology for your specific application.

            Brands: Falcon, Effilux, Smartek Vision, Vision&Control.
            • Cabling

            • All connectors are also available in various angled and locked versions. All shown cable configurations are available. If your custom configuration is not already listed, we’ll be able to prepare it promptly according to your wishes.

              Brand: AlysiumTech
              • Software

              • Broad choice of software tools for all industrial and scientific image processing applications and digital video recording, as well as customized software development for FPGA based cameras.

                Brands: Euresys, Vision Tools, Norpix, A&B Software, FRAMOS.
                • Test Equipment

                • Image Quality measurement requires high quality test equipment. FRAMOS offers uniform illuminations (integration sphere, lightboxes) for transparency testcharts and a comprehensive portfolio of test charts (reflective and transparency) for image quality measurements of camera systems.

                  Brands: Image Engineering
                  • Positioning & Timing

                  • Advanced positioning technology components for GPS (Global Positioning System) and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System, using GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass), such as positioning and timing receiver modules, antennas, cables and accessories.
                    These components are used to add positioning functionality to business, consumer and military products, including automobile navigation, cell phones, vehicle location and security, control and measurement and military-specific equipment.

                    Trimble and GPS Networking.
                    • Further products

                          • Accessories

                          • For the start-up of your image processing system, we complete our portfolio with tripods, adapters, power supplies and further accessories.
                          • DVB Components

                          • Digital Video Broadcasting
                            Broad choice of DVB demodulators from Sony for all different transmission media, such as DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T.