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  • Offer Profile
  • Chromasens GmbH is your partner for efficient and performant color image capturing in 2D und 3D.

    Chromasens stands for „color“ and „sensor technology“ – our central objective is developing customized systems for high-quality image capturing in 2D and 3D and the development of line scan camera systems, 3D- and multispectral cameras and high-intensity LED light sources.

    Chromasens GmbH was founded in 2004 and produces industrial image processing systems for a wide application field. Color line scan cameras, lighting technology for industrial image processing as well as software for optimized use of our products is just to name a few.

    Customers from all sorts of industrial branches – ranging from electronics and semiconductor inspection, food inspection, print inspection up to medical engineering and security technology – make use of Chromasens’ product expertise and solution skills. Our engineers and scientists work closely with the customers in order to implement the best possible industrial image processing system for their specific needs.

Product Portfolio
  • In Highest Precision and Speed: 3D Measurement of Surfaces

      • Line Scan Camera allPIXA

      • The Chromasens allPIXA is an outstanding fast tri-linear CCD color line scan camera. It combines the outstanding image quality of CCD sensors with extremely high line rates. Achieving a variety in line lengths up to 3 x 7300 pixel and a maximum speed of a previously unattainable 110kHz results in maximum flexibility for your most demanding applications. In addition, the tri-linear CCD technology produces outstanding color fidelity for the best image quality.

        Key Features
        • High-sensitivity trilinear CCD color sensor from 2048 x 3 pixels to 7300 x 3 pixels
        • Scan rates up to 60 kHz for standard configurations (up to 110 kHz in special OEM configurations)
        • 2k, 4k, 7.3k resolution
        • True RGB with excellent signal-to-noise ratio
        • Large 10μm CCD pixels for best image quality
        • Internal keystone correction for multi-angle positioning of the camera
        • Sub-pixel accuracy for registration error compensation (patented)

        • Print inspection
        • Surface inspection
        • Document scanning
        • Quality control
        • Web inspection
        • General machine vision
        • Sorting processes

        • allPIXA 2k - NH
        • allPIXA 2k (on request)
        • allPIXA 4k – NH
        • allPIXA 4k - SNH
        • allPIXA 4k (on request)
        • allPIXA 7k - NH
        • allPIXA 7k - SNH
        • allPIXA 7k (on request)
      • Line Scan Camera allPIXA pro

      • Chromasens developed the world’s fastest trilinear CCD color line scan camera combining the outstanding image quality of CCD sensors with extremely high line rates. The variety in line length up to 3 x 7300px and a maximum speed of a previously unattainable 156kHz provides a maximum in flexibility for virtually any application. In addition, the trilinear CCD technology provides outstanding color fidelity for the absolute best image quality.

        Key Features
        • High-sensitivity trilinear CCD color sensor from 2048 x 3 pixels to 7300 x 3 pixels
        • Scan rates up to 60 kHz for standard configurations (up to 110 kHz in special OEM configurations)
        • 2k, 4k, 7.3k resolution
        • True RGB with excellent signal-to-noise ratio
        • Large 10μm CCD pixels for best image quality
        • Internal keystone correction for multi-angle positioning of the camera
        • Sub-pixel accuracy for registration error compensation (patented)

        • Print Inspection
        • Surface Inspection
        • Document Scanning
        • Measurement / Quality control
        • Web Inspection
        • General machine vision
        • Sorting Processes
        • Glass and semiconductor Inspektion

        • allPIXA pro 2k
        • allPIXA pro 4k
        • allPIXA pro 6000px
        • allPIXA pro 7.3k
      • Line Scan Camera allPIXA wave

      • Introducing the world’s first quadlinear true color RGB line scan sensor in ultra-high resolution with up to 15360 pixels: the Chromasens 10k and 15k allPIXA wave cameras. Both deliver CCD image quality with CMOS performance, plus offer added system flexibility of increased scan line lengths up to 15k x 4 lines, along with line frequencies topping out at a maximum speed of 150kHz at 850 megapixel/s.

        Camera availability: Starting in Q2/2017

        Key Features
        • Quadlinear high speed and full color CMOS color line scan sensor
        • True RGB color and high resolution sensor
        • Line lengths up to 15k x 4 lines
        • Speed up to 150kHz
        • Pixel size 5.6 µm

        • Flat panel display inspection
        • Printed circuit board inspection
        • High resolution document scanning
        • Print inspection
        • Surface inspection
        • Web inspection
        • Quality control
        • Sorting processes
        • High quality surface inspection
        • General machine vision

        • allPIXA wave 10k
        • allPIXA wave 15k
        • allPIXA wave 10k mono
        • allPIXA wave 15k mono
      • 3D Line Scan Camera 3DPIXA

      • The 3DPIXA stereo camera is a unique combination of line scan technology with fast stereo algorithms running on GPU. With the outstanding features of high speed and high resolution the 3DPIXA is ideal for fast and precise 3D measurements. Providing 3D data and 2D color images simultaneously opens up combined 2D and 3D inspection. The flexibility in light brings all kinds of illumination to 3D applications. The supported machine vision libraries and the 3D-API make it easy for setting up your 3D application with 3DPIXA.

        Key Features
        • High speed inline 3D measurement
        • Large field of view @ high resolution
        • Height resolution up to 1 micron
        • 2D resolution up to 5 micron
        • Line scan frequencies up to 30 kHz @ full resolution
        • Flexible use of all types of line illuminations
        • 3D and color simultaneously
        • User friendly Chromasens 3D-API for software integration
        • Supported libraries: HALCON (MVTec), MIL (Matrox), LabVIEW (National Instruments), Coake (SAC)

        • 3DPIXA compact 15µm
        • 3DPIXA compact 30µm
        • 3DPIXA dual 5µm
        • 3DPIXA pro dual 15µm
        • 3DPIXA dual 30µm
        • 3DPIXA dual 70µm
      • Multi-Spectral Camera truePIXA

      • Add a new dimension to multispectral imaging with the truePIXA camera. It offers a combination of high speed and spectral color measurement for each pixel to permit color measurement on two-dimensional objects, especially for print inspection. It captures the spectral footprint of images in full size and applies to on- and off-line imaging.

        Key Features
        • High speed line scan technology
        • 12 image channels with distinct spectral content
        • Allows measurements on RGB, CIE-L*a*b* and spectral reflectance
        • High stability and excellent repeatability
        • Real time color measurement
        • Chromasens Chromantis software
        • User interface for image acquisition
        • Spectral and color data visualization
        • Basic data analysis
        • Data import and export
        • User friendly application programming interface (API)
        • Combined with Chromasens Corona II D50 illumination, truePIXA cameras achieve high accuracy color measurement

        • Inline- and online color measurement
        • Color data: CIE-XYZ, CIE-L*a*b* and spectral reflectance
        • Surface color inspection
        • Color defect inspection
        • Print inspection
        • Web inspection
        • Sorting

        • truePIXA pro compact 6 channel - 130dpi
        • truePIXA compact 12 channel - 43dpi
        • truePIXA compact 12 channel - 50dpi
        • truePIXA compact 12 channel - 90dpi
        • truePIXA compact 12 channel - 130dpi
        • truePIXA compact 12 channel - 200dpi
        • truePIXA compact 12 channel - 423dpi
    • Line Light Corona II

    • Light is the first important step for a successful machine vision application. Even with line scan cameras the requirements for light are high. Chromasens enables customers to achieve their objective with fewer complications. The Corona II family offers a wide range of lighting for line scanning

      • Printing inspection
      • Surface inspection
      • Document scanning
      • Food control
      • Steel inspection
      • Semi conductor industry
      • Measuring and quality inspection
      • Web inspection
      • Sorting
      • Recycling


      • Corona II
      • Corona II - Dark Field
      • Corona II - Bright Field
      • Corona II - Tube Light
      • Corona II - Cooling
        • Patented Focusing

        • Chromasens developed a technology to focus LEDs by using elliptical reflectors instead of using lenses. The patented reflector technology will offer a unique quality for imaging and advantages for the customer:

          • No color aberration
          • Higher efficiency compared to lenses
          • High power at longer working distances

          Four different types of focus will cover the whole range of working distances needed for machine vision applications.

          Recommended working distances
          • 50 to 70 mm
          • 70 to 120 mm
          • 120 to 300 mm
          • > 300 mm
        • Bright field illumination

        • Various diffuse bright field illuminations are available on the market. The adjustment of the white LED color together with the dark field illumination of the Corona family will lead to a unique color result in combination of this two lighting concepcts.

          In addition there are more advantages of the bright field illumination:
          • Ultra high intensity up to 300.000 cd/m²
          • High homogeneity
        • Like a cloudy day

        • Special materials will require a special illumination. Some materials work best if they get diffuse light from all directions – like a cloudy day. These applications are solved by dome or tube lights in machine vision. Chromasens offers a unique tube light with outstanding features:

          • Brightest tube light in the market: up to 1.200.000 Lux
          • Very compact design

          To give the maximum in flexibility Chromasens designed two different viewing angles for the tube light. This will give the customer the chance to deal with more different materials and different optical effects:
          • Viewing angle: 0°
          • Viewing angle: 15°
        • Cooling

        • There are two main aspects of life time:
          • Failure by defects of single parts
          • Reduction of lumens over time

          The lumen maintenance of the LED is directly correlated with the temperature of the chip. If it’s possible to keep the temperature low there will be up to 80.000 hours possible. With the highest possible temperature in the LED it will be still up to 50.000 hours. Chromasens has calculated this limits back to the housing temperatures of the modules.
      • OEM

          • OEM Solutions for Machine Vision: Technology Competence

          • The performance of an image capturing system is influenced by the combination of its individual components. Optimum results in industrial image capture can be achieved if the components fit perfectly with customer-specific requirements.

            The engineers and scientists at Chromasens have been dealing with the conversion of light into corresponding signals for more than 22 years. Both a diligent design and the selection of suitable CCD or CMOS sensors documented by numerous measurements are fundamental to exceptionally good camera systems. Our current sensors capture the visible spectrum and near infrared from 360 to 960 nm. By using the most suitable sensors we develop highly optimized camera systems for our customers up to complex scanning systems.

            Whether fluorescent objects or infrared colors – illumination is an essential component that we develop to suit your specific application. Engineers trained in light technology and mechanical engineering carry out material research for us. They evaluate new technologies and develop special manufacturing processes for optical surfaces. State-of-the-art measurement and analysis facilities, such as the ZEMAX optical development software, are available. Thus, customer-specific high-performance illumination for most varied wavelengths, including the UV, VIS and IR ranges, is created in close cooperation with universities and LED manufacturers.

            Chromasens truePIXA technology with its spectral camera system is the ideal basis for the most exigent color measurement technology demands (e.g. in printing technology). It allows complete object color measurements in the Lab color space to be made at lightning speed and at any desired location, thus enabling absolute statements to be made based on ∆E.

            Chromasens has also developed a new kind of process for color 3D surface measurement based on our own, trilinear CCD line scan camera technology. The variable system is based on stereoscopic capture and supports accurate height measurement to a resolution of 1 µm.

          • OEM Solutions for Machine Vision: Industrial Sectors

          • Image capture solutions developed by Chromasens have been successfully employed in the most diverse industrial segments for decades. The printing industry, postal automation, document archiving, security and safety technology, medical technology or the food industry, are but a few examples among many.

            In endeavouring to support its customers with solutions that are optimally attuned to their respective requirements, Chromasens has developed a multifaceted, industry-specific expertise.

            Application fields include:

            • Print inspection and print image checking
            • Surface inspection of raw materials, web material, wood or tiles
            • Sorting systems and recycling plants
            • Book scanners, large format scanners and document scanners
            • Checking the authenticity of money and identification documents
            • Checking security printing
            • Semiconductor inspection systems
            • Quality control of foodstuffs
          • OEM Solutions for Machine Vision: Project Competence

          • For more than 22 years Chromasens has been developing and supplying customized image capturing and line scan camera systems which are used for consistent metrological color image capturing. Our focus is on the integral treatment of all the components of the camera system, beginning with the light source to lens and sensors up to image processing. The optical, electronic and mechanical elements of high-performance cameras and illumination systems are finely adapted to suit the specific requirements made by each individual customer.

            Your specification defines our production. We work closely with you to draw up the concept, putting emphasis on an application-oriented yet cost-efficient overall system. With the optimal selection and combination of system components we can realize top technological solutions at a reasonable cost. Our experience is based on numerous OEM projects and we have delivered more than 60,000 camera systems.

            We work intensively with our customers by giving comprehensive support throughout each phase of the project – this is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. During the system development all factors are considered for ensuring an economic and reliable product solution in combination with optimal production technology.

            Ensure your competitive advantage by using our know-how and technology. We maintain various cooperative projects with universities and research institutions and constantly train our staff. By actively participating in development projects we also contribute to scientific progress in this sector.

            Our experience is your leading edge!