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  • Offer Profile
  • SEE FAST TECHNOLOGIES designs, manufactures and sells smart high speed cameras.

    High speed: from 200 to 500 frames per second in full resolution, and more with ROI.
    Smart: an FPGA, Field Programmable Gate Array, embedded inside the camera, to authorize in real time, ultra high speed image processing (at the camera frame rate).
Product Portfolio
  • Cameras

  • Based on motherboards including FPGA type Spartan 3 or Virtex5, SRAM and DDR2 memory, they allow to realize high speed video as well as embedded ultra high speed processing used in real time.
    • ProcImage250

    • High speed video available for everybody with smart triggers and embedded processing

      Based on a motherboard with a Spartan 3 FPGA, a fast SRAM and a USB2.0 interface, the ProcImage245 performs high speed videos very simply, while offering the possibility of having smart trigger to optimize movie capture, and embedded processing in real time to transfer only useful data. Just use a standard PC. No need for specific acquisition card!

      Main features
      • Resolution sensor, 640 x 480 pixels
      • 252 fps at full resolution and up to 54 000 fps with ROI
      • Real time recording on hard drive
      • Abilities of images processing in real time into the camera and/or the PC
      • Configurable ROI in size and position
      • Monochrome
      • Embedded programmable component Spartan 3
      • Internal memory, SRAM type of 8 Mo
      • I/O: Trigger In/Out, Synchro In/Out, Strobe Out
      • Smart Triggers (option)
      • Embedded processing (option)
      • Standard USB 2.0 interface (Power supply and data transfert)
      • Simultaneous operation of several ProcImage250 on the same PC
      • Long time recording (several hours)
      • Camera control by EyeMotion Software
      • 3 BNC connectors available for Input/Output
      • Mini jack 2.5 mm connector, to connect a standard remote switch trigger compatible with Canon, PowerShot, Contax, Hasselblad, Pentax, etc camera brand.

      Related services
      • Development and implemention of custom IP.
      • Based on the ProcImage250, manufacturing of custom smart high speed camera.
    • ProcImage500-G3

    • High speed camera dedicated to real time embedded processing for images shot in high speed

      The ProcImage500-G3 is a smart camera with a high speed CMOS sensor, 505 fps in 1280 x 1024 pixel!
      Based on a motherboard including a Virtex5 FPGA, SRAM and, DDR2 memory, it allows to use results of high speed embedded image processing from videos shot in high speed on the fly.

      It is possible to process the images as fast as they are generated, this gives for instance at 505 fps full resolution, a processing time ≤ 2 ms.

      Image processing can be simple: inversion, binarization, convolution by matrix... or more complex: centroid, target tracking, compression, object recognition,...

      The implementation in the FPGA can be done using our services, or by the user (option) through VHDL development.
      These innovationswill give the opportunity to reduce the amount of data to be transmitted and also increase the processing speed without compromise.

      Main features
      • High speed CMOS sensor
      • resolution sensor, 1.3 Mpixels
      • 505 fps at full resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
      • Monochrome
      • Dedicated board for real time high speed image processing
      • 4 IP (processing) included
      • Reprogrammable embedded processor, FPGA Virtex 5
      • Internal memory, DDR2 of 2 GB and 2 SRAM of 8 MB
      • Slot for daughterboard for capacity improvement
      • Standard interface USB2
      • Data transfer through socket or named pipe
      • Possibility for other serial interfaces
      Related services
      • Development and implemention of custom IP.
      • Based on the ProcImage500-G2, manufacturing of custom high speed smart cameras.
  • IP - (Embedded image processing)

  • In smart camera mode, our cameras allow embedded image processing in real time. Image processsing can be divided into 3 categories:
    • Image Processing : image A → image B
    • Image Analysis : image A → data
    • Image understanding : image A → high level description output from images or data.

    The result, supplied in images or data; in each case either recorded to the camera storage memory or directly to the computer's hard disk.
    For Data, they can also be provided on the fly.
    Standard or optional IP depending on the camera type
    • Trigger image in a single area and on a threshold of gray level
    • Compression without loss
    • Thresholding-binarisation
    • Edges (preset convolution matrix 3X3)
    • Convolution (user adjustable convolution matrix 3X3)
    • Roberts filter
    • Sobel filter
    • Profilo(Area)
    • Profilo(Centre)
    • Profilo(Edge)
    • Single centroid
    • Multi centroid

    For the supply of other IP, don't hesitate to use our services.
    Examples of feasibles developments
    • Simultaneous processing
    • Arithmetic operations on images and between images
    • Addition, substraction, multiplication, division
    • Compression
    • Tracking
    • Image trigger single or multi area
    • Image trigger by comparason
    • Multi exposure
    • Further options available...


  • In addition to being high speed and intelligent, we wanted our cameras to suit your needs, it is then possible to:
    • implement the image processing you wish;
    • customize the camera for integration in your setup.

    It is why we offer you the two following services :

    FPGA programming for the development and implementation of customized IP

    From your images and description of your image processing needs, our service study can assess the feasibility of the image processing you want and send you a quote.
    Valid as long the product support, for the camera model you have purchased, is not discontinued.

    Based on the ProcImage500-G2, custom high speed intelligent camera manufacturing

    You are OEM, vision integrator, interrested by the ProcImage500-G2, but require a non-standard product with:
    • more or less processing capabilities,
    • another sensor,
    • other communication interface,
    • other I/O,
    • further options available.

    Our team is at your disposal to analyze your request and achieve your aim. From the description of your needs, our services can assess the feasibility of changes you wish and send you a quote.