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A4    United Kingdom Farnell
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Farnell, established in 1939, is a world leading high service, low volume distributor of electronic, electrical, industrial and maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) products – with fast, easy access to over 480,000 stocked products, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We offer buyers, design and maintenance engineers flexible ordering through a choice of channels and delivery options to suit individual requirements.
  • 24 hour ordering – telephone & online
  • FAST, easy online ordering
  • FAST same day despatch
  • FREE technical support
Product Line Up
Boasting over 4000 Industrial, PCB level and MEMS based sensors; our sensing portfolio offers you the best in class…

- Sensing technologies to meet the demands diverse range of sensing applications, ranging from medical to automotive.
- Pressure, Temperature and Humidity sensors from leading brands in the industry.
- Resistive, Inductive, Capacitive and Optical touch and proximity sensors.
- Hall Effect sensors from leading market players.
Our featured Solutions, Design Resources and Product Training Videos are aimed at keeping you up-to-date with the latest products and technologies in the ever evolving field of Sensing.
Sensors & Transducers
Flow & Liquid Level
Force & Load Cell
Tilt & Motion
Position & Proximity
Pressure, Humidity & Temp.
Vibration & Shock
Sensor ICs
Accelerometer & Gyroscope
Hall Effect
Pressure, Humidity & Temp.
Special Function
Otical & Image
Dev & Eval Kits
Sensing Solutions
Intelligent CNC
 Intelligent CNC (Intelligent Computer Numerical Control) machines increase processing accuracy and efficiency while relieving operators’ physical as well as psychological workload. Additionally, these machines are capable of detecting, diagnosing and correcting all sorts of errors during production, as well as providing solutions that are optimized for production.
Sensing in Elevator
Since the first elevator was an invented, effort to improve elevators’ driving method and safety has never stopped. Today’s elevators perform much better than their predecessors in terms of efficiency and passenger safety. This is due to use of various sensors that ensure elevator systems deliver fast, safe and comfortable service by monitoring the operating variables and surrounding conditions in real time.

There are four primary types of elevator movement mechanisms: traction, hydraulic, vacuum and climbing. Sensors used in all types of elevator include infrared, level, current, load and hall-effect sensors, limit switches and encoders.
Portable Infotainment System
Benefitting from increase in processor speed, MEMS technology and advanced manufacturing process, portable entertainment & navigation systems have come a long way since their inception. These systems have evolved from those with single function (audio playback) to more complicated ones which boast diverse software such as navigation, smart OS, and mobile games to provide users a better experience. The main contributor behind this would be MEMS sensors which feature high precision, digital output and small footprint. Hence, it is now possible for designers to integrate different types of MEMS sensors into smarter systems with smaller size and less power consumption.
Solutions for Smart Home
A Smart Home can provide people with a comfortable, safe, power-saving and convenient life by enabling intercommunication amongst all household appliances. This includes lights, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), TVs, computers, entertainment system, and security system. They can be controlled by a smart home control panel installed in house or through GSM/CDMA, Internet, and PSTN networks. Smart home systems are also called home automation, electronic home/e-home, or intelligent home.
Underground Rail Station Safety Monitoring System
The increasing number of passengers at underground rail stations is currently raising safety concerns. Apart from the risk that people may fall into the path of train by accident, there are other possibilities of unauthorized entrance, fire and other accident. To make sure these safety hazards can be detected and resolved quickly; underground rail station safety monitoring systems are designed and deployed by countries around the world.
Wind Turbine Monitoring System
Wind is a clean and renewable power source. Today, the most popular solution of wind power generation in the world is based on wind turbines. To ensure safe operation of these turbines, close monitoring of is an absolute necessary.A wind turbine monitoring system is responsible for monitoring the tower, blades, shaft, gear box, generator and overall conditions in generator compartment. This involves a variety of sensors e.g. accelerometers, encoders, temperature sensors, oil/liquid level sensors, particle counter, voltage, current and humidity sensors.
Smartphone and
Since the emergence of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the smartphone and tablet computer market has shown an unprecedented prosperity, and attracted many leading manufacturers into this profitable area. It is reported that until the third quarter of 2011, Apple’s iOS-based smartphone and tablet series have gained 15% of global market share, while the Android-based smartphones and tablets account for an astonishing share of 52.5%. The booming market has in turn spurred a variety of related technologies to develop further, especially the wide variety of sensors used in these handheld devices, which are constantly improving the user experience
Mobile Health Monitoring System
The mobile health monitoring system is a new model of medical care developed based on sophisticated computer networks, modern communications and sensor technologies. It assures health care services for people anywhere and anytime.

By wearing miniaturised wireless sensing devices, patients can be kept informed of their health condition, whilst medical staff in remote monitoring centre could receive data from those devices and give patients suggestions in time, so that the possibility of a medical emergency could be considerably reduced.
Other Products
Connectors & Assemblies
PCB Hardware
IDC Connectors
Crimp Terminals
RF Connectors
Cables and Wires
Equipment Wire
Cable Accessories
IDC Cables
RF Cables
Development Tools & Prototyping
Development Tools
PCB Boards
Support /Evaluation Kits
Enclosures & Accessories
Enclosure Accessories
Opto, Power & Management Semiconductors
Fibre Optic Accessories
LED Accessories
Fibre Optics
Motor & Motor Drivers
Power Discrete Modules
Supervisory IC′s
LED Drivers
MOSFET Drivers
Passive Components, Fuses & Switches
Switch Components
Overcurrent Circuit Protection
Potentiometer Accessories
Overvoltage Circuit Protection
Power Supplies, Protection & Thermal Management
Power Supplies
Thermal Adhesives
Power Supply Protection
Programmable Semiconductors
Memory/Programmable Logic Devices
Signal Conditioning / Semiconductors
Motor Drive ICs
Frequency Control Devices
Sensors and Transducers
Operational Amplifiers
Test & Measurement, Lab Equipment
Soldering Equipment
Test Leads & Probes
Test and Measurement
Soldering Accessories
Scopes & Multimeters
Communications & Connectivity
Communication Technology

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