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Ehrhardt + Partner
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  • Offer Profile
  • Founded in 1987 as a family company, Ehrhardt + Partner is now an internationally active group of companies with more than 200 employees in six locations. Engineering teams with practical experience in logistics and software engineering continually develop new solutions in warehouse logistics for future challenges.
Product Portfolio
  • Warehouse Management

      • Warehouse Management System LFS

      • The modular LFS warehouse management system can be used across various industries and is designed both for simple and more demanding requirements. The standard system supported by a relational database controls the entire material and information flow in logistics centres by means of dialogue supported applications.

        A System for all Requirements

        The warehouse management system with a capacity for multiple clients and holdings is suitable for international, multilingual use in the commercial sector, as well as in the production and logistics service industries. LFS guarantees increases in process efficiency, allows significant savings and a long-term maintainability at low costs. This system can be used to automatically optimize the use of all warehouse resources, such as staff, warehouse technology and conveyor technology. Furthermore, this extremely reliable solution enables continuous transparency regarding the current situation in all manual and automated warehouse units.

        The high development standard of the LFS warehouse management system guarantees customers maximum investment security and is future-proof; it also ensures high functionality and an extremely economical quality product.
      • Warehouse planning and consulting

      • The Ehrhardt + Partner group provides of comprehensive expertise and practical experience in all domains of warehouse logistics. Next to the precise site selection and the constructional project planning, the range of performances also includes structure and project planning, project management and realisation, the responsible integration of the IT and warehouse technology as well as the training of the warehouse staff.

        The E+P group
        • Puts the main focus on the economic use for the customer
        • Offers neutral and manufacturer-independent consulting
        • Has an overview of the currently most efficient solutions and technologies at the market
        • Guarantees fast decisions, a good availability and a high adherence to schedules as an owner-operated family enterprise
        • Can simulate all customer-specific processes and target concepts in the logistics centre and detect the perfect solution for each warehouse in advance
        • Realizes the uncomplicated integration of the single sub-contractors on a technical and logistic level
      • Systematic Warehouse Modernization

      • The modernization of warehouses places the highest demands on software systems’ flexibility, functionality and reliability as well as on the specialist knowledge of the partner company commissioned with modernization. Here, Ehrhardt + Partner can play off their competence.

        An important focus of activity at Ehrhardt + Partner is the reliable, deadline compliant and on-budget modernization of manual and automated logistics centres.

        Only Advantages

        A well-elaborated warehouse modernisation attains significant advantages:
        • Correction of disturbing sources and reduction of downtimes
        • Increased process security
        • Improved use of space
        • Transparent and efficient processes in the entire warehouse
        • Basis for the application of the most modern picking technologies
        • Investment and future security
      • Pick-Manager – the Pick-by-Voice Solution for your Warehouse

      • For problem-free use of Pick-by-Voice applications in the warehouse, the E+P Group offers a perfectly balanced total solution comprising software and hardware: the Pick-Manager developed by E+P is a standard software solution for connecting Pick-by-Voice simply and easily to any customer’s existing IT structure, for customers who want to continue working with their existing ERP or warehouse management system but want to optimise voice-controlled picking.

        The Group offers a perfectly balanced total solution especially for picking with the Voice Terminal from American supplier Vocollect (this system is the worldwide leading voice-based picking system with more than 100,000 users). As a certified Vocollect Voice Total Solution Provider, the E+P Group fulfils the highest quality demands and standards in the areas of development, integration and support of Pick-by-Voice solutions.
      • Experts in Radio Frequency

      • The radio frequency solutions we offer always guarantee optimal performance and security, which is essential in business-critical processes.

        In the domain of radio frequency, the Ehrhardt + Partner Group not only offers hardware and software components but also radio frequency site surveys and the installation of access points as well as all-round planning, installation, implementation, commissioning and hand-over of a wireless network to the customer. Furthermore, the range of performances also includes integrating the radio frequency solutions supplied into the existing IT structure.
      • Cloud and hosting

      • With the new outsourcing service, we support you in managing and operating your warehouse management system LFS and the required IT infrastructure.
        Our range of performances includes simple hosting as well as managed services and comprehensive cloud computing.

        No matter if you wish to make your infrastructure more flexible, to use your LFS applications in the cloud or to outsource your entire server structure: With our cloud and hosting services, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio for your IT outsourcing requirements in logistics. The range of performances certified according to ISO 9001 includes the following domains:
        • Hosting
        • Managed Services
        • Cloud Computing
      • Material flow controller

      • The range of performances by the E+P Group in the field of material flow controllers also includes a high-quality solution for the producer-independent connection of automated storage technology and material handling as well as the replacement of obsolete material flow computers for existing installations.

        The material flow controller allows a comfortable and flexible control of the automated materials handling areas of automated machine parts. Each transfer unit is lead to its destination by the integrated route finder, which analyses the current status on the entire materials handling. Through the integrated visualisation, the user has a regular insight of the current material flow and can actively influence the processes.

        Advantages in an overview:
        • Minimisation of downtimes and risks
        • Revealing optimisation potentials through transparency
        • Visualisation of the transport
        • Customer-specific configuration
        • Connection to existing Host systems
      • Transportation management

      • LFS with intelligent networking: a solution for internal logistics and transport

        Knowing where your vehicles are at any time. Simply planning the optimal route for single tours online and tracing the delivery status.

        With the product line LFS.tms (Transportation Management Solutions), the warehouse management system LFS becomes a global TMS solution. An intelligent connection with the Warehouse Management Solutions LFS.wms² allows managing internal logistics and transportation with only one system – without an interface connection to third-party solutions. All processes are managed and coordinated in LFS. The warehouse management system includes several modules for transport logistics, such as
        • Cross Docking,
        • Freight space calculation,
        • Freight cost calculation,
        • Consignment tracking - log trace,
        • Transit Management,
        • Precalculation of consignment loading units
        • Yard management,
        • Tour planning system,
        • Online tour processing (telematics).
      • Hardware components

      • Ehrhardt + Partner steadily develops new components for optimized picking in the warehouse. The hardware allows faster and more accurate picking as picking errors are reduced, warehouse productivity is increased and the routes in the warehouse are shortened.

        Part of the hardware components by E+P is the mobile picking trolley, which allows a greater mobility in the warehouse, and the mobile picking board which contributes to a higher flexibility as it can be mounted to several transport devices one after another. The new sorting rack is used for the simultaneous handling of several orders and significantly simplifies fine picking. The RFID-Multipicker prevents interchanging containers. This way, the picked orders can be permanently traced. The mobile workstation is particularly suitable for flexible data collection in the warehouse. To complete the range of products, E+P always offers the current Vocollect hardware for the use of Pick-by-Voice as well as handhelds and fork lift terminals by Psion Teklogix.
        • Pick-to-Light
          • sorting rack
          • mobile picking trolley and mobile picking board
          • multi order picking forklift
          • RFID-Multipicker
        • Mobile workstation
          • For the flexible data collection in a warehouse.
        • Pick-by-Voice
          • Our product range covers the whole spectrum of Vocollect hardware.
        • Handhelds and fork lift terminals by Psion Teklogix
      • Perfect Match – RFID Solutions for each Industry

      • Correctly integrated, the RFID technology offers a higher process quality, simplified and accelerated processes as well as significant cost reductions. Next to those general advantages, an additional industry-specific optimisation potential shall be realised. Therefore, Ehrhardt + Partner has developed specific RFID solutions for the domains of pharmaceutics, textiles, electronic products, consumer electronics and document management together with their subsidiary ITL, the Institute for Technical Solutions in Logistics.

        Under consideration of an adequate RFID hardware for the according application area, the new E+P industry solutions also allow recording goods which are positioned close to each other. By now, the parallel recording of large product quantities in closest proximity – the so-called bulk registration – could not be guaranteed in most cases. This often caused many items to be individualised with a lot of effort. The new RFID solutions respect those individual requirements and allow a significantly faster product recording and identification.
      • Logictics Training

      • At our innovative logistics centre, top trainers and warehouse logistics experts convey highly specialized learning content encompassing the entire subject area: fascinating and, above all, authentic practical experi­ence for practical application - from radio frequency via Pick-by-Voice to RFID.

        As a worldwide unique competence centre in the logistics industry, we successfully qualify company warehouse logisticians and specialist departments for their daily business. Become acquainted with all the facets of modern warehousing logistic applications and prepare yourself for an appreciable knowledge head-start.
      • International Service and perfect support

      • As one of the leading warehouse experts internationally, Ehrhardt + Partner will also support you competently and extensively following project conclusion in all questions and areas of warehouse logistics.

        After project completion, Ehrhardt + Partner offers its customers a multilingual service hotline for comprehensive support. Qualified warehouse experts are available to help you round the clock, seven days a week. This ensures that E+P can help every customer worldwide in just a few minutes. E+P experts can access the customer system online by remote data transfer or via an internet connection. Corresponding maintenance contracts prove their worth with flexible terms and performances and can be individually adapted to suit customer wishes.
      • Seminars and Training

      • Highly qualified logistics industry specialist and man­agement personnel are in demand. Whether you are working with your company to rationalize and organize your warehouse logistics more economically, or desire to take off in a career as professional expert – at IAW, we’ll make you fit for the future market - logistics.

        Companies rely on our practice-oriented and cost effective training program for their employees. Those can be realised at your company’s on-site facilities or at our logistics centre in Boppard-Buchholz, as you desire. Our intensive spe­cialist seminars are tuned to the precise demands and challenges of the various industries.

        By the way: Our integrated Logistics centre concept has been so successful that, now, worldwide logistics centres are being developed to provide warehouse experts with initial and advanced training.

      • is an internet-based shop for Pick-by-Voice solutions, warehousing and picking equipment. The shop assortment comprises nearly all products available from the company Vocollect, including accessories and replacement parts, as well as handheld picking devices, terminals, controllers, scanners, printers, access points, mobile work places and picking carts. The webshop is supplemented by extensive online repair and service work for voice terminals from the company Vocollect.