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  • Offer Profile
    • SITAG has had a permanent place in the office environment for decades and has always stood for innovative, ergonomically developed products with forward-looking design.
    • But SITAG is more than a manufacturer of extraordinary office furniture and chairs: SITAG is a brand with its own profile.
    • Our brand is built around a principl: swiss style at work. That is what our customers think of us and our products.
    • Whoever uses our products, can everyday take pleasure from office furniture and chairs that are just as individual as they are themselves: expression of their personal style.
    • At SITAG people create products of conviction, products that are not only intelligent and functional but also make the office a stylish place to be.
Product Portfolio
  • Seating

      • Task swivel / visitor chairs

          • SITAGTEAM

          • Design and functionality at eye level

            SITAGTEAM - "One for everything"

            That systemic family of chairs complies with the highest demands of ergonomics, functionality and visual singularity. From swivel chairs to visitor and conference chairs SITAGTEAM stands for a consistent form and offers an invincible variety for offices on every management level, for flexibly usable work places, for reception and visitor areas and meeting or conference rooms.

            Evolutionary range with unlimited possibilities

            The modular SITAGTEAM system enables creation of the ideal solution for each application. Each user finds a model tailored to his or her needs, and the functionally and optically matching configuration is available for each workplace and for any ambience – from the reception area to the executive suite.
          • SITAGEGO

          • SITAGEGO - Clever Seating

            SITAGEGO uniquely combines the advantages of a power back with the advantages of traditional upholstery techniques. Clear and easy to use, it gives its user support where needed, without him, however narrow. As a functional element between constructive frame structure and breathable, three-dimensional tissue function takes a specially designed comfort-PP membrane, available in different colors move to the sitting and adapts to its reactive movements. The chair allows a high degree of configurations, so that each user can adjust with simple steps the best for him sitting position.

            The excellent functional swivel chair Sitagego which is honoured with the coveted "red dot award" underlines its innovative design with its eye-catching backrest look. The high-quality office chair is also available with a fully upholstered backrest, which is optionally offered in fabric or leather.

            The program is rounded off by matching visitor and conference chairs. Whether as a cantilever or conference swivel chair with liftmatic height adjustment and tilt mechanism, SITAGEGO, with its pioneering design an attractive contribution to the design of the working environment.
          • SITAGPOINT

          • SITAGPOINT - Seating to the point!

            The task svivel chair SITAGPOINT combines all that constitutes healthy and comfortable seating in a concentrated form - a classical design for a competitive price and above all of SITAG quality! SITAGPOINT offers not only relaxed but also dynamic seating with an user-friendly conception.

            SITAGPOINT is not leaving wishes open in respect of shape, color, function, quality and comfort, whether or not as standard version with synthetic star base or highend version with aluminum polished star base. Extremely comfortable due to a well-spaced and ergonomically upholstery. Parrticularly elegant and prestigious solutions are available from SITAGPOINT with the option of fully upholsteredbackrests.

            SITAGPOINT combines timeless design and the besof craftsmanship with ergonomically outstanding features.

          • 24-hours chair SITAGPOINT resilient up to 150kg body weight

            An operator swivel chair used 24 hours a day in multi-shift work undergoes almost 5 times the stresses experienced in normal office use. For this reason, it must not only be stable and reliable, but must also be simply and quickly adaptable to the individual needs of its various users.

            The 24-hour version from the SITAGPOINT range perfectly satisfies all these requirements. Its synchronous tilt adjustment for backrest and seat inclination always guarantees the optimal relationship between seat and backrest tilt – which enables dynamic sitting. It automatically adapts to the sitting posture of the user and is equipped with a sliding seat. This synchronous adjustment can be locked at 3 positions – and a convenient setting at the side allows chair adjustment to the body weight of the user.

            Positioning the lumbar support, based on the world-famous Schukra principle, is just as simple. The armrests, which are swivel-mounted, can also be set for height, width and depth. The headrest can likewise be adjusted for height and tilt.

            A wide choice of extremely rugged covers, in an extensive selection of colours, is available: for example, in leather, in the “Extreme” cover made of 100 % Trevira CS, in “Fame” made of 95 % worsted spinning wool and 5 % polyamide, etc. Models without headrests and without armrests, as well as with the special Schukra lumbar support, are likewise possible, as well as more additional options. One option, for example, is a cover for the backrest shell – and the chairs can be additionally equipped with adjustment of seat tilt, gas-spring protector and with coat hanger.

            That special version is especiall y robust (also up to 150 kg body weight) owing to reinforced gas spring, five-star aluminium base (powder-finished upon request) and armrest supports made of aluminium!

          • SITAGPOINT MESH - Especially charming!

            The task svivel chair SITAGPOINT MESH combines all that constitutes healthy and comfortable seating in a concentrated form - a classical design for a competitive price and above all of SITAG quality! SITAGPOINT MESH is based on the basic technical structure of the proven concept of SITAGPOINT.

            The mesh back provides good lateral support and a button from a sitting position in eight steps adjustable (7 cm) in height. The network is available either in timeless black or four other attractive colors. High seating comfort, the synchronized mechanism with individual control of body weight and the variable between the seat and backrest tilt angle in four positions (optional).
          • SITAGWAVE

          • Take a seat. Enjoy the SITAGWAVE.

            Enjoy supreme comfort without having to make any adjustments. However you sit on the SITAGWAVE, both the backrest and the seat adapt to your body in every direction, completely on their own. Pushing buttons and complicated settings are a thing of the past - thanks to a combination of two new technologies.

            SITAG SPRING-MOTION means that the chair adapts to every movement its user makes. This relieves pressure on the pelvis and on the hips when sitting for a long time. This system is combined with SITAG FLOW-TECH: the extremely elastic backrest takes the effects of pressure and adapts to the rotations of the back and upper body. Just sink into the SITAGWAVE, it will do the rest and adapt to you. Not the other way around.
          • SITAG EL 100

          • Light weight and an impressive presence

            The many variations with the SITAG EL 100 visitor`s chair, these solutions are ideally suited to service in visitor's areas, reception and training areas as well as in conference rooms. Light weight and an impressive presence. Whether fitted with or without castors, the refined reserve exerted by the SITAG EL 100 conveys a sterling sturdiness. Hardly impressed by rigid handling it can, if need be, even be converted into a stacking king and as such can be used in the smallest of rooms.

          • SITAG REALITY

          • SITAG REALITY - Aesthetic and definitely “with it”

            Transparent and functional. SITAG Reality represents a milestone in the development of swivel office chairs under functional and ecological aspects. Reality has harmonized numerous adaptation possibilities with sort purity and the reduction of material application. With its distinctive seat design and inherently elastic backrest, together with its synchronous mechanism, SITAG Reality assures great sitting.

            SITAG offers visitors’ and conference chairs to match our individual swivel-chair models.
          • SITAG LINO

          • Something to look up to in ergonomics and décor

            The clear, modern form is only one side of SITAG Lino edition 2 – and the other is its exemplary ergonomic outfitting. It features a point-synchronous mechanism with 5-stage locking which promotes dynamic sitting – and also allows the inclination resistance to be adjusted to individual body weights and requirements.

            The standard SITAG Lino edition 2 also includes armrests which can be adjusted for height and width – and, not least, also the spine support with height adjustment. The SITAG Lino edition 2 is available with two different seatback heights.
          • SITAG REALY

          • SITAG REALY -The power of versatility

            Many adjustment options and a synchronised mechanism with 4 back stop positions make Realy a task chair with functional looks you can use anywhere. Exceptional comfort comes with the form-fitting, sculptured seat and backrest, with or without upholstery.

          • SITAGLINE EDITION 2 - Superior attitude

            Not only the pad shape and the resilient base owes SITAGLINE EDITION 2 its legendary comfort, but also the high-quality belt upholstery. It is designed breathable and vapor permeable which ensures extra comfort.

            One particularly striking: the cantilever model with high backrest, which relies accents not only as a visitor chair, but also in the style of conference rooms. Supplemented by the swivel chair version with rocker at hub and liftmatic height adjustment is SITATGLINE Edition 2 in the boardroom or in the large conference round his application.

            Clear lines give SITAGLINE EDITION 2, the classically elegant appearance. The use of high quality materials and superb workmanship characterize this modern classic.
          • SITAG G02

          • SITAG G02 - Getting new ideas

            Does an office have to look like one? Of course not. SITAG G02 - Practical, robust and versatile on the one hand, pleasant, light and beautiful on the other. It’s one the move, just like we are. The chairs in the SITAG G02 range can do everything. They are light. They can be moved, rolled, stacked. They are practical, sturdy, functional. But above all, they are beautiful.
        • Stool/Standing aid

              • SITAG PRO-SIT

              • SITAG PRO-SIT - Agile and flexible

                SITAG Pro-Sit is the nimble stool for mobile and flexible use with a clear design. Its mature and proven technology makes it a universal piece of office furniture resistant to heavy use. SITAG Pro-Sit stool with the formed base plate and the simple height adjustment allows a free and relaxed sitting at tables of different heights.
          • Systems Furniture

              • Office furniture

                  • SITAGACTIVE

                  • SITAGACTIVE - Fits in smoothly

                    The electronic SITAGACTIVE is stable, quiet, and fast. It features outstanding quality and offers a highly attractive cost-benefit ratio. Since SITAGACTIVE desks have no additional crossbar, they can be combined with mobile underdesk pedestals up to 60 cm high. The swing-down cable duct can also be retrofitted – for a plus in flexibility and adaptation to changing conditions of use.

                    Desks with motor-driven height adjustment promote changes between standing, sitting, and moving. This relieves the back, trains posture muscles, improves breathing, stimulates cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal systems, and promotes general well-being. With its SITAGACTIVE line of models, SITAG offers a desk range that meets the trend to desks with variable height. The design and variation possibilities allow SITAGACTIVE to be highly effectively and variation possibilities allow SITAGACTIVE to be highly effectively integrated into any office ambience.
                  • SITAGACTIVE LIFTMATIC

                  • SITAGACTIVE LIFTMATIC

                    Ergonomics, ecology and economy - as simply as this. SITAGACTIVE LIFTMATIC It is characterized by high stability, user-friendly handling and functional sophistication. Desks with liftmatic height adjustment promote changes between standing, sitting, and moving. This relieves the back, trains posture muscles, improves breathing, stimulates cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal systems, and promotes general well-beeing.

                    • Ergonomics
                      These height-adjustable desks offer many health benefits.
                    • Logistics
                      Simple folding-up means spacesaving transport and storage.
                    • Ecology
                      No consumption of electric power.
                    • Economy
                      Liftmatic height adjustment is faster than electrical height adjustment; immediate use, since no power socket is necessary.
                    • Setting Up
                      Fast setup without tools: ready for use in less than one minute.
                    • Safety
                      Transport and setup security ensure safe handling.
                  • SITAG CABINETS

                  • Organization is (almost) everything

                    The SITAG storage system comes in a wide number of options and meets your individual requirements for a stylish and organized workplace. No matter if you choose a wooden design or a plastic model, the elements can be combined with all corporate table lines and, therefore, offer a creative leeway.

                    System with planning security

                    The cabinet line from SITAG encompasses revolving door, drawer, filing, and roller blind cabinets, binder shelves, combination cabinets and caddies. The elements are available in various widths and heights, front surfaces and colours as well as with a number of grip variants. All the components can be freely combined with each other. The interior fittings can also be arranged to meet individual tastes. Whether shelf racks with book supports, hanging folders and form boxes, hardly any restrictions are put on the desired configuration. The cabinets can be reconfigured and retrofitted at any time.
                  • SITAG ORGATOWER

                  • The space-saving range

                    The SITAGORGATOWER, also used as the perfect complement to the SITAGACTIVE desk range: it creates sufficient storage and filing space in very small areas – directly at the desk. Closed, it measures only 120 wide x 112 high x 40 cm deep, and when opened to a width of 180 cm it shows its true size and keeps everything needed at hand’s reach for its user, directly at the workplace. Due to the shelf on top level, even working in a standing position is possible. The SITAGORGATOWER not only provides a physical separation but reduces in conjunction with an acoustic panel the volume level in the office too.
                  • SITAGMOVE

                  • SITAGMOVE - Folding and equated table

                    It is light, portable, moveable, stackable, practical, stable and functional, in particular. The single-table on pedestal with castors is ideal for space-saving storage, thanks to the folding table top in angle of 90 degrees. Thus, many tables can be mixed and stagger quickly and easily into one another. Table tops either veneered in wood, resin-coated or solid core. The base is stove-enamelled and optional available in chrome.

                    The perfect complement:

                    SITAG G02 chairs with full shell can be staggered into each other in a small space by pivoting the seat and back shell.
                  • SITAG ROOM PARTITION WALLS

                  • SITAG room partition walls transform rooms

                    SITAG room partition walls transform rooms into flexible, use-oriented workplaces. They enable architecturally appealing and flexible changes from communication to concentration, and from connection to separation.

                    SITAG room partition walls are also available with customized applied printing, and as additional special models.

                    The various partition-wall materials

                    are perfectly coordinated and can be easily mixed. The sophisticated combination of closed, translucent, and transparent elements create atmosphere: separation without isolation, connection without intrusion, privacy without compartmentalization.

                    SITAG room partition walls are perfectly

                    coordinated with Sitag office furniture systems. These walls can be seamlessly installed up to other systems – but can also be employed on a stand-alone basis. Their fast and simple installation is quite impressive.

                • Conference

                    • MCS Tables

                    • Stylistically confident efficiency

                      All conference and meeting tables of the MCS table program connetcs the unconditional commitment to quality and practical utility with expressive look and clear elegance. The meeting and conference solutions MCS submit to a uniform ambience and guarantee an optimum of well-beeing. An innovative table system which provides for successful work also in the big frame.
                    • SITAGACTIVE

                    • SITAGACTIVE - Perfect for any situation

                      Also optimal for prestigious meeting or conference rooms: just the right desk for special environments, meeting or conference rooms: just the right desk for special environments, as offered by SITAGACTIVE. A selection among 20 wood surfaces and 8 synthetic coatings enables harmonious furnishing concepts here as well.
                  • Modular office furniture

                      • MCS tables

                      • Personality shapes design!

                        Anyone who requires special performance by itself should do so in his office. Tables of the MCS program connetcs the unconditional commitment to quality and practical utility with expressive look and clear elegance. In real wood or chrome finish, MCS stands for an exclusive appearance and persuasive power so that it meets the highest requirements. Clear, straight lines combined with exclusive surfaces provide a feel-good atmosphere that inspires on your working environement. An innovative table system which is completely tailored to your needs and provide in a modern context an sucessful work. The MCS functional tables with 50 mm base frame, can be optimally combined with all SITAG storage space programs.

                        The perfect complement constitutes the MCS side and extension tables to meet the individual needs of each workplace.
                      • MCS Cabinets

                      • Infinitely modular

                        Personality shapes the design. MCS (Modular Cabinet System) is a storage system for functional and perfectly designed solutions in the office or at home. A modular system that impresses with clean lines, the highest demands on functionality requirements and still remains variable and mobile. Choose between aluminum design, a variety of wood surfaces or plastic surfaces in a variety of colors and pick out the fittings to suit your taste. Combine fronts, casings and design options to suit your needs. Hardly an MCS looks like another MCS.

                        MCS cabinet system could be extended indefinitely and furnish and upgrade each with hanging frames, drawers, hinged or lift fronts as well as revolving doors. Material and color selection of all modules are perfectly matched, despite the diversity.
                    • Exclusive Furniture

                        • Executive furniture

                              • SITAGINLINE WORKPLACE

                              • Style & elegance in the executive office

                                Either freestanding with two legs or with attached media module, the SITAGINLINE workplace is impressive owing to its design and highquality craftsmanship. Whether in the detail of a carefully crafted facet edge, or in the overall impression. The derived timber-material board, coated and veneered on both sides, provides a light, apparently floating overall optical impression. The modular configuration, the flexibility, and the customized media systems leave no wish unfulfilled.

                                The desk supporting aluminium-rail system allows variable positioning of the table legs and/or of the suspended underdesk storage unit, according to requirements. A leather desktop inlay with a slide function, and an integrated pen tray assures maximum convenience in an executive office. The technical furniture with integrated and withdrawable printer shelf is prepared for tidy power connections via the table. Optional cable ducts and customized media-connection possibilities are key benefits of SITAGINLINE that remain out of sight.

                                Flexibility is one of the key characteristics of SITAGINLINE desks:

                                flexible both in the choice of the desk frame, flexible in positioning of the desk legs, and flexible in equipping with media systems. Integrated power supply with veneer work continuous over the opening covers endows the program with noble character.

                          • Conference

                              • SITAGINLINE

                              • When visions become reality

                                If our creative designers make sketches, then you see always innovative ideas. But if these ideas are still implementable, beyond functional and stylish at the same time, it is certainly a very special product line: SITAGINLINE. Whether the conference table or desk, the selected disc forms are constructed in variable form.

                                Individual solutions for the modern, exclusive conference area

                                The flexible and versatile table system SITAGINLINE for conference areas impresses with its sophisticated, modern style. By the two-color X-frame a three-dimensional effect of depth is achieved. Combined with both sides painted and veneered material panels results in a slight, seemingly floating overall appearance.

                                The high-quality conference table program for management areas include different top shapes and sizes. In addition to the X--frame optionally are also an A-frame and a column base available.

                                Among to its elegant appearance, the varied conference and working table program also features on good internal values​​. Individually SITAGINLINE can be equipped with custom-made modern media technology. The individual components of the sockets up to connections for iPhone or iPad can easily be integrated.
                              • SITAG ASCENT

                              • Classic in its entirety

                                SITAG ASCENT stands for people convinced of their unique advantages. With its exciting contrasts, it creates space for future-oriented people who want to present themselves in optimal quality. Solid wood tabletop with ergonometrically rounded corners. Chrome-plated round column legs with black foot plates afford great stability and optimal legroom. Also alternatively available with black rectangular column legs and chrome-plated openwork crosspieces.
                            • Customized solutions

                                • Conference

                                • Your freedom for individual diversity

                                  SITAG production – conducted at the highest level under the supervision of specialists – is your guarantee for our highly differentiated variety of offerings of top-class office chairs and furniture. At the same time, it is our ambitious objective to deliver to you the office furnishings that exactly fit what you expect. If that goes beyond our extensive line of products, then we just individually manufacture what you want.
                                • Working, standing and command tables

                                • OFFICE LIFE STYLE

                                  Extraordinary ideas are our force! We produce SITAG furniture and office furnishings to your wishes and your drafts. Exceptional design with staving impact.
                                • Reception

                                • Business card of your company

                                  We help you achieve high-quality representative and welcoming reception solutions that are not only functional, but specific to your needs.
                                • Customized Solutions Seating

                                • What do you like?

                                  Your wish is our command, because we also manufacture according to customer requirements. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get the right solution. Take advantage of our decades of experience in the office furniture development and production and you get your own personal seating.