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  • The uniqueness of a chair (Werner Link)

    Interstuhl is an independent, owner-run family company.

    Today's owners are Werner Link (Managing Director), the sons Joachim Link (Managing Director, Production and Logistics) and Helmut Link (Managing Director,
    Sales), and his sister Lenore Link.

    The independence of the company, with its craft based
    traditional heritage and focus on personal relationship with clients and market partners are fundamental elements of Interstuhl, both now and for the future.
Product Portfolio
  • Purposes

      • Arrive

      • Arrive. The first impression of a company is decisive. It tells you about how the company thinks and what value it attaches to itself, its employees and guests. An open culture that wants to preserve the best has to offer the best. Good and dedicated work starts here. The ideal situation is when the mood and visual surroundings harmonise so positively that they are internalised in the way people work and become manifest to visitors.
      • Work

      • Good thoughts are put together piece by piece, just like the performance of people from various fields of work, to produce an outstanding whole. The variation in chairs are just as diverse as the users; in the same way that every person has their own recipe for efficiently achieving results during their thought process, they sit dynamically and in their own way. Interstuhl gives everyone their own individual space, with its own look and ergonomics.
      • Communicate

      • Are meetings always about sensible communication? Communication really takes off if people are sitting right. The ping-pong effect of exchanging information and finding results can be so much more stimulating, dialogue partners come together and drift apart much more spontaneously: a posture results in a mind-set; the awareness of a dynamic seating culture is converted into something successful. Let‘s get together to move ahead.
      • Regenerate

      • Relax, read, eat, talk. The body and soul need an energy supply, peace and good company to regenerate. Your sense of wellbeing is refreshed and restored best if you can sit comfortably or lean back.
    • Products

        • Office swivel chairs, Visitor chairs

            • Silver

            • Finding its origins in an office environment, the Silver product design has been designed equally for community and privacy. It was our aim to create an object which, in its many guises, can be an integral part of or a perfectly matched addition to any location - and has just as much impact when standing alone. An object whose quality, curves and details will cause a real stir. The Silver family has been enriched with many ideas and thoughts. It is a joy to see how each individual product can change any setting, leaving a new mark every time.
            • Axos

            • An emotional and objective seat of intelligence. For people who identify with reducing things to the beauty of the essential form, but still generous in the details. People who want to have all the comforts beneath them. There are many occasions for lying back to think about things during the day - to sort your ideas or to find the peace and quiet to concentrate on the issue, escape the hectic pace for a moment. It is in fact critical that you do. Dynamic seating frees your head too.
            • Volume 8

            • The ideal piece of furniture is one which - in terms of design, function and ergonomics - totally serves the purpose for which it was created. That is the interstuhl claim. So in this sense, an office swivel chair that can help us work more creatively, efficiently, and enthusiastically is a good chair. When we would rather do whatever it is we want from it with that chair than with any other. To do this, does it have to look like an office swivel chair? The answer is Volume 8. A chair not developed, but found. That challenges traditional ways of seeing, and sweeps convention aside. A chair that combines the world of work and living space. Made for people who prefer to go their own chosen way. Who don't necessarily follow the rules, but just follow their own instinctive sense of the extraordinary. Volume 8. Are you ready?
            • Xantos

            • Good design keeps its value and is timeless. This is proven by many archetypes, yet finding a new sensible form remains the most difficult hurdle when creating a product. Xantos is honesty, self-conception, high quality. It displays a presence without being ostentatious through its straightforward design and good details. Owners with a grasp of form appreciate this congenial streak. Direct yet dynamic, perfect simplicity, Xantos is reminiscent of the old school of German design. A straight forward thinking person will take a seat, regard the working world with no frills and will only consider what is really important.
            • Champ

            • Optically, Champ is a slim, distinct, androgynous type. Its upholstery segments accentuate its design and identify the different backrest heights at the same time. Champ is a new product concept with new technology for an extraordinary feeling when sitting - the "Bodyfloat". When you sit down, the seat floats down and moves backwards. This innovative connection of the backrest makes it possible to achieve an unequalled and delicate aesthetic and lightness of the mechanical block. People with formal demands will look at office swivel chairs in a whole new light and be able to feel the uniqueness of Body-Float.
            • AirPad

            • The synthesis of lightness: Two innovations.A new sense of lightness. The new, transparent membrane consti tutes the evolution of the mesh back. It allows AirPad to float lightly in space and enhances modern, reductionist architecture. The body is kept at an ideal temperature through a high degree of moisture exchange, which prevents the build-up of heat. The membrane ensures excellent freedom of movement and provides support through fine, flexible AirPads. The Body-Float synchromechanism presents an amazing, unique body float sitting experience. Taking a seat in AirPad means gently falling back into an automatically adjusted, ideally balanced sitting position. To feel one with the chair and the environment, to get down to work and remain fresh. Wouldn't it be nice to fill the day with so much lightness? Nothing easier than that.
            • Hero

            • Hero is a collection of heroes, automatically aligned for everyone. Heavy, light, big and small people. By and large, a universal talent for everyday heroes. It has invisible technology which is an integral feature of the chair. Hero focuses on each owner individually, regulating its weight, as a result of its unique autofit-synchronous mechanism. From approx. 45-120 kg, everyone can fine-tune it how they want. From athletically hard to relaxingly soft, everyone's personal taste is catered for. As perceptive as Hero seems, it is present in its slim-line form. It looks agile and athletic with its slim-line figure.
            • Famos

            • Famos. What you see is an honestly innovative office chair. What you don't see is an armchair for relaxing, lounging about and reclining. But that's what you feel, which may be surprising. Famos is an invitation to sit down and feel great. For a long period or short - even for very long office hours. The handsome upholstering is made for relaxed doing and thinking. Nevertheless, Famos has a proportionally slim look.
            • YOSTERIS3

            • YOSTERIS3
              SOUND APPEARANCE,

              Values that shape. Values that drive. YOSTERis3 stands for reliability, quality and timelessness. But YOSTERis3 also stands for perfect seating quality, functional efficiency and top seating performance. All this makes YOSTERis3 an ideal solution for people who are looking for a chair that does not dominate the room, but just fits, with effortless composure, into classical working environments. It is the perfect chair for everyone who wants to sit pleasant and healthy. YOSTERis3 has an unobtrusive presence and emanates calm and security. YOSTERis3 is also a high-performing chair that has the functional and ergonomic strength which allows people to work comfortably.
            • Yos

            • A little inspiration can do no harm. Particularly at work.

              The new working class - which is one way of describing Yos. As a compliment. Because Yos doesn't satisfy the need for a status symbol - but from the requirements that result from a long working day - usually spent sitting. This chair is particularly able to show off its technical and ergonomic benefits. But doesn't that stand for something as well - perhaps your idea of the perfect swivel chair?
            • MOVYIS3

            • MOVYis3: The end of class barriers

              MOVYis3 stands for the kind of sitting comfort you only enjoy in first class. Like every other Interstuhl chair, its shape, function and ergonomics are all geared towards providing a really good sitting experience. This office swivel chair raises synchronous mechanism to a genuinely premium level - this is what we call the Body Float effect. The feeling is one of floating and weightlessness. The design is light, dynamic, pure. An office chair for today.
            • Ataros-2

            • Ataros-2 is the top seat in its price range.
              The first Ataros has now given
              birth to the technological innovation,
              refinement and slimmed
              down lines that are the second
              generation: Ataros-2. This range sees the
              idea of seating as a business concept
              extended to meet the requirements of
              a great deal of different working environments;
              the fact that one million units of
              this very popular model have been sold
              and many spines have benefited as a
              result proves how it is top of its game in
              this price range. Only the Ataros-2 offers
              this unique level of comfort. Sit more
              comfortably, whether you're working in
              the New or the Old Economy; greatness
              can only be achieved by giving that little
              bit extra.
            • Goal-Air

            • Goal-Air. Likeable. Fresh. Versatile. Economic. This office chair is the very young, very ergonomic solution for the new generation of office swivel chairs: refreshing with its design options and colours, transparent in its design in each working area. Discreet, but with a fresh breeze, it is positioned for both the office sector and the home workspace. Transparency is a key word for corporate cultures: Goal-Air comes in versatile 3 new mesh colours, black, anthracite and orange. As a result of its slim, athletic design, it invites you to be productive and also supports you effectively. The seat upholstery can be individually designed: discreet, souvereign, colourful or matching the corporate design. Goal-Air creates a space for athletic thinkers and young, advancing employees who like to make a difference, and more.
            • Goal

            • Goal is a top-quality all-inclusive solution for everyday ergonomic relaxation. This classic chair lets you unwind at work and makes it easier to handle everyday tasks successfully and with greater appreciation. Our everyday life is made up of the things that surround us all day long and changes do not simply occur - they are a result of how we handle things. Goal puts you in a position to turn expertise into success.Its variations are as diverse as the persons using them; Goal emphasises the language of the individual corporate identity in various ways, yet always in a pleasant manner. Each position has its own story.
            • Campos

            • Refined geometry and excellent design. A clear image and the sum of all things which make a good office swivel chair: Quality materials processed into precise, subtly integrated details which invite you to look and touch. Thanks to first class details, the designer, Reiner Moll, has managed to combine the solid character of Campos with light aesthetics and turn it into something special. A highly convincing budget-friendly office chair with aesthetic appearance: a classic look with all the ergonomical advantages and design experience of the manufacturer, interstuhl. All-round attractice and affordable design.
            • Geos

            • Pure. Simple. Reduced to what's most important: an office chair which is practical and excellent to sit and work in. And which can be freely designed, coordinating the colours to your corporate image. Geos is a entry level top brand swivel chair. With all the advantages and knowledge of the interstuhl Brand. With all the functions a proper swivel chair should have. Seat height adjustment, synchronous mechanism, weight regulation and height adjustment of backrests are the range's key features. Without any airs and graces, intuitive to use and understandable. Geos simply offers a good place to be - for every office activity.
            • EVERYIS1

            • EVERYbody EVERYtime EVERYwhere EVERYis1

              EVERYis1 offers no compromise neither in design nor functionality. The black or white backrest, with its clear line, is covered with a light and breathable mesh that contributes to excellent ergonomics features. As an option, the comfort of EVERYis1 can be enhanced by a height adjustable lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, seat inclination, and 2D or 4D armrests. Welcome to the world of flexibility for the office of tomorrow!
            • Leanos

            • Some chairs only try to keep up appearances, Leanos supports a whole lot more: you don't really see just how good it is at first glance - a second look is needed to discover its design and functional features. But you can certainly feel its class - the very first time you take a seat.

              A clear case of understatement. At upper, middle and lower levels, around the conference table and in the foyer - one thing is clear wherever you see a Leanos: you money has been well spent. And it cuts an exceedingly good figure.
            • XXXL / 24-h

            • It feels as good as it looks. The high-quality surface reflects the great care taken in the choice of materials and workmanship. And it is even more comfortable than it looks: you feel comfortable the minute you sit down. And remain so the whole day thanks to the balanced overall ergonomics and effective relief for your back. In short: The joy of XXXL sitting.
          • Seminar and conference chairs, waiting, table programmes

              • VINTAGEIS5

              • Inspires.
                Reflects office culture.

                Computers and the internet have revolutionised our world of work, have shrunk the distance to the click of a mouse, and removed from us the constraints of time and place. And yet the desire for personal communication in business is growing by leaps and bounds. There is an increasing demand for discussion and debate, workshops and training, meetings and conversation - the kinds of direct communication for which we usually take a seat, following the logic of the office. This not only demands spaces for communication, it needs just as many sophisticated conference armchairs that can do one special thing: take good care of us so that we can concentrate on our work. The conference armchairs and cantilever chairs of the VINTAGEis5 family of chairs provide everything that the new discussion culture in the office demands: the best possible sitting comfort with a quality that is second to none.
              • Pios

              • It lives. It works. It brings together two different
                spheres of life, which are becoming increasingly intertwined
                in the modern world in terms of both time and space. Pios is a
                friendly face at conferences, an attractive
                addition to the offi ce and then, when it is
                time to go home, an intimate acquaintance
                for a private life that embodies the contemporary
                art of living. Pios is a good-looking
                guest at the dining table in the home but
                also looks fantastic at its place in front of
                the writing desk. Pios lives and works with
                you like an old, trusted friend, but still manages
                to capture the modern age. On its
                own or as part of a team, it is designed for
                living, working, admiring and providing a
                sense of well-being.
              • BUDDYIS3

              • BUDDYIS3
                COME TOGETHER.

                BUDDYis3 brings together - people, styles and situations. When you want to bring any group together, you need a strong personality, without being too dominant. BUDDYis3 succeeds in this with the greatest of ease. This family of chairs has an appealing timeless freshness and an intelligent total concept.

                AVAILABLE FROM MARCH 2015
              • Nimbos

              • The first time you take a seat on Nimbos you will probably think: Made just for me. There's no better way to experience the convincing features of the Autofitsynchronous mechanism: the movements of the seat and backrest adjust to your weight. Discreetly, precisely and without you having to a thing. As if it were made just for you. (And for anyone else who takes a seat on Nimbos.)
              • X&Y

              • X&Y is the synthesis of design and comfort.

                It is almost a pity that the X&Y is so comfortable to sit on. Because it's all too easy to overlook how good it looks. With his keen eye for detail, Emilio Ambasz has created a chair that is both full of character and in harmony. The shape of the seat and backrest ensure maximum possible comfort. And for people who like something softer, there is optional seat and back upholstery available.
              • Ritmo

              • Ritmo spells an end to escaping from your chair.

                Ritmo is a chair you want to stay sitting on. Its quality is clear to see in the breaks during an event: if people do not leave the room, then that is a compliment to the chair. Ritmo is an elegant multi-purpose chair that is at home anywhere people want to sit - in the concert hall or the seminar room.
              • TANGRAMIS5

              • TANGRAMIS5
                JUST CONNECT.

                TANGRAMis5 creates connections. Wherever people wait, get together in informal groups, or need a secluded place to work, TANGRAMis5 shines through. Its intelligent concept is driven by simplicity, an enthusiasm for change, by comfort and the wish to create space for innovation.

                AVAILABLE FROM MARCH 2015
              • KINETICIS5

              • Office. Dynamics.
                Stand-up for more flexibility.

                Sitting is moving. That is the most significant finding to emerge from research studies into sitting. Another is that it is no longer possible to make a clear distinction between work and leisure time. And finally, that interaction between colleagues and teams is becoming more and more important. The result is that the traditional way of organising an office is losing relevance. It is no longer just function that defines structure. More than ever before, workplaces need to provide space for communication. KINETECis5 creates such places for temporary interaction and for personalised design with a high feel-good factor. In the workplace, in the lounge, or in the bistro. For more movement. For more comfort. For more freedom.
              • Flirt

              • You can't fail to notice that these furnishings are totally designed and made with the greatest of care and attention to detail. What does deserve some attention drawn to it though, is the reclining comfort-backrests. It isn't quite as obvious at first glance, but it is all the more noticeable when remaining seated for a while.
              • Fascino-2

              • Fascino-2 sets high standards: a fixed table leg system that is both open and diverse. A program designed for higher class seating and an executive working style. Light and intriguingly delicate, each model is a definite enhancement at a conference or meeting. Modern and transparent is also the philosophy behind the table - a space to think, move, talk and act.
              • NESTYIS3

              • AdapTable: NESTYis3.

                Communication, creativity and co-operation are key to innovation in intensively knowledge-based, collaborative companies. Only businesses that understand how to stimulate interaction between their staff, and also how to structure their organisation, will be successful in the long run.
              • Pars

              • Pars is versatile: four tables, one system - all easy to combine and arrange with each other, a wide range of accessories and maximum functionality. Pars is a modular system for many different occasions. For many different people, in the classroom, in conference centres, halls, canteens, events, meetings, workshops, etc. Solid quality, a solid table - and yet great flair.