Company Profile

We have what it takes to fly. All team members fly themselves and share the passion of those who have faith in their products. Highest possible safety, first class material, perfect workmanship and aesthetic design: only once the ultimate has been achieved in every aspect do Robert Graham, Rolf Zeltner and Valéry Chapuis give their approval - and a new type goes into series production. It has to be fun. It started out with pleasure - the pleasure of flying, of playing with the wind, of the power of the elements. That still applies today: The people at Advance give it their wholehearted commitment and truly enjoy themselves. That\'s why working in the Advance team is not just a job but a heartfelt passion. The Circle of Service. Continuous exchanges of experience with the customers regularly brings new knowledge which finds its way into the Advance products. That\'s why we adopt a hands-on approach at Advance - from advising on the right product through the annual inspection up to any product repairs which may be necessary. And that completes the circle - typical of Advance.

Product Range

  • Ice Kite
  • Kite surfing
  • Kiteboard
  • Paraglider
  • Paraglider, harness
  • Sand and kite