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Fresh Breeze

Company Profile

At Fresh Breeze, we began by developing a motor for the German market according to the very stringent specification set in Germany. As the result, we have constructed an exceptional motor that makes flying very easy. It\'s most important features are our motor that is constructed entirely of different aluminium alloys and weight less than 19 kg. Noise has been reduced to acceptable level for the pilots and the general population, without sacrificing performance. The Fresh Breeze Motor has enough power to lift up easily more than 200 kg . You can fly more than 3 hours without refueling. If you wish,you can turn off the motor, enjoy gliding and start it back up in the air. Everything has been considered to make your fly safe and enjoyable.

Product Range

  • Paraglider, general
  • Paramotor
  • Paramotor, motor for tandem flight
  • Paramotor, standard motor
  • Paramotor, ultra light motor
  • Trike