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ICARO 2000

Company Profile

ICARO 2000 was the first hang-glider factory in Europe. It was founded in 1973 by Alfio Caronti & Peter Skarupp. Alfio recieved his first glider from Bill Moyes, during a water-ski competition in 1969. He was the first Hang glider pilot in Europe, who took off from a mountain in 1972. Infact, until that time gliders were used only for boat-towing. Unbelievable but true, the glider used by Alfio was a kingpostless glider with square tubes. Peter was the technician of the factory and together they manufactured hang-gliders under the license of the Australian firm Moyes. In 1981, Franco Garzia & Gianni Hotz, became the new owners of ICARO 2000 and continued to make Moyes hang-gliders. Their first glider was the Meteor 170 Since 1983 ICARO has been committed to top quality, using only the best tubes in Perunal (aluminium alloy 7075 for aeronautics) from the Swiss manufacturer Alumenziken. Since 1998 ICARO has its own landing area (more then 50.000 sq m) with Club House, Camping facilities and Store of accessories for Sport Aviation: these facilities are located at a very nice place, at Lago Maggiore (northern Italy), facing a mountain ideal for flying. At the end of 1998, Icaro introduced on the market its very famous helmet range \"SkyRunner\". Since this year ICARO produces also helmets for the sport: items of high technology (kevlar-carbon shells) and great Italian look, certified according to the most recent European requirements. ICARO\'s Helmets -from then on- have been successfully sold world wide. Until 1991 ICARO sold -in Europe- more then 3,000 gliders (Moyes models like Mega II, Missile, Mars, GT, GTR and XS). ICARO is proud to reach -end of 2002- the milestone figure of 7500 gliders manufactured and sold: most of them being top-end models very successful in competitions

Product Range

  • Cap
  • Flightsuit
  • Hang Glider
  • Paraglider for competition
  • Paraglider for occasional flying
  • Paraglider for schooling
  • Paraglider for thermal flying
  • Paraglider for X-C flying
  • Paraglider, general
  • Paraglider, harness
  • Paraglider, helmet
  • Paramotor, propeller
  • Paramotor, standard motor
  • Rigid Wing
  • Shirt
  • Speedsleeves
  • Wing