Company Profile

The team at Ozone is comprised of pilots, including World and National Champions; they are all passionate free fliers that love the simplicity and beauty of free flight. Flying is fun, it\'s your sport and you should enjoy it. Ozone\'s philosophy is to give you \'state-of-the-art\' performance from paragliders that are safe and a pure pleasure to fly, whatever level of pilot you are. For the past decade paraglider design and development has been driven by the competition pilot\'s need for more performance above everything else. This has led to paraglider manufacturers ploughing huge amounts of their resources into developing designs for a tiny percentage of the world\'s pilots. Ozone concentrates all its research and development resources on certified paragliders for everyone to enjoy. Ozone\'s design brief is simple. To produce gliders that are safe, give pilot\'s confidence yet retain the dynamic feeling which make flying enjoyable. We are pushing all our R&D into developing the handling characteristics, sensitivity and safety of our paragliders at the speeds we normally fly at. We believe this is much more important than the quest to gain the \'winning edge\' through top end speed. Confidence in your wing is a far greater asset than any gain in performance - ask any of the many pilots who have flown our gliders to wins all over the world. Our base in the south of France is right beneath Gourdon, one of the most reliable flying sites in the world. With good soaring conditions over 300 days of the year we are able to test and develop our gliders far more than most other manufacturers. All the extra airtime we get on our wings ensures that every glider we release is as perfect as it can be.

Product Range

  • Kite surfing
  • Kite Wing
  • Paraglider for competition
  • Paraglider for occasional flying
  • Paraglider for schooling
  • Paraglider for thermal flying
  • Paraglider for X-C flying
  • Paraglider, general