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SKY Paragliders

Company Profile

It was already in 1988 in Slovenia when SKY SERVIS company was incorporated and later it was moved to the Czech Republic. The production was increased, the construction department was enlarged and to reflect the new structure of its partners, it changed its name into SKY PARAGLIDERS. It is this name that introduced the new era of the company that - since its move to the Czech Republic -remains seated in Frydlant nad Ostravici in the northern part of Moravia where you can also find the company shop, development department and the main workshops. Since its establishment there were tens of various types of gliders produced - starting with nine chamber gliders of the late 80\'s till modern gliders using the LST technology that you could see at various PWC competition (Fever), on the beginners slopes (Fides), during your cross country flights (Lift and Flirt) or in the mountain resorts serving their heavy duty as bi-place \"aerotaxis\" (Maxi and Golem). Precision, accuracy and the use of world suppliers of the material and patient work enabled the company to meet the European standards of quality (SHV certification) and helped the company to consolidate the position not only in the Czech Republic but in European markets too. This success was fulfilled when the company got some shares in Swiss paragliding company, which concentrates on the development, service and sale. The range of the paragliding products produced by Sky Paragliders is really very wide. Company concentrates on pre sale and post sale services, company supports paragliding courses which already had thousands of graduates. SKY PARAGLIDERS traditionally organises the Czech Championship in Slovenia and guarantees the several competitions of the Czech National League. And last but not least, Sky Paragliders support its own company sport team which takes part in various European competitions.

Product Range

  • Paraglider, general