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Company Profile

Alisport Srl is comprised of three aviation divisions (sailplanes, STOL aircraft, and propellers/accessories) that operate in shared facilities. The synergies obtained from this organizational structure yield a broader technical expertise, improved manufacturing flexibility and equipment usage, reduced overhead costs, cross-trained personnel, market responsiveness, and a creative environment for R&D. Although Alisport's origins are in the Silent line of light sailplanes, sport and recreation aviation is the common foundation binding the three divisions. Alisport Srl is based in Cremella (Lecco) located in northern Italy near Milan. Its production department is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, including multi-axis CNC mills, composite curing ovens, and environment-friendly paint booths. Alisport's staff includes experienced engineering personnel and technicians specialized in both light aircraft and sailplane aerodynamics, aerostructures, and manufacturing.

Product Range

  • Electric self-launch sailplane
  • Entry level glider
  • Fuel-injected self-launch sailplane
  • High performance glider
  • Motorglider
  • Sailplane, general
  • UL Ultra light sailplane