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Sportine Aviacija

Company Profile

Joint Stock Company \"Sportine aviacija\" was established in 1969. At that time it was (and still remains) the only enterprise in the Baltic countries and in the former Soviet Union designing, manufacturing and repairing sailplanes. The event of establishing such kind of factory in Lithuania was based on the old national gliding, gliders\' building and aviation traditions. The first fiberglass sailplane BK-7 \"Lietuva\" test flights were made in 1972. This sailplane had became prototype for major future constructions. During the factory\'s history were designed, built and tested 19 different types and modifications of the gliders and self-launching sailplanes, as well. More than one thousand two-place gliders L-13 \"BLANIK\" were overhauled. About 250 pcs of the LAK-12 Open Class sailplanes are flying in 20 countries of the world and have good reputation. The glider was created according Russian aviation military standards which in all cases exceeds present European standards (JAR-22).

Product Range

  • Entry level glider
  • Glider for acrobatics
  • Sailplane, general
  • Single-seater glider