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Company Profile

EEL (stands for "Entwicklung und Erprobung von Leichtflugzeugen") has been founded in 1976 by Heiner Neumann and Dieter Reich. Both studied aeronautics at the Technical University Berlin in the early sixties and are members of the Academic Pilot Association Berlin. Heiner Neumann is a well-known test pilot in Germany. Dieter Reich has been working on design and development of various supersonic aircraft in the USA and Europe. The activities of EEL started with the design and development of the foot-launched ultra light sailplane ULF-1. First flight was in November 1977. In July 1980, ULF-1 received an airworthiness certificate issued by the German authorities. The first amateur built airplane flew in November 1981. About forty ULF-1s are believed to have been completed and flown. First flight of ULF-2 was in October 1993. Airworthiness certificate was issued in February 1995. First home built aircraft took-off in 1999. At present fifteen aircraft are in operation. The type responsibility for ULF-1 and ULF-2 is with Dieter Reich.

Product Range

  • Foot-launched ultralight sailplane
  • Sailplane, general
  • Ultralight composite aircraft
  • Ultralight motor glider