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Ibis Aerospace

Company Profile

Ibis Aerospace Ltd. is an international leader in the design, manufacture and support of aircraft for business, commercial and government markets. The company\'s flagship product, the Ae270 Propjet, is a state-of -the-art cabin class transport aircraft that offers unrivalled flexibility for a variety of missions. In 1997, Ibis Aerospace Ltd. was established expressly to market the Ae270 Propjet. As a joint venture company Ibis Aerospace, combines the best of management and development forces. The parent companies employ proven manufacturing with advanced systems and processes for the design and manufacture of top quality air transport products. With the Ae270 Propjet, Ibis Aerospace has created an impressive alternative to commonplace turboprop twins and cramped light business jets.

Product Range

  • Business jet
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Passenger-hauling utility aircraft
  • Pressurized cabin class aircraft
  • Regional aircraft
  • Single engine civilian aircraft
  • Single engine propjet