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  • We are your competent partner in the construction phase of a biogas plant. We offer comprehensive assistance – from the planning phase to construction and commissioning – all the way to maintenance and enhancement.
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      • Cautious use of resources. Upgrade and use leftovers and waste. Think in terms of circulation. Generating electricity coupled with heat utilisation, cost efficient and profitable. Act in an environmentally sustainable manner and retain the capability to react. Those are the challenges of our time. bwe Energiesysteme faces up to these challenges with technically clever solutions. And not only that.
        For our customers we place the highest demand on ourselves. In system construction and CHP service. In the laying of local and district heating networks. In the electrical and thermal yield. In effectiveness and safety. In the trouble-free cooperation.
          • Electricity and heat

          • Does electricity and heating cost you a fortune? You want to significantly reduce your consumption and energy costs - perhaps because your production is electricity and energy intensive? You struggle with your energy supplier’s price politics? You, and perhaps your neighbour, would like to make yourselves independent of the centralised power supplier? You plan to air condition rooms or to heat waste water - above all, economically. Food stores and fresh-food shelves should be kept cool? You think about resources and the environment? Or do you want to earn money with energy?

            Returns and tax advantages
            The perspective of remuneration for power input and the tax benefits are undisputed advantages of combined heat and power plants (CHP).

            Two to three times the energy yield
            This technology, with its dual energy yield - power and heat - is, however, unbeatable. Due to the fact that the excess heat from generating electricity is used for heating or cooling and air conditioning, a highly efficient circulatory system is created with efficiencies of up to 95 per cent. Nothing is lost, almost of the fuel used is transformed.

          • Planning, building, final inspection

          • You need specialists who can conceive, implement and assist on extensive projects for energy generation? Know-how for new buildings, extensions or conversions - from design to acceptance? Most suitably all from a single source? You’re looking for an experienced team that acts with technical competence and reliably keeps your back free? You would like to put the plant into operation soon? It must be done quickly, but without compromising safety and solidity? You are counting on all legal requirements being fulfilled? And that future courses have been considered with foresight?

            General contracting company
            bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG is there for you, from the idea to the handover of the keys - and of course, above and beyond this, takes care of maintenance and optimisation. With more than 100 employees we completely take over all the steps from conception to approval planning and building on to acceptance and training your staff.
          • Control, automation

          • You are faced with complex electro-technical challenges? Much has changed and the controller must be adapted? You have to automate processes - and that in such a manner that they are controllable in your own company? And can be understood at a glance? You have to be able to rely to 100 per cent on all the cogs in the machine working trouble-free? That the motors, pumps, devices, systems run - and nothing breaks down? And if the unexpected happens, that the problems are quickly recognised and fixed in a short time - at any time, day or night?

            Energy management by bwe
            bwe has highly qualified employees available - a team that has earned its merits for more than 15 years in the extremely challenging energy management of biogas and industrial systems.
          • Energy transport

          • You want a well thought out heat concept? You need heat somewhere else and not where it is created? Perhaps you even want to get together as a communal consortium to mutually use the decentralised generated heat? Are complicated distribution systems necessary for this? You need piping and connections for the district heating supply? You are looking for an optimal solution for the transport of thermal and electrical energy in connection with water, substrates, lubricants or various gases? You need safe steps for your outdoor facilities?

            bwe brings heat from A to B
            Our heating technicians work with technical understanding and care based on many years of experience. They design ingenious systems, above ground and underground, build and install pipelines in various materials. They ensure the heat gets to where its needed over long distances via interlaced networks.
          • Handling waste

          • Do large quantities of unusable organic materials accumulate - mixed up food leftovers, packaged foodstuffs from discounters, fast-food chains or organic waste bins? You would like to recycle these remains in an intelligent manner? You are investing with the perspective of a profitable remuneration for electricity supplied to the public grid, state support and tax benefits? You need heat for production processes or to heat your buildings? Fertiliser, compost or useful chemical substances such as formic acid are to be made from organic waste?

            Or you don’t know what to do with your fermentation residues? Your stores are getting close to the limit of their capacity, and new laws are forcing you to act?

            Upcycling to higher-grade substances
            Gas and subsequently electricity that can be profitably fed in to the grid can be made from organic materials. This is one of many possibilities of using surplus from agriculture or remains from industrial processing or gastronomy for a higher-grade product. bwe develops exactly the solution that matches your objectives. Plant construction from A to Z. Complex sub-tasks. And also individual components such as modification of control systems or optimisation of biological processes.
        • Services A-Z

        • As a general contracting company bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG offers solutions from a single source. The services a completely covered in-house - from constructing the system to recurring Inspection. Our main focus is on innovative answers to our customers’ individual requests.

          In the overview you will find services and also productsbwe and processesbwe, that bwe developed.
            • Waste systems, disposal

            • For more than 15 years bwe has planning, building and taking care of biogas plants which are operated using food leftovers from industry and commerce, from the gastronomy, communal biological waste, slaughterhouse waste, fodder remnants and other organic waste. Heat and electricity are made from rubbish. Doing without fossil fuels is good for the environment and the climate.

              In order to generate energy the waste delivered must be pretreated. bwe has developed a system that separates organic recyclable materials from plastics and other packaging material. If necessary, the organic substrate gained is pasteurised to ensure that dangerous germs or bacteria are killed.
            • Recurring Inspection

            • Technical systems must be inspected by an expert in a specified rhythm. In addition the recurring electro-technical inspection in accordance with the BGV A3 (Accident Prevention Regulations) is required.

              Especially for older systems the safety-related regulations have been significantly tightened in the past years. The inspections have thus become more challenging.
            • System construction

            • bwe produces renewable energy generation plants such as co-generation of heat and power and biogas plants, turnkey and to the highest quality standard. During the selection of the components we rely on reliable technologies tried and tested over many years.

              Make use of our expertise as a general contracting company: We plan, build, extend, optimise and take care of the acceptance and approval. Our construction management works hand in hand with our professional installation team and ensures an on-time completion of the system. An on-site qualified construction manager ensures a trouble-free operation and takes care of the interfaces between the trades.
            • Automation, visualisation

            • Automation is one of bwe Energiesysteme’s core competencies. Our electro-technicians, electro-engineers and programmers ensure structured processes and a clear presentation. Thus you can recognise the current situation at a glance and can selectively control accordingly.

              Our specialists
              • programme system controllers according to IEC 61 131-3
              • enhance programming and visualisationbwe (system retrofit)
              • optimise existing controllers (Siemens, Beckhoff and other systems)
              • record all system values in detailed system trends
              • tailor the visualisationbwe in line with your needs
            • Biomethane / natural gas CHP, combined heat and power coupling

            • Heat - power - coupling (CHP) transforms mechanical energy into electrical and thermal energy - namely decentralised. An ideal possibility to define your energy consumption and costs yourself.

              With the heat-energy you can heat rooms and process water, cool stores, and keep food fresh. Use your own electricity on-site! Or feed your electricity into the national grid and have it paid for according to the CHP (combined heat and power) law.

              Electricity and heat consumption is tailor-made for you via combined heat and power plants - natural gas or biomethane CHP.
            • Reactive power compensation system

            • Costs are incurred for the so-called reactive power, which are often charged to the operator of the system. To avoid this bwe offers the installation of reactive power compensation systems.

              Reactive power ensures that, for example, electric motors can function. The can be explained by the fact that on the motor shaft no torque is generated.

              The power from the motor into the mains oscillates at the frequency of the mains leads to an increased power intake in the cable. Reactive power compensation systems prevent the oscillation of the reactive power in the mains of the grid operator.
            • Electrical Installation

            • Our employees carry out all kinds of electrical installations:
              • Switching systems and building of distributors
              • Equipping containers (sensors/actuators)
              • complete CHP installation
              • Delivery and attachment of transformers and emergency power supplies
              • Plant lighting using the latest LED technology
              • Remote controlled surveillance camerasbwe also via smartphone
              • Reactive power compensation
              • Maintenance and inspection of electrical systems according to VDE0105
            • Electrical engineering

            • bwe Energiesysteme offers extensive services in the area of electrical engineering, automation and energy management for biogas and other systems.

              Our employees have multifaceted training and education and work in their special sectors with technical competence, experience and care. bwe thus competently covers all services around energy generation systems.
            • Energy efficiency, energy management

            • Energy efficiency describes the relationship between the utilisation achieved and the energy required. The less energy required for a specified utilisation the better the energy efficiency.

              bwe Energiesysteme achieves high energy efficiency by fitting equipment such as combined heat and power plants or motors which have a high efficiency. The utilisation coefficient describes the relationship between the energy input and the energy output.

              Besides which, bwe increases the efficiency of yours systems via an energy management system that optimises regulation and control. It networks all the components so that the required performance is achieved with a minimum energy input.
            • Remotemaintenancebwe, remote access

            • Whether biogas plant, heating container or CHP - a remote maintenance module belongs to the standard equipment for bwe systems. You can observe and regulate what is going on in your system at all times.

              Use this service conveniently from home: Plan the feeding, adapt the agitation times or evaluate process data! Even minor malfunctions can fixed using the remote maintenance.

              The bwe Energiesysteme programmers can dial into the controller technology in your system via the internet and are thus available in the event of an emergency or if there are queries. As a result there is no travelling time and the bwe experts are available immediately.
            • District heat network

            • bwe Energiesysteme designs, builds and lays district heating networks, extends the controller, automates and visualises, lays pipes for route lengths of several 1000 meters and takes care of the connection of the building.

              Transfer stations, planned and installed by bwe, connect the existing heating systems with the district heat network. The technology is individually adapted to the highly varied requirements.

              The centrepiece of a functioning distribution is the bwe energy central.
            • Produce raw biogas bwe

            • Our treatment method makes it possible to produce raw biogas bio methane in almost every required purity.

              The Benefit:
              Compared to conventional methods such as pressure washing, pressure swing adsorption or amine scrubbing the membrane method developed by us is highly energy efficient.

              The subsequent marketing of the biomethane is decisive for the commercial success. Here, bwe Energiesysteme can also help you.
            • Camerabased remotemonitoringbwe

            • Our concept for remote monitoring by camera makes it possible for you to keep an eye on what is happening around your energy generating systems round the clock.

              The cameras from bwe are robust and weather resistant and give razor sharp images, even at night.

              Thanks to modern software you can also see what is happening round your facilities when travelling. Smartphone or laptop are sufficient..
            • Optical waveguide (OWG)

            • Using optical fibre, rods or tubes light can be transported from here to there. This serves not only data transmission but is also used everywhere where light is required. For example to measure inaccessible places, to monitor or to maintain.

              Our staff for e-technology and automation are specialised in optical wave guides. They
              • plan OWG lines (single mode/multi mode)
              • lay OWG in the ground or above ground
              • supply and install splice distributors/boxes/earth joints
              • splice cable ends on plug connections and throughput splices
              • integrate OWG in your network (Ethernet, EtherCat, bus and others)
              • perform OTDR measurements (SM/MM) with a detailed view of the network. Thus creating defect analysis, accurate to one metre, and documentation
            • Mini-CHP

            • As a result of the CHP law (KWK-Gesetz 2016) the federal government funds the extension of highly efficient CHP systems.

              A mini CHP produces electricity and heat from natural gas decentralised (9 to 50 kWel). The electricity can be used on-site of fed into the national grid against remuneration. The heat arising is used to heat water or for drying, melting, steaming and other processes.

              We supply our mini CHP as a turnkey compact module with integrated control and regulation technology. The funding period for mini CHP (below 50 kWel) is 60,000 of full utilisation.
            • Heating networks

            • With a well thought out heat utilisation concept the profitability of your energy generation plant can be increased enormously.

              Local and district heating networks that supply heat to flats, stalls or industrial estates increase the overall efficiency of the plant. And that means additional income.

              Funding programmes by the KfW (Development Loan Corporation) or BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) support your projects
            • Project planning E-technology

            • As a general contracting company bwe Energiesysteme can operate all the adjusting screws of a project. It compiles all the technical documentation for planning and implementation.

              Electrical technology forms a central interface. Our employees, specialists for controller, automation and visualisationbwe, assist you from the design of the circuit diagram up to the acceptance.

              Other services:
              • Retrofitting older systems in accordance with the currently valid safety regulations
              • Inspections, targets and acceptance during the building phase
              • Conversion and new build of the system controller (system retrofit)
              • Optimisation of existing controllers
              • Energy efficiency measures and energy management
            • Pipeline construction

            • bwe lays all types of pipelines for suppliers, municipalities, agricultural businesses and customers from industry - underground and above ground:
              • Water, waste water
              • District heating supply
              • Slurry
              • Substrate
              • various gases
              • Lubricants

              Depending on the material - PVC, PE, stainless steel, high-carbon steel, untreated steel - the components are glued, welded or pressed in.
            • Switching systems / circuit diagrams

            • The spectrum of our switching systems ranges from small distributors through patch panels, from emergency power input solutions up to large switching systems for complete biogas plants or heating networks. At bwe high quality brand components are standard.

              Scope and type of performance are tailored to the individual requirements. Our electrical engineers are in a position to extend or convert your controller to every desired form. Create, modify or extend circuit diagrams accordingly. Compensation systems are also calculated and installed individually.
            • General service

            • When building a biogas plant or any other kind of energy generating system, we enter into a partnership with you. For this reason bwe Energiesysteme not only looks after you during the planning and building phase, instead we are also at your side with our service department after the initial start-up.

              We put together an individual service and maintenance concept and show you how to operate the plant on-site.
            • Safety management system

            • For biogas plants that fall under the Major Accident Ordinance (Störfallverordnung) a management system is mandatory. It regulates structures, flows and documentation. You recognise hazards early and eliminate them.

              A “living” management system makes a decisive contribution to the safety of your system.

              bwe Energiesyteme has developed a transparent, clearly structured management manual that helps with the implementation of the requirements.
            • Steel construction / metal construction

            • Steel and metal construction is part of our in-house services. We thus ensure that your system can be checked and maintained without risk.

              Our employees
              • deliver and install platforms and stair constructions
              • fixed railings and safety railings
              • change and extend pedestals
              • build complete surrounding rails or fit installationbwe protection

              bwe Energiesysteme offers these services standardised or also individually adapted.
            • Modification of controllers

            • Modification of controllers means renewing the automation technology and visualisation.

              With modern controlling technology
              • you protect the ongoing operation against breakdowns
              • and extensive reporting and evaluation functions are available. With these records and protocols are child’s play.
              • a complete remote maintenance is possible. You avoid downtimes and travelling costs.
              • recognise the processes at a glance. There are no non-transparent isolated solutions, if your plant is extended or converted
              • your plant fulfils the functional safety requirements (IEC61508)

              bwe Energiesysteme places experienced electrical engineers and programmers, that are specialised in controller conversions and system processes, at your disposal. Our programmes and visualisation templates have been developed and optimised over many years.
            • Malfunction concept

            • Biogas plants with a gas storage volume of above 7,692 m³ (10,000 kg) must, in accordance with the 12th. Federal Emissions Protection Act (BImSchG), have a concept for the prevention of failures.

              bwe Energiesysteme have developed a concept that corresponds to the relevant requirements of the monitoring and control authorities. In normal day to day operation it can be implemented in the form of a practical safety management system.

              How you benefit:
              • trouble-free operation
              • low costs as a result of smooth running processes
              • transparent operational organisation
              • easier cooperation with the monitoring and control authorities.
            • Maintenance WHG (water resources act)

            • Reliable maintenance is the linchpin for the trouble-free operation of your biogas plant.

              bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG is approved as a specialist company according to the Water Resources Act (WHG).

              Our services at a glance:
              • individual maintenance contracts
              • Additional module for a gas camera examination
              • adapted maintenance plans and intervals
              • a personal service technician
              • Spare parts store with more than 1000 parts