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  • KROHNE is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation.
    KROHNE offers supporting products and services for one-stop-shopping and in industries as widespread as oil & gas, water & wastewater, chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, power, minerals & mining and marine.
Product Portfolio
  • Flow

  • Move into the lead

    KROHNE has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. And we don’t just demonstrate our ability with standard applications but also with applications that are demanding, requiring custom solutions. For us, customer orientation starts as early as research and development.
      • Magnetic Resonance Flowmeters

      • Magnetic resonance multiphase flowmeter for the simultaneous measurement of oil, gas and water
        • Single measurement principle, no radioactive source
        • Fully automated inline fluid characterisation
        • Large dynamic range up to 1:60, full bore design
        • Enhanced reservoir management

        With the introduction of the M-PHASE 5000, KROHNE brings cutting-edge science to flowmeter design which delivers tangible economic advantage to our oil and gas customers.

        Magnetic resonance makes use of a fundamental property of atoms and in effect makes it possible to “count” hydrogen atoms. Since oil, gas and water all contain hydrogen atoms, multiphase flow can be measured using magnetic resonance. For this purpose the fluids are magnetised and subsequently excited by radio frequency pulses. The hydrogen atoms respond to the pulses and send back echoes which are recorded. The amplitude of the echoes and the rate at which they decay is used to calculate the flow rates. The difference in magnetic resonance properties allows making a distinction between the flowrates of oil, gas and water.
      • Electromagnetic Flowmeters

      • The standard for the competition

        Innovation for more than 45 years

        As founder and world market leader in electromagnetic flowmeter technology, we have been impressing our customers with innovation for more than 45 years, innovations that continue to set the standard for the competition. Our OPTIFLUX product line is an excellent example of this: a converter for all applications. A one-of-a-kind diagnostics package that can even look into the process. An intuitive operating concept featuring a quick start function for simple start-up.
      • Variable Area Flowmeters

      • Innovative and reliable

        Maximum reliability for liquids and gases – Since 1921

        Since 1921, the name KROHNE has not only stood for innovative and reliable process measuring technology solutions, but also for exact, reliable and long-lasting variable area measuring technology.

        Today, as the world’s market leader, we cover a variety of applications with our comprehensive product portfolio of metal, glass and plastic cones.

        The range of applications spans from hygienic and aseptic applications for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology, for which the world’s only metal variable area flowmeter with EHEDG certification is used, right down to usage in the chemical and water industry or industrial forges and furnaces.
      • Ultrasonic Flowmeters

      • Standard in the process industry

        Benchmark for custody transfer

        Whether liquid or gaseous, aggressive or corrosive: KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters measure a wide range of media.

        In 1997, KROHNE introduced the ALTOSONIC V, the first high precision, calibratable ultrasonic flowmeter for the petroleum industry. The ALTOSONIC V’s five measuring paths can perform extremely precise and reproducible measurements regardless of the viscosity of the medium – a real quantum leap.

        As the world’s leader in the field of ultrasonic inline flowmeters, our devices are at home in a wide range of industries. Whether it’s measuring cooling water and demineralized water in power plants, controlling dosing and mixing processes in the chemical industry or measuring liquid hydrocarbons in the oil and gas industry, you can put your absolute trust in KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters in any situation.

      • Mass Flowmeters

      • The cost-effective solution for high-end technology

        Not a question of budget

        When it comes to Coriolis mass flowmeters, excellent measuring technology should not be a question of budget. That’s why our engineers have developed a cost-effective device, the OPTIMASS 1300, with a whole series of features normally reserved for high-tech devices.

        The experience gained from the OPTIMASS 7000 series was naturally included in development. Which means that there are no longer any special installation regulations for the OPTIMASS 1300. Another highlight is definitely the diagnostics platform, which is unique in this class of device. It not only monitors the device itself but also the process and the process environment.
      • Vortex Flowmeters

      • Allrounder with integrated pressure and temperature compensation

        Suitable for a wide range of media

        Vortex flowmeters are suitable for a wide range of media. This is particularly true of the KROHNE OPTISWIRL:

        It measures both conducting and non-conducting liquids as well as all industrial gases. It also measures saturated steam and superheated steam, compressed air and nitrogen, liquefied gas and flue gas, demineralized water and boiler feed water, solvents and heat transfer oil.
      • Flow Controllers

      • Always the right choice

        Electromagnetic switches and flowmeters, flow controlle
        • With the DWM 1000 and DWM 2000 flow controllers, KROHNE offers its customers two sturdy units
        • With the flow controllers DW 181, 182, 183 and 184, KROHNE offers the ideal flow control solution for virtually any process connection
        • The SDA flap-type flowmeter can be used for flowmetering various kinds of liquid products
      • Verification Tools for Flowmeters

      • In-situ verification for electromagnetic and mass flowmeters
        • Preventive maintenance and service features
        • Easy to use
        • Printed verification certificate

        The OPTICHECK is the essential tool for making sure that your installed flowmeters are performing to specification.
        When you connect the tool in-line on site, it gathers measuring data to ensure that the flowmeter is performing within 1% of the factory calibration. The baseline can be historic repair data from the factory or on-site test results after performing a full verification.
        Contact KROHNE and learn more about the handling and benefits of the new OPTICHECK.
    • Level

    • For the highest level of quality

      The solution for any application

      KROHNE has unique expertise in the field of level measurement technology. We show our capabilities not only in standard applications, but also in applications which are considered challenging and which require tailor-made solutions. For us, customer orientation begins in the research and development phase. Many of the products, which are now considered industrial standards, were developed by us in cooperation with our customers.
        • Non-Contact Level Meters

        • Radar and Ultrasonic
        • Contact Level Meters

        • Time Domain Reflectometry
        • Level Switches

        • OPTISWITCH – The rugged solution for solids and liquids

          In the construction materials industry, heavy dust build-up and the mechanical stresses are a challenge for any limit switch. This is not a problem for OPTISWITCH: The rugged unit detects the limit in the silo independently of
          the properties of the bulk goods and reliably warns against overfilling. OPTISWITCH even masters tall, narrow silos due to the product-independent switching point. This is especially beneficial for rapid or recurring changes of bulk goods. Even aerosil and other very light bulk goods must be reliably and safely detected using OPTISWITCH.
        • Other Level Gauges

        • Bypass Level Indicator, Displacer & Potentiometric meter
      • Temperature

      • A new degree of contact

        Industrial temperature measurement

        KROHNE industrial temperature assemblies meet all the requirements of the process industry: whether designed as Pt 100 resistance thermometers (RTD) or thermocouples (TC), they withstand high temperatures, extreme pressures and high flow velocities in both standard and demanding applications with harsh environmental conditions. We supply temperature sensors for all industries and applications, even for hazardous areas and safety applications (SIL).
          • Industrial Temperature Assemblies

          • For temperature measurement in gases and liquids, in pipes and tanks at medium pressure and flow

            OPTITEMP industrial temperature assemblies have welded thermowells made from stainless steel pipes and are used for general measurement tasks. They are available as plug-in, screw-in and flange thermometers and follow DIN standards.
          • Temperature Assemblies for Advanced Requirements

          • For temperature measurement in gases and liquids in pipes and tanks at high pressure and flow.

            OPTITEMP advanced industrial temperature assemblies feature typically bar stock thermowells made of stainless steel and are designed for high pressure and high flow rates. Weld-in, screw-in and flange variants are manufactured according to DIN- and ANSI - standards.
          • High Temperature Assemblies

          • For measurement of high temperatures in gas pipes and tanks

            OPTITEMP high temperature assemblies are inserted to measure gas temperatures in pipes, stacks, ducts and ovens at ambient pressure. The high temperature assemblies of the OPTITEMP TCA series can be used in a wide variety of areas in industrial measurement. The main feature differentiating high temperature assemblies is thermocouple type and thermowell material.
          • Cable RTD sensors

          • OPTITEMP Cable RTD sensors

            Cable RTD sensors are used for various measuring tasks. For process adaptation, they are inserted, clamped-on, welded on the surfaces or attached by other means.
          • Mineral insulated thermocouples

          • OPTITEMP Mineral insulated thermocouples

            Mineral insulated thermocouples are used for various measuring tasks. For process adaptation, they are inserted, clamped-on, welded on the surfaces or attached by other means.
          • Temperature Sensors for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

          • For the measurement of temperatures and flows in hot and cold currents

            HVAC temperature assemblies are used in the field of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as in the building technology. Their major differentiating factor is their design and their process connection.
          • Surface Temperature Assemblies

          • Surface temperature assemblies for measurements on pipes and solids

            Surface temperature assemblies are typically used for measurements on pipes and solids. They have a sensor element that is incorporated into a contact body which is applied directly to the surface to be measured.
          • Hygienic Temperature Assemblies

          • Temperature assemblies for the food and pharmaceutical industry

            Hygienic temperature assemblies are used e.g. in food and pharmaceutical industry. They feature popular process connections and are manufactured to comply with effective directives with respect to material, lack of clearance volume and surface finish of the wetted parts.

            All hygienic temperature assemblies feature a robust design, meticulous workmanship and dimensional accuracy. Certified materials, testing carried out throughout the production process and consistent final inspections guarantee the consistently high quality of our products.
          • Compact Sensors

          • OPTITEMP smart compact sensors for temperature measurement in gases and liquids, in pipes and tanks at medium pressure and flow

            Compact sensors are used in all areas of the process industry, heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology as well as in building technology. Its main distinguishing feature is its embodiment, the fixed mount transmitters and their process connection.
          • Temperature Transmitters

          • These tables will help you select the right measuring solution for your application:
            • Conventional
            • Programmable
            • Smart
        • Pressure

        • For hygienic and non-hygienic applications
              • Pressure Measurement

              • KROHNE has been known for outstanding quality and reliability of process measurement instrumentation for many decades. KROHNE is now extending its range of process instrumentation to include pressure measurement with the launch of the OPTIBAR range of pressure transmitters. These high performance pressure transmitters are tailored to a wide variety of industrial process applications.
          • Analysis Instruments

          • From the analysis to the solution

            KROHNE is your partner for all aspects of analytical application. From chemical, power, municipality and industrial wastewater applications as well as water treatment processes or inline analysis in hygienic applications: with the SMARTPAT, OPTISENS, OPTISYS and OPTIQUAD range of analytical devices and systems, KROHNE supplements the measurement of the physical parameters. Our main goals are attaining sturdiness, reliability and quality in the various application areas.
              • Protein | Fat | Lactose Measurement | Total solids

              • Spectroscopic analysis system for the continuous inline measurement of protein, fat, lactose and total solids
                • Non-contact measurement of protein, fat, lactose and total solids content in milk products
                • For use in dynamic control loops
                • High precision and long-term stability

                The innovative OPTIQUAD is used to measure the protein, fat, lactose and total solids (TS) in milk and milk products, and opens up new possibilities in process control and optimisation.
              • EOF (Edible Oil & Fat)

              • Inline measurement in frying and other edible oil & fat applications
                • Inline measurement of the FFA value in frying oil, other edible oil as well as in fat applications
                • Measurement of TPM, POV, moisture, dirt
                • Measurement of anisidine value (AV) and iodine value (IV) also possible

                The innovative OPTIQUAD-EOF 4050 W is used to measure the free fatty acids (FFAs) and other applicable parameters such as total polar material (TPM), peroxide value (POV), moisture or dirt, in frying and other edible oil as well as in fat applications. This unique ability opens up new possibilities in process optimisation.
              • pH/ORP Measurement

              • Made to fit

                SMARTPAT and OPTISENS range of pH and ORP sensors are available in a wide range of body styles with different membrane glasses and diaphragm materials. Additionally there are versions with Ex approvals (zone 0) and hygienic versions available.
              • Turbidity Measurement

              • Turbidity measurement is widely used in drinking water and wastewater applications. To address a wide range of applications, KROHNE offers different measuring solutions, from open channel measurement with the OPTISENS TUR 2000 to low-range measurement systems such as the OPTISYS TUR 1050.
              • Conductivity Measurement

              • Conductive conductivity measurement: Skilled in many applications

                The measurement of conductive conductivity is used in many applications and is after pH the second most important parameter in analytic measurements. This is particularly true of SMARTPAT COND and OPTISENS COND sensors.
              • Free Chlorine | Chlorine Dioxide | Ozone Measurement

              • Self-cleaning sensor with extended lifetime

                For easy handling, KROHNE offers you OPTISYS CL 1100 – a complete pre-wired and tested chlorine measuring system including all the necessary components for measurement and compensation. This, in turn, enables quick and costeffective installation.
              • Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

              • Amperometric measurement of dissolved oxygen

                Stable measurements with low maintenance and high accuracy

                Amperometric dissolved oxygen sensors are widely used in wastewater treatment plants to control and monitor the biological treatment of wastewater.

                In these applications, where ragging to the sensors can be caused by hair and fibres and contamination by biofilm often makes precise measurement difficult, OPTISENS ADO 2000 sensors perform outstandingly. Their robust stainless steel housing has a large diameter, which minimises ragging.
              • Measurement of Sedimental Profile

              • A clear view right to the ground

                OPTISYS SLM 2100 goes right down to the bottom of a tank and detects all sludge phases, supplying precice concentration and level measurements.

                Via the zone tracking function you can follow one specific concentration (i.e. the sludge blanket) and hence continously monitor one specific "zone", for instance for controlling the pumps during de-pumping of the sludge.
              • Converter

                • SMARTMAC 200 W
                • MAC 100 Converter
              • Sensor holders

              • Mounting assemblies SENSOFIT 1000/2000

                As a complete provider for water analysis, we naturally offer a complete range of assemblies. In addition to immersion assemblies, there is also a range of flow-through assemblies and adapters for process connections in a wide range of materials. Special versions for special operating conditions are available on request.
              • SpectroBAY®

              • Near infra-red spectroscopy / Multi-component measurement

                The SpectroBAY® NIR spectrometer system has been developed for simultaneous measurement of the composition of multi-component mixtures.

                NIR (near infra-red) enables accurate end-point determination in chemical reactions as well as control of separation and drying processes.

                Online-monitoring with SpectroBAY® enables online-control in a wide variety of applications. Whether the yield, the quality of your product or both, SpectroBAY® will increase the plant performance.
            • System

                • PipePatrol

                • Pipeline Leak detection and localisation system

                  A 1 % leak in a 20-inch line can rapidly translate into a loss of 450,000 barrels a year. At the same time, if left undetected, it could contaminate 10 square kilometres of lake within 24 hours. Thanks to its ultra-fast pipeline leak detection and precise localisation, KROHNE’s PipePatrol allows you to react quickly and reliably.
                • M-PHASE 5000

                • Magnetic resonance multiphase flowmeter for the simultaneous measurement of oil, gas and water
                  • Single measurement principle, no radioactive source
                  • Fully automated inline fluid characterisation
                  • Large dynamic range up to 1:60, full bore design
                  • Enhanced reservoir management

                  With the introduction of the M-PHASE 5000, KROHNE brings cutting-edge science to flowmeter design which delivers tangible economic advantage to our oil and gas customers.
                • EtherNet/IP

                • Seamless EtherNet/IP™ integration for Coriolis mass flowmeters
                  • Seamless integration into EtherNet/IP™ environments
                  • Integrated web server for easy configuration, maintenance and diagnostics
                  • 2-port Ethernet switch enabling flexible network topologies

                  The EtherNet/IP interface box is used to provide a seamless connection between a mass flowmeter and an EtherNet/IP network. The EtherNet/IP interface box enables the scanner of the EtherNet/IP network to control the field device.
              • Gas & Steam

              • More efficiency? – Innovative solutions in gas & steam measurement.
                  • Ultrasonic flowmeters

                  • KROHNE has been the leading specialist for Ultrasonic flowmeters and world leader for in-line measurement devices for more than 25 years. The meters can be used in bi-directional metering with great accuracy and long-term stability. They can also be used in a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Ultrasonic flowmeters are capable to measure a wide variety of industrial gases and superheated steam independent of temperature, density and pressure influences.
                  • Mass flowmeters

                  • Coriolis mass flowmeters are able to measure gas and liquids and provide three direct measurement values: mass flow, density and temperature. Values such as volume, mass and volume totals are calculated, e. g. the volume flow is calculated from the mass flow and the density. Similar to variable area meters, mass flowmeters can also measure low flow rates.
                  • Vortex flowmeters

                  • Vortex flowmeters measure gas and steam independent of pressure and temperature. This applies to wet gases and gas mixtures as well. The KROHNE OPTISWIRL 4070 C has integrated pressure and temperature compensation. This means that the meter can also accurately measure operating, standard volume and the mass fl ow under changing process conditions.
                  • Variable area flowmeters

                  • Where emphasis is on minimum investment and maintenance costs, flow measurement can be achieved with the proven and reliable measurement technology of a variable area flowmeter. Variable flowmeters offer a reliable measurement, good reproducibility and, thanks to a mechanical indicator, can also be used where no power is available.
                  • Applications

                    • Raw product transport, e. g. natural gas
                    • Measurement of CNG at petrol stations
                    • Measurement of steam as energy source
                    • Measurement of seal gas in turbo compressors
                    • Measurement of process gas
                    • Purge gas for cleaning of pipes and measurement systems, e. g. Nitrogen
                    • Inert gas for controlled atmospheric areas in welding applications
                    • Burner supply, e. g. controls
                    • Gas supply for liquids, e. g. Oxygen, Argon or Helium
                    • CO2 measurement in the beverage industry
                    • Dosage and checking of samples for analysers
                    • Indirect level measurement with air bubbler level measurement method
                • Industries

                • Measuring Technology, Service and Know-how for every industry

                  KROHNE ranks among the world‘s leading companies involved in the development and production of innovative and reliable process measuring technology for all sectors around the globe. We provide our customers with optimal products and solutions which always meet or exceed their expectations in terms of quality, performance capability, service and design.
                    • Oil & Gas

                    • KROHNE Oil & Gas Products
                      • Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Custody Transfer
                      • Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Custody Transfer
                      • Mass Flow Meters for Custody Transfer
                      • Venturis for Wet Gas Metering
                      • Prover sphere detectors
                      • Flow Computers
                      • Supervisory Systems
                      • Meter Validation Software Packages
                      • Electromagnetic Flow Meters
                      • Level Measuring Instruments
                      • Variable Area Flow Meters
                      • Temperature Measuring Instruments
                      • Pressure Measuring Instruments
                      • Analyzers
                      • Vortex Flow Meters
                      • Flow Controllers
                    • Water & Wastewater Industry

                    • Intelligent solutions for the water and wastewater industry

                      From space, our earth is a blue planet with seemingly vast water resources. However, only 2.5 % of this water is usable fresh water. At the same time, the increase in global population and rapid industrialization put enormous demands on the natural water resources.
                    • Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

                    • Solutions for the chemical industry

                      Chemical and petrochemical companies form the foundation of the manufacturing industry and are affiliated with the most important sectors across the globe. They play a central role when it comes to the sustainable development of our society. Without chemistry there would be no solutions for the major challenges of our time. Transport and traffic, climate change, environmental protection and health care are just a few examples.
                    • Power Industry

                    • Solutions for power plants

                      The energy market continues to be a growth market: due to the increasing need for energy and electricity, there are currently more than 230 new power plants under construction or planned around the world. Based on estimates, more than 800 billion euros will be invested every year in the power plant market by the year 2030. This includes not only new constructions but also the overhauling of existing power plants. Measuring technology plays an important role here: the deciding factor when it comes to the efficiency of a power plant is the accuracy of the measurements. The more accurate the measurements, the more efficient the power plant. That translates into increased sales for the operator.
                    • Pharmaceutical Industry

                    • Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

                      No other industry relies so heavily on sophisticated and accurate measuring technology as the pharmaceuticals industry. KROHNE offers a number of devices possessing the required certifications. KROHNE variable area flowmeters are now an integral part of ultrapure water plants. And where it is not possible to use electromagnetic or ultrasonic flowmeters, the OPTIMASS family offers a reliable alternative for the determination of the mass flow of VE or demineralised water in ring lines or during dosing in reactors.
                    • Food & Beverage Industry

                    • Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

                      To perform well, you have to be constantly improving. This is particularly true for companies in the food industry, and for their suppliers. After all, this industry, more than any other, is in a state of constant change and sometimes extremely short product life cycles. In the consumer market in Germany alone, for example, 600 new items and product variants are brought out every week according to the GfK Group. On top of that, there are strict hygienic and legal regulations that must be adhered toSolutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

                      To perform well, you have to be constantly improving. This is particularly true for companies in the food industry, and for their suppliers. After all, this industry, more than any other, is in a state of constant change and sometimes extremely short product life cycles. In the consumer market in Germany alone, for example, 600 new items and product variants are brought out every week according to the GfK Group. On top of that, there are strict hygienic and legal regulations that must be adhered to.
                    • Pulp & Paper Industry

                    • Solutions for the paper industry

                      It is doubtful that Ts'ai Lun, the Chinese man commonly credited with the discovery of paper, ever imagined that an entire industry would be the result of his discovery. The way he made paper was completely unheard of at the time: he mixed together fishing nets, old rags and tree bark, boiled it into a fibrous pulp, skimmed the pulp with a sieve and as soon as it was dry he pressed it and smoothed it out.
                    • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Industry

                    • Ensure supply - guarantee quality

                      Facility Management and Building Automation have been major concerns for the operators of large building complexes such as airports and exhibition halls for some time. Tailor-made automated solutions now enable efficient facility management with a minimum number of personnel.
                    • Iron, Steel & Metal Industry

                    • Solutions for the iron, steel & metal industry

                      Even though today KROHNE is a family business active all over the world, the company still has its roots in Duisburg, a city known for its steel industry. Companies such as ThyssenKrupp or the Krupp-Mannesmann smeltery now have some of the most state-of-the-art plants in the world. For years, KROHNE has been the trusted partner for anything regarding measuring technology in the iron, steel and metal industry and it has supplied the equipment for several plants in Europe, China, Korea and western Asia.
                    • Marine Industry

                    • KROHNE Marine is proud to announce that we get to take part in the Maersk Line PtP program.​

                      Fuel economy is a key factor for all transportation, and there is no exception in the marine business.

                      Maersk Line has taken a leading role on the subject in the maritime world. Fuel expenses are typically the main cost in running a vessel. Maersk Line focuses strongly on the above, by planning for high quality measurements to ensure accurate fuel balance calculations. This way they seek truth about their fuel expenses from purchase to propeller (PtP).
                    • Minerals & Mining

                    • Solutions for the Minerals and Mining Industry

                      There is hardly any industry where industrial measurement technology proves it is worth its name as much as in the mining, minerals processing and building materials industry. Performing under the harshest operating conditions, any kind of measurement (flow, level, temperature, pressure) must be reliable and reproducible. One of the first applications was the use of electromagnetic flowmeters on dredgers for measuring the flow of abrasive slurries. KROHNE has since developed the devices continuously so they are now available in sizes up to DN 3000 and with a ceramic liner for the measurement of all kinds of slurries with high solid content. We also offer complementary instrumentation e.g. for fresh air or fresh water supply in mines. KROHNE provides instrumentation solutions from “pit to port”. Reliable instrumentation impacts on production costs, throughput and efficiencies for mining and minerals processing customers, these customers see value and invest in KROHNE technology that is engineered to meet their requirements.