Business Profile

As one of the world's leading suppliers of heating and air handling technology, we not only manufacture boilers, air handling systems and solar thermal systems. We also address the global issues of tomorrow: energy and indoor environment.

As a service-oriented supplier of heating and air handling systems, we deal every day with the fundamental human needs for heat, water and air. This is why our core concept is "PERFECTLY IN TUNE WITH YOU". It places people at the centre of our work – not only providing them with what they need to survive, but also meeting their requirements for warmth and shelter. The optimum indoor environment is more than just temperature and humidity: it helps determine your quality of life.

Today, we have nine subsidiaries and 60 sales partners worldwide, and although our roots and base are in Mainburg, we are also positioned internationally. WOLF air handling equipment can be found in locations ranging from the Red Town Hall in Berlin right through to the Kremlin in Moscow. We support design engineers, installers and end customers with the entire design process and the coordination of components for heating systems and air handling units within the areas of heating, solar, air handling and ventilation. In other words, we ensure an optimum indoor environment – for detached houses and apartment blocks right through to office buildings and industrial plants.