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  • As one of the world's leading suppliers of heating and air handling technology, we not only manufacture boilers, air handling systems and solar thermal systems. We also address the global issues of tomorrow: energy and indoor environment.

    As a service-oriented supplier of heating and air handling systems, we deal every day with the fundamental human needs for heat, water and air. This is why our core concept is "PERFECTLY IN TUNE WITH YOU". It places people at the centre of our work – not only providing them with what they need to survive, but also meeting their requirements for warmth and shelter. The optimum indoor environment is more than just temperature and humidity: it helps determine your quality of life.

Product Portfolio
  • BLUE STREAM - the idea for more efficiency

  • You will quickly be won over by the inner values of the new CGB-2 series of condensing boilers from Wolf. The efficiency concept has moved on from the previous series, and now offers four notable benefits:

    1. The self-calibrating combustion controller that adapts to the prevailing gas quality means that the gas:air mixture needs never to be adjusted again. This also applies to changing gas qualities (e.g. if biogas is mixed in). Furthermore, the system can modulate down to a minimum output of 1.8 kW. This translates into fewer burner starts, extremely clean combustion and the highest level of efficiency.

    2. The low standby losses, for which Wolf appliances have a high reputation and receive praise in many consumer tests, have been improved yet further. It is not only fossil fuels that are becoming ever more expensive – the price of electricity keeps going up, too.

    3. The intelligent pump control unit addresses this issue by further reducing the overall auxiliary power demand. No overflow value and no return temperature raising function are required – for the highest utilisation of the condensing effect.

    4. The intelligent control technology, which can be adjusted and optimised by smartphone or PC, lets consumers regulate the system precisely in accordance with their heat demand.
      • Single- / multi-family house - Heating technology

      • Wolf Heating technology - economical and efficient.
          • Oil heating technology

          • Oil heating technology - classic and future-proof with condensing boilers.
              • Oil condensing boiler TOB

              • State of the art oil condensing technology

                The TOB is based on the same general principle as the COB – the German consumer association "Stiftung Warentest" test winner. However, Wolf development engineers have now been able to improve the burner unit even further. The most pertinent new development concerns the use of the modulating combustion principle that employs pressure vaporisation and the patented mixing swirl nozzle. Oil preheating and oil evaporation are not required, which saves on auxiliary power consumption.

                During combustion, the pump rate is continuously matched to the prevailing demand with the highly efficient and variable speed EC oil pump motor. This ensures the highest efficiency with very clean combustion, whilst the already low auxiliary power consumption is reduced even further. The TOB, just like its gas equivalent, the CGB‑2, modulates its output according to the actual demand. It is also available as the TOB-TS with an adjacent stratification cylinder.
              • Oil condensing boiler COB

              • Economical and efficient - COB oil condensing boiler
                A true winner - the COB oil condensing boiler from Wolf.

                Power ranges:
                • COB 15 up to 15 kW
                • COB 20 up to 20 kW
                • COB 29 up to 29 kW
                • COB 40 up to 40 kW

                The COB from Wolf is multi-talented. Oil, oil-mixture or bio-oil - the COB can easily exploit any such fuel, and does so with a constant, optimum performance. This ensures future-proof eating with maximum efficiency!

                Technology that is a joy!
                Maximum efficiency - the thermal efficiency is 99% (HHV) / 105% (LHV)!

                Simple, cleverly thought-out handling - the installation advantages:
                Everything is there, everything works - plug & play!
                What this means is that you get an oil condensing boiler that is already fully assembled and cladded - fit it in place, plug it in and away you go! So easy, that your pocket and your heating installer are both happy!
            • Gas heating technology

            • With our new gas condensing boilers and our gas-fired wall-mounted/flour-standing units you are well equipped.
                • Gas condensing boiler CGB-2

                • Gas condensing boiler CGB-2 – state of the art condensing technology

                  More versatile than ever – better than ever.
                  The new CGB-2 wall mounted gas condensing boilers are worthy successors to their consumer test winning predecessors. With output levels of 14, 20 or 24 kW, they offer the best possible solution for a wide range of buildings.

                  What makes these appliances so special is the electronic, gas-adaptive combustion controller that adjusts automatically to the prevailing gas quality. Users will also enjoy the low standby losses and high efficiency, while the environment will benefit from the extremely clean combustion.

                  Customers will find the highly compact design of these appliances make them the perfect choice when replacing older boilers in any situation. A pivoting combustion chamber, as well as the clear and accessible layout, makes them as easy to service as their predecessors.
                • Gas condensing solar centre CSZ-2

                • Gas condensing boiler CSZ-2 – the sun helps you save

                  The perfect combination of gas and solar. 
                  The CSZ‑2R gas condensing solar centre was also developed and equipped according to the condensing efficiency concept. As a result, the CSZ‑2R can cover up to 60 % of the DHW heating with solar energy, making it the perfect system solution.

                  This compact, modular and visually appealing solar centre comprises the following: CGB-2 gas condensing boiler, BM-2 programming module, solar cylinder, solar pump assembly with high efficiency pumps and SM-2 solar controller, 25 l solar expansion vessel and collecting vessel for the solar fluid. The solar cylinder has a 300 l capacity which is sufficient to receive the energy from three collectors for a living space of up to 150 m². This means it complies with the requirements of the German "Renewable Energies Heat Act".

                  The new programming module allows the entire system to be controlled and analysed, for example the solar yield, converted into kilowatt hours, m3 of natural gas or litres of fuel oil. The solar yield is shown graphically – sorted according to months and years.
                • Gas condensing centre CGS-2

                • Gas condensing boiler CGS-2L/2R – compact heating centres for detached houses and apartment blocks

                  The CGS-2L with stratification cylinder

                  The CGS-2L gas condensing centre is the larger version of the CGB-2 wall mounted gas condensing boiler. Similar benefits are on offer. As was the case with the previous model, the CGS-2L comprises a wall mounted gas condensing boiler with stainless steel DHW heat exchanger and a stratification cylinder. All these parts are assembled into a practical and compact module, which can be split into units of 35 kg and 49 kg.

                  The CGS-2R - cylinder with internal indirect coil

                  The Wolf CGS-2R gas condensing centre is ideal for use in regions with high water hardness. Also compact in size, the CGS-2R is not equipped with a stratification cylinder, but with a cylinder with internal indirect coil designed specifically for this purpose. Short heat-up times are assured thanks to the robust internal indirect coil's generously sized heat exchanger surface area. Highly efficient thermal insulation minimises cylinder cool-down losses.
                  Incredibly quietly, the Wolf gas condensing centre provides cosy warmth and the central DHW supply in detached houses and two-family homes.

                • Gas condensing centre CGW-2

                • Gas condensing boiler CGW-2 – there´s no faster way to upgrade

                  The perfect solution for direct replacement of wall mounted appliances.
                  The CGW‑2L wall mounted gas condensing centre comprises a CGB‑2 gas condensing boiler with stainless steel DHW heat exchanger and a stainless steel stratification cylinder with special thermal insulation. Just like the floorstanding solution, the CGW‑2L offers high levels of DHW convenience in a small space – with the added benefit that it is mounted on the wall.

                  This appliance, which is designed for easy separation into two easy-to-handle modules of 35 kg and 19 kg, is fully wired and ready to connect to the water system. This results in the lowest assembly and installation costs.
                • Gas condensing combi boiler CGB/CGB-K

                • ComfortLine CBG/CGB-K condensing combi boiler

                  The ComfortLine gas condensing boilers combine environmentally friendly, energy-saving properties with a simple structure and extremely convenient operation and hot water availability.

                  Advanced heating value technology ensures efficient energy exploitation:
                  By returning heat from the exhaust gases into the heating circuit, their energy is also exploited, so saving fuel. This is shown by a thermal efficiency of 110%, achieved with low consumption and low pollutant emissions.

                  Performance is significantly better than the limits specified by the new German energy-saving regulations (EnEV), while the specifications of the strict “Hannover Subsidy Programme (Proklima)” are satisfied.

                  Thanks to the ideal, compact dimensions and to the easily serviced design of the units, they can easily be fitted into small niches.

                  Our gas condensing boiler CGB is available as:
                  CGB-K combi boiler: 5.6 - 40 kW
                  CGB wall mounted condensing boiler: 3.1 - 100 kW
                • Gas boiler CGU-2K

                • ComfortLine wall-mounted gas boiler CGG-2K

                  The open combustion boiler ComfortLine CGU-2K series draws the combustion air from the room in which it stands.

                  Now Wolf has been designed the series new.
                  The boiler ComfortLine CGU-2K now has an advanced equipment and a high efficiency [HE] pump. This means that the devices comply with the new Ecodesign Directive (ErP). And the required minimum standards of energy consumption have been met.

                  • Energy efficiency class space heating: C
                  • Energy efficiency class water heating: A

                  The newly developed HydroTec system allows the hot water generation to start quickly and easily - optionally using fresh water with stainless steel plate heat exchanger for combi devices or, if demand is high, using a hot water tank from the comprehensive Wolf range.

                  3-way valves and safety valves are fitted to all devices at the factory, saving additional installation work.

                  Older devices of usual makes can be replaced quickly and economically using the hydraulic and exhaust side system accessories. Accurately fitting accessory sets for fast assembly are also available for initial installations.

                • Gas condensing Boiler FGB

                • Designed for you

                  The Wolf FGB

                  The FGB-series comes in two capacities (28 and 35 kW) and is available in a heating and a combi version. The FGB offers everything an advanced wall mounted condensing boiler needs, operating with natural gas and with LPG. Made in Germany.

                  The design:

                  A stylish casing and the compact dimension offer many mounting possibilities. The internal components are chosen from very robust and durable materials such as copper pipes, cast-aluminum heat exchanger, a glass fiber reinforced polyamide hydraulic block and a stainless steel DHW heat exchanger in the combi boilers. The straightforward design of the monobloc heat exchanger has large and simple water channels. The High-efficiency pump and fan together with the high thermal conductivity of the heat exchanger lets the FGB easily comply to class A of the ErP directive. Additional components like safety valve, condensate trap, expansion vessel, air vent and a flue gas non-return valve (for multiple-floor systems) are already integrated. Installation and maintenance can be done very quickly by a single person due to the fixing and connection design.

                  • Energy efficiency category: A
                • Gas combi boiler CGG-1K

                • ComfortLine gas-fired combination boiler CGG-1K-24/28

                  The advantages of the CGG-1K-24/28 at a glance:
                  • Room sealed fanned flue gas model gas combi boiler for low temperature and DHW preparation with integrated DHW heat exchanger made of stainless steel
                  • Certified according to the valid EG guidelines
                  • Adequate flow temperature up to 90°C, max. permitted operation overpressure heating 3 bar and DHW 10 bar, for sliding lowered operation, performance controlled in modulation, factory made equipped for operation with natural gas H, gas conversion kit B/P as accessory.
                  • eBus-capable control for connection of digital Wolf control accessory
                  • With electrical ignition and ionisational flame monitoring and integrated flue gas fan, combustion air monitoring by differential pressure monitor
                  • Serially equipped with 3-step heating circuit pump, expansion vessel 8 l and safety valve
                  • Unit for connection to air / flue gas pipe system, chimney or rather air / flue gas chimney of types C12x, C32x, C42x, C52 and B32 in an open flue model or rather room sealed fanned flue operating method
                  • Casing white RAL 9016 powder coated, control with plastic cap in black
                  • Energy efficiency according to efficiency guideline 3 stars (3 stars according to 92/42/EWG)
                  • Emissions according to NOx-class 3
              • Heat pumps

              • Wolf Heat pumps – Convince heating with maximum efficiency, ease of installation and optimum system compatibility.
                    • Heat pumps Air/water - brine/wate - water/water

                    • With a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 5.4, Wolf opens up a new efficiency category.

                      The new series with 18 different appliances for internal and external installation, as standard or compact versions and as a heat station with integral DHW cylinder, meets every aspiration. The air source heat pumps with output range of 8 - 14kW, the ground source versions with range of 6 - 16kW and the groundwater version with range of 7 - 21kW are designed with flow temperatures of up to 63 °C. In addition to their energy efficiency, other impressive features include their low noise level, ease of installation and user friendliness.

                      Air/water head pumps
                      • BWL-1-A for outdoor installation
                      • BWL-1-I for indoor installation

                      Brine/water head pumps
                      • BWS-1 heating appliance for indoor installation

                      Water/water head pumps
                      • BWW-1 draws its energy directly from nature - in this case from groundwater. Groundwater has a temperature of 8 to 12 ºC all year round, which enables the BWW‑1 to achieve a COP of 5.4 to 5.6.
                • Single- / multi-family houses - Solar equipment

                    • TopSon F3-1/F3-1Q flat plate collector

                    • TopSon F3-1 is the high-performance flat plate collector from Wolf, manufactured from environmentally-friendly, single-variety materials that can be separated and recycled in the future without difficulty.

                      The high quality and engineering enable a product guarantee for five years, and provide an expected service life of 20 years. Its newly developed, deep-drawn aluminium collector basin, which is sealed all the way round, contributes to this high durability.

                      The difficult mitred corners found on frame constructions, which can be the cause of leaks and have to be sealed with silicone, are simply not present. In addition, a special punching process of the robust aluminium basin provides particularly high resistance to distortion.

                      Solar heating in combination with a Wolf boiler usually leads to an energy efficiency class A+ (package label) for the complete heating system.

                    • CRK-12 tube collector

                    • The tube collector operates with a heat exchanger in the vacuum tube system. This achieves high absorber temperatures, and enormous efficiencies, even at low levels of solar radiation.

                      In the spring and autumn in particular this allows enough solar energy to be collected that, in addition to hot water generation, central heating can also be supported.
                      In addition to the aesthetic design, the tube collector offers the particular advantage of easy installation and servicing. It is supplied fully preassembled. It is also worth mentioning the fitting position, and the zero-maintenance, extremely durable vacuum seal provided by the cladding and absorber tubes. The absorber and reflector surfaces are therefore optimally protected from ageing and dirt in the vacuum, and therefore have extremely long lives.
                    • Gas condensing solar centre CSZ-2

                    • The perfect combination of gas and solar
                      The CSZ‑2R gas condensing solar centre was also developed and equipped according to the condensing efficiency concept. As a result, the CSZ‑2R can cover up to 60 % of the DHW heating with solar energy, making it the perfect system solution.

                      This compact, modular and visually appealing solar centre comprises the following: CGB-2 gas condensing boiler, BM-2 programming module, solar cylinder, solar pump assembly with high efficiency pumps and SM-2 solar controller, 25 l solar expansion vessel and collecting vessel for the solar fluid. The solar cylinder has a 300 l capacity which is sufficient to receive the energy from three collectors for a living space of up to 150 m². This means it complies with the requirements of the German "Renewable Energies Heat Act".

                      The new programming module allows the entire system to be controlled and analysed, for example the solar yield, converted into kilowatt hours, m3 of natural gas or litres of fuel oil. The solar yield is shown graphically – sorted according to months and years.
                    • The Wolf solar heating solution

                    • Solar heating - what's that?
                      • Wolf offers a system of perfectly matching components for solar drinking water production as well as for solar heating support.
                      • Wolf solar heating therefore provides low energy consumption with highly convenient hot water and heating.
                      • The heart of the system consists of the solar collectors in combination with a storage system that is used to prepare drinking water and to support heating.
                      • Several options are available: stratification cylinder with the BSP freshwater station, the SED double storage or the SEM-1 solar storage combined with an SPU buffer storage.
                      • Wolf offers a wide spectrum of products for use as additional heat generators: Oil or gas condensing boilers, biomass boilers and heat pumps for brine or air. Optimum energy efficiency is ensured through the use of the latest control technology.
                  • Single- / multi-family house - Ventilation equipment

                  • Wolf Ventilation equipment - For every requirement.
                      • CWL Excellent

                      • The new Wolf CWL‑180 Excellent, CWL-300 Excellent and CWL‑400 Excellent comfort mechanical ventilation units are distinguished by their light and compact design, removable plastic cross-countercurrent plate heat exchanger and low energy consumption with heat recovery of up to 95 %. The CWL‑300 Excellent and CWL‑400 Excellent include a bypass and electric preheater coil as standard.

                        In addition, all three models are available with an optional category F7 supply air filter. Furthermore, reheater coils, enthalpy heat exchangers, air quality sensors and humidity sensors are available as accessories.

                        Benefits to remember:
                        • Clean, pollen-free fresh air – plus traffic noise is kept outside
                        • Removable plastic cross-countercurrent plate heat exchanger
                        • Heat recovery up to 95 %
                        • Automatic frost protection control
                        • "Constant flow" energy saving EC DC fans
                        • Category F7 outdoor air filter available as an option
                        • Engineering support with Wolf sizing software
                      • CWL-F Excellent

                      • It may sometimes prove difficult to install a mechanical ventilation system because there is insufficient space available – not only a problem in existing buildings. This is where the new Wolf slimline ventilation units come into their own. Their low installed height and whisper-quiet operation enables easy installation above suspended ceilings or in narrow room recesses. The BML Excellent programming module with E-BUS interface acts as a remote control.

                        Its graphic display makes adjusting the 7-day/day program particularly easy. Ventilation is regulated in four stages, whilst a service indicator automatically notifies you when maintenance is required.

                        Benefits of the CWL-F-150 Excellent and CWL-F-300 Excellent at a glance:
                        • Compact, slimline design for ceiling and wall mounting
                        • Clean, pollen-free fresh air – plus traffic noise is kept outside
                        • Removable plastic cross-countercurrent plate heat exchanger
                        • Heat recovery up to 95 %
                        • Bypass as standard
                        • Automatic frost protection control
                        • Constant flow fans
                        • Low energy consumption due to EC DC fans
                      • CWL

                      • Actively hinders mould growth!
                        With the CWL comfortable home ventilation with heat recovery, used air from the kitchen, bathroom and WC is extracted, the heat is removed in the cross- and counterflow flow plate heat exchanger, and it is released into the open after filtering.

                        Data and facts at a glance:
                        • Removable plastic cross- and counterflow plate heat exchanger.
                        • Up to 95% of heat reclaimed from the used air.
                        • Suitable for detached houses, apartment buildings and offices.
                        • Clean, pollen-free fresh air - ventilation with closed windows, with no noise from the street (not just for allergic persons).
                        • Bypass for night cooling on device types CWL-300 B and CWL-400 B.
                        • One fan each for incoming and outgoing air, continuously variable regulation; low energy consumption from DC fans.
                      • CWL-D-70

                      • New: Comfort domestic ventilation CWL-D-70

                        Decentralized mechanical air handling unit with heat recovery

                        The CWL-D-70 is the ideal appliance for retrofitting existing buildings. It combines efficiency and convenience in the smallest of spaces. This is due to its removable plastic cross- and countercurrent plate heat exchanger, which guarantees at least 80 % heat recovery, as well as its particularly low energy consumption thanks to the use of high grade DC fans. It is because of these fans that you hear so little from the new CWL-D-70 – it is the quietest appliance on the market.

                        The electric preheater coil (275 W), which is integrated into the appliance and features automatic frost protection control and a standard bypass, takes care of supply air preheating in winter as well as the minimum supply air temperature. A category G4 pre-filter continuously provides clean and pollen-free fresh air. The filter service notification is automatically displayed on the appliance.

                        The white internal panel features a particularly aesthetic design and can even be coated. The external wall hood is available in white (RAL 9010) or stainless steel. The CWL-D-70 is supplied fully wired. It is especially easy to install, thanks in no small part to the wall sleeve included in the delivery.

                      • CWL-T-300 Excellent Building Services Centre

                      • Building Services Centre - Comfort domestic ventilation CWL-T-300 Excellent

                        A team only excels when its individual talents complement each other. Accordingly, the new CWL-T-300 Excellent ventilation unit teams up well with a Wolf heat generator.
                        Together, the ventilation unit and the heat generator form both a visual and a technical entity. With an optional hydraulic reheater coil, the supply air can be heated as required with a maximum heating output of 3000 W. The required heating output is produced and made available by the adjacent Wolf heat generator, e.g. BWL-1S split air source heat pump, CGS-2 gas condensing centre or TOB oil condensing boiler. It therefore supports the conventional heating system in providing comfortable indoor conditions. The mechanical ventilation system can be installed right beside the respective heat generator due to its new "tower" design.
                        Otherwise, the CWL-T- 300 Excellent offers the impressive benefits of other units in this series: light and compact design, a removable plastic cross countercurrent heat exchanger with up to 95 % heat recovery.

                        Energy saving, constant flow EC fans and low current draw of only 36 W also ensure low power consumption. A bypass for night ventilation in summer and a 1000 W electrical preheater coil are included as standard. Equally typical for Wolf: Fully wired unit for quick and easy installation and commissioning. It can be positioned against a wall to save space and serviced quickly and easily from the front.
                        This building services centre can be controlled easily and conveniently with the BM-2 programming unit, your key to the "smart home" – networked, intelligent and mobile
                        control for the entire heating and ventilation system.

                    • Single- / multi-family house - Hot-water

                    • Wolf Storage systems - Water heating and heating support.
                        • BSP Stratified storage

                        • The highlight of storage tanks technology:
                          The multi-functional BSP and BSP-W stratification cylinders permit combinations of equipment with gas and oil boilers, combi boilers, wood and pellet heaters, heat pumps, solar installations and electrical heating elements.

                          Particularly when combined with condensing units, a stratification cylinder permits optimum condensation and therefore maximum energy yield. A fresh-water station offers maximum hot water convenience at any time.

                          The advantages of the Wolf BSP stratification cylinder at a glance:

                          • Space-saving
                          • Hydraulic components such as the fresh-water module, 2 mixer circuits and the pump fittings assembly can be fitted either to the tank or to the wall.
                          • Stratification plates stabilize the temperature layers in the tank, bringing a marked improvement in solar energy yield.
                          • Hygienic hot water preparation with a powerful fresh-water module
                          • Circulation set can be fitted; control by time, thermostat or by opening the water tap
                          • Optionally available with 2 mixing circuit groups for the high and low temperature circuits.
                          • Very low heat losses through 1-tank system.
                          • Economical solution for heating support.
                          • Thermal insulation can be removed for easy transport into the installation room.
                          • 5 years guarantee on the floor-standing tank, 2 years on electrical and moveable parts
                        • Solar tank SEM-1/-2

                        • Solar tank SEM-1
                          • Steel solar tank with two plain tube heat exchangers, enamelled according to DIN 4753.
                          • Highly effective thermal insulation and low heat losses through high-quality PU hard foam insulation under the tank's foil jacket.
                          • Thermal insulation contains no CFCs
                          • Inner wall of the container and heat exchanger protected from corrosion by enamelling and magnesium sacrificial anode
                          • Large heat exchanger surfaces ensure short heat-up time and high continuous hot water performance
                          • Side flange for additional heat exchanger and simple servicing
                          • Optimum diameter/height ratio for good temperature stratification

                          Solar tank SEM-2
                          • for hot water generation, with option of building on a solar pump assembly
                          • Easily assembled and compact, with a volume of 300 or 400 litres
                          • Two plain tube heat exchangers (heating and solar).
                          • Solar pump assembly with integrated, ready-wired SM1 solar regulator that can be fitted directly to the tank.
                          • Optionally with high-efficiency pump eligible for subsidies.
                        • Hot water tank SE-2

                        • The advantages of the Wolf SEM-2 at a glance:
                          • Inspection and cleaning open for easy servicing
                          • Highly effective thermal insulation and low heat losses through PU hard foam insulation under the tank's cladding.
                          • Cladding: Foil jacket, colour silver
                          • Inner wall of the tank protected against corrosion by double-layer enamelling and by magnesium sacrificial anode for additional corrosion protection (SE-2-750 with powered anode)
                          • Low-lying heating coil, double-enamelled with short heat-up time and high continuous hot water performance
                          • Connection for supplementary electrical heating
                          • 5 years guarantee on the floor-standing tank, 2 years on electrical and moveable parts

                        • Buffer cylinder SPU-2

                        • Buffer cylinder for central heating backup with removable thermal insulation.

                          Benefits of the SPU-2 buffer cylinder from Wolf at a glance:
                          • Steel buffer cylinder with quality certificate
                          • Water capacity from 2000 to 5000 litres
                          • Eight 1 ½” connections and four ½” connections in the cylinder wall
                          • High grade thermal insulation with 100 mm thickness for low heat loss
                          • Removable thermal insulation for easier maneuvering into the installation room
                          • 5 year warranty on the floorstanding cylinder
                          • 2 year warranty on all electrical or moving parts
                      • Single / multi-family house - Control equipment

                      • With Wolf you got optimum regulation of temperature zones in a house throughout the year.
                          • Control module BM

                          • As end units become more complex and more technically subtle, the controller also faces more difficult challenges.
                            Optimum regulation of temperature zones in a house throughout the year is only one of the challenges solved by the Wolf WRS control system. It is true strength lies in the coordination and control of complete heating systems.
                            The WRS optimizes and synchronizes even the extended modes of operation with components such as integrated solar technology or air-conditioning equipment.

                            Yet in spite of these stiff technical challenges, Wolf remains true to its basic principle:

                            • easy operation
                            • problem-free commissioning and servicing
                          • Control module BM-2

                          • "Smart Home" is the keyword for intelligent, networked building management. The new BM-2 programming module is the key to effective control over heating, solar thermal and ventilation systems.

                            This convenient device can be used in all appliances belonging to Wolf's new range of condensing boilers, as well as in split air sources heat pumps. The BM-2 programming unit can also be used as an external remote control, fitted in a wall mounting base. For example, the CWL Excellent range of mechanical ventilation systems also interacts seamlessly with this unit because all installed HRS components are automatically recognized and preconfigured via eBUS. In addition, control via smartphone is possible (requires the ISM7i/ISM7e interface module).

                          • BUS INTERFACE ISM8 KNX NETWORK

                          • Integration into complete building systems
                            Intelligent building systems are now used to reduce running costs and to make usage more flexible and safe. The KNX bus technology brings significant benefits, including sophisticated control options, the interaction of sensors and consumption devices, as well as the acquisition of consumption data (smart metering).

                            The Wolf KNX interface kit makes it possible to integrate Wolf system components into the KNX building automation system. In this way, all gas and oil condensing boilers with BlueStream® (CGB-2, CGS-2, CGW-2, CSZ-2, MGK-2, TOB), plus the BWL-1S split air source heat pump, can be integrated. It is also possible to integrate additional components such as the MM mixer module, the KM cascade module, the SM1/SM2 solar collectors, and the mechanical air handling unit from the CWL Excellent series.

                            If a CWL Excellent is used in standalone mode (without heating equipment), the corresponding external KNX interface set is available in the shape of the ISM8e. In conjunction with the BM-2 programming unit, data points can be read and written via the KNX network. Actual values and statuses from the respective control units are collected in the ISM8 interface module and made available via the KNX/IP module. Other appliances in the KNX system can read and write these network variables. The ISM8 can also be used without the BAOS module as an ebus/Ethernet interface (ISM8i – ebus/Ethernet interface set).

                          • Smartset-Operating-App/Contractor level

                          • Perfect control via smartphone and PC

                            The user level: Wolf Smartset smartphone app or Wolf portal
                            In conjunction with the ISM7i or ISM7e interface module and the Wolf portal, the Smartset smartphone app allows users to operate their heating systems conveniently from a smartphone, no matter where they are. An internet connection will only be made if permitted by the user.

                            The contractor level: Wolf portal
                            Full access to the selected heating system is possible at the contractor level of the Wolf portal. The system components are graphically illustrated by various schemes, and the associated operation conditions are also shown. Adjustments can be made and parameters called up and modified. In addition, the integral datalogger can record values and conditions, which can also be shown in graphic form. Furthermore, active fault messages and a fault history are displayed.

                            The service tool: Wolf Smartset PC app
                            The Smartset application for Windows PCs allows a system to be configured and diagnosed on site, for example during a service call. The connection between PC and ISM7i or ISM7e interface module is established directly with a network cable. The design and functional scope of the Smartset PC app corresponds to that of the Wolf portal including contractor level.

                          • Interface module ISM7I/ISM7E

                          • The new LAN/WLAN interface module ISM7i/ISM7e
                            Your link to the future

                            Now heating starts to become interesting, because the ISM7i (for installation) and ISM7e (extern solotion for retrofitting) interface module allows the heating system to be integrated into a LAN or WLAN network. For secure communication via the internet, the interface module is simply linked to the existing broadband router which then makes the connection to the secure Wolf portal server.

                            Remote control via the internet uses either a smartphone via “Smartset”-App or PC, both of which access the convenient browser-based user interface of the Wolf portal.

                            An internet connection is not required if access to the heating system is to be limited to the local home network.
                            The Wolf communication system gives contractors access to the Wolf heating system via the internet. Fault messages are automatically sent by email to the system operator and the contractor.

                          • Interface module ISM9

                          • The new interface module is the key

                            Many customers want to control their heating – not only the overall heating system, but also individual rooms. This is why Wolf has developed the new integration-ready ISM9 interface module. This module features WLAN capability and can easily be integrated into a Smart Home network. For this purpose, Wolf has established arrangements with Smart Home suppliers. Wolf cooperates with wibutler to provide reliable solutions for the individual control of radiators and underfloor heating. The components for individual room temperature control are only available from heating contractors/wholesalers, not from Wolf directly. Additional Smart Home products for lighting, safety, shading, garden, measurement of energy demand, etc., are available from the respective system suppliers. The individual room temperature control is commissioned by trained heating contractors associated with the Smart Home suppliers.

                            Smart Home components:

                            • A central unit is used to connect all Smart Home peripherals
                            • For the radiator actuator with integral room temperature sensor, a default temperature can be see directly on the drive
                            • The controller module for individual room temperature control continuously compares the actual temperature with the set temperature and regulates the flow rates of the heating/cooling water via the thermal actuators of the distribution system
                            • The solution for underfloor heating: The actual room temperature and the set room temperature are transmitted by the programming unit or the room sensor
                            • The room sensor also captures the relative humidity (optional)
                        • Industry, trade, municipalites - Heating technology

                        • The ideal solution for each object size.
                            • Medium sized boiler

                            • Medium-sized boilers up to 2500 kW.
                                • Gas condensing boiler MGK-2

                                • The heating solution for larger buildings

                                  Wolf also recommends the new MGK‑2 medium-sized gas condensing boiler with 17 to 100 % output modulation at a rated output level of 390-630 kW, or up to 2.5 MW in a cascade. It is available in four sizes. Thanks to its quiet operation and compact dimensions, it is especially suitable for effective modernization or refurbishment of existing buildings.

                                  The new MGK-2 requires no minimum amount of circulating water or return temperature raising facility, making it particularly economical. Furthermore, users will be delighted with the easy operation of the BM-2 programming module, with its built-in colour TFT display and its many new auxiliary functions.

                                • Steel boiler MKS

                                • MKS without burner
                                  70-420 kW

                                  The MKS, with its large heat transfer surfaces of plain tubes for condensate-free low-temperature operation offers a high thermal efficiency of up to 94% (LHV) / 89% (HHV). The broad, tightly fitting heat insulation ensures that radiation and cooling losses are a minimum. Noise from boiling and expansion is prevented by ensuring that the flow is evenly distributed around the combustion chamber. Special value has been placed on easy assembly, servicing and cleaning; the boiler door, for instance, can be pivoted to the left and right across the whole of the front of the boiler.

                                  Wolf offers you 6 years guarantee on the boiler and 2 years on electrical and movable parts

                              • Large boiler

                              • Big plans need Wolf energy-saving systems - up to 5200 kW.
                                    • Oil/Gas steel boiler GKS Dynatherm-L

                                    • Power range 900 -5200 kW

                                      High thermal efficiency up to 93 % (LHV) / 88% (HHV) for best possible energy exploitation

                                      Low load up to 35% is possible Reliable boiler protection through 50 °C minimum return temperature. Three exhaust gas flues to minimise NOx emissions

                                      Central positioning of the flame tube and smoke tube of the second and third flues, with water-cooled reversing chamber between the first and second flues

                                      High water volume for good temperature stratification Symmetrical boiler construction for optimum absorption of force
                                      Optimised combustion chamber geometry for low thermal stress, leading to an extension in the boiler's service life.

                                      Heat exchange surfaces of plain tube to avoid soiling and to maintain constant power Easily accessible for inspection on the exhaust side

                                      Operating pressure 6 bar Adequate thermal insulation, including the front door, to minimise radiation losses Ideal for combination with heat reclamation devices Five year guarantee

                                • Industry, trade, municipalites - Air-handling equipment

                                • Wolf Air handling equipment - Maximum flexibility in design.
                                    • KG/KGW-Top

                                    • Maximum flexibility in planning - the highest efficiency in operation.

                                      Extremely versatile at the engineering stage, easy to handle during transportation and installation, and highly efficient for the user: The KG Top series of appliances represents efficient bespoke air handling equipment for any building project.

                                      The novel design of the air-handling units combines many new ideas in perfect cooperation. Thanks to the push-together frame design, the whole installation can be dismantled to simplify transport, delivery, assembly and servicing.

                                      The new method of construction using the latest components also brings maximum energy efficiency, lowering life-cycle costs.

                                      Due to the high-quality materials, the devices satisfy all the needs of operational safety. All Wolf devices, for instance, can also be supplied in versions that satisfy the Atex explosion protection directive.

                                      The 50 mm casing panels are insulated with high grade, non-flammable mineral wool (A1).All air-conducting surfaces are galvanized, provided with additional powder coating or made of stainless steel. All gaskets are closed cell, non-moisture absorbent and resistant to disinfectants and ageing.

                                      All surfaces that come into contact with the air are made of materials that do not emit any hazardous substances or offer any breeding ground for micro-organisms.

                                    • Control equipment

                                    • Plug-and-play at its very best.

                                      Accurate control is essential for optimum operation of air conditioning and ventilation systems. The Wolf WRS-K control system makes operation even easier, ensures best possible energy efficiency and enables individual system configuration.

                                      Key features of the WRS-K:

                                      • Software configured individually for the specific system
                                      • Well-founded expertise and high quantities ensure the optimum software package
                                      • Special programming possible on request
                                      • Factory pre-programmed control application, optimally calibrated for the specific unit configuration
                                      • Subsequent functional extensions can be configured retrospectively at any time using the programming module
                                      • BMK programming module with plain text display in 14 languages
                                  • Industry, trade, municipalites - Ventilation equipment

                                  • Ventilation by Wolf ensure optimal, healthy indoor climate.
                                      • Warm air curtain

                                      • Features:
                                        • 4 unit sizes TL-A 10, 20, 30, 40, each with 5 different unit widths
                                        • Cu/Al heat exchanger for PWW up to 100°C, PHW from 100°C, steam and electrical heating banks by request
                                        • Strong, self-supporting steel plate housing manufactured on CNC equipment, with modern design, powder-coated in RAL 9016 (standard white)
                                        • Attractively designed intake grille with rectangular piercing, self-centring mountings, easily detached for filter exchange (secured with safety retaining cord)
                                        • Effective air outlet opening with aerodynamically shaped, individually adjustable air vanes, anodised in a natural colour
                                        • Additional sound-absorbing mat in the outlet area
                                        • Easily accessible inspection flap, hinged on one side, underneath the device
                                        • Manufactured in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 quality management system
                                        • Directly driven 230V/50Hz fans
                                        • WDH ceiling bracket with a rubber bearings
                                      • Hot Air generator

                                      • The WS series of hot air generators from Wolf is the reliable technology that serves people. Designed for halls and workshops, Wolf hot air generators provide constant, comfortable temperatures quickly and reliably.

                                        Whether in the smallest version, the Wolf WS 40 with a volume flow rate of 1,250 m3 per hour and 20 kW of heating power, or in the most powerful version, the WS 400, with a volume flow rate of 14,000 m3 per hour and a heating power of 225 kW, all Wolf's air heaters have a mature, carefully designed technology, and are easy to fit and service.

                                        • Compact, solid construction
                                        • TÜV-tested acc. to DIN 4794 for fuel oil, natural gas, LPG
                                        • High firing resistance
                                        • Can be used as vertical, suspended or horizontal device
                                      • Roof ventilator DV-2

                                      • Smart savings for lower energy bills

                                        With the DV-2, Wolf is introducing a new generation of roof extract fans with energy efficient EC fans. In addition to its outstanding energy efficiency, the variable speed DV-2 stands out thanks to its flexible installation options and long service life. The casing is made of 100% recyclable light grey (RAL 7035) plastic. The isolator is also included in the delivery. An extensive range of accessories is available:

                                        Advantages of the product:

                                        • plastic roof base for flat roof installation, RAL 7035, incl. insulation; installed heights: 200mm, 500mm, 700mm
                                        • Automatic cover damper for roof base, made of zinc-plated sheet steel with plastic segments
                                        • Intake silencer made of zinc-plated sheet steel for intake-side installation on roof extract fan (can be combined with roof base)
                                        • Duct connecting plate made of zinc-plated sheet steel for connection of a round duct
                                        • Seal plate made of weather-resistant, closed-cell plastic for sealing the foot of the roof extract fan, the silencer and the roof base
                                        • Connecting piece made of zinc-plated sheet steel for establishing an airtight connection to the silencer/cover damper
                                        • Variable speed controller for variable operation of the roof extract fan

                                    • Comfort ventilation systems

                                    • Comfort devices by Wolf stand for the highest quality and best performance.
                                        • COMFORT COMPACT VENTILATION UNIT CKL

                                        • In offices, larger residential complexes, restaurants and canteens, schools and nursery schools, the Wolf series of compact ventilation units with heat recovery is the ideal solution for convenient and energy efficient ventilation. With a variably adjustable output, the units are able to supply the rooms of a wide range of buildings with sufficient amounts of filtered outdoor air. At the same time, a corresponding volume of stale indoor air loaded with CO2 can be removed and disposed of as exhaust air. This successful model is now available in new sizes.

                                          Benefits to take note of:
                                          • Compact air handling unit up to 5800 m³/h (CKL) or 9000 m³/h (CRL)
                                          • CRL-iH 6200 and 9000 with rotary heat exchanger
                                          • Highly efficient (A+ rated as per Air Handling Directive 01)
                                          • Integral WRS-K control unit with many programmable inputs and outputs; can be extended to include auxiliary modules
                                          • Automatic frost protection control
                                          • Extensive range of accessories can be fitted (e.g. silencer, heating coil, cooling coil)
                                          • Highly efficient, variable speed EC fans
                                          • VDI 6022 as standard
                                          • LON, BACnet or Modbus interface module for connection to building management system
                                          • Straightforward LAN connection via Ethernet interface with integral web server
                                        • COMFORT FLAT VENTILATION UNIT CFL

                                        • Wolf CFL Comfort flat ventilation units are designed as ceiling mounted versions of internal units for controlled ventilation in modern properties. Their compact installation height makes them ideally suitable for use in suspended ceilings. The components used and the structure of the unit meet the ever more stringent requirements concerning energy efficiency and hygiene.

                                          Benefits of the CFL-WRG combined supply and extract air unit at a glance:
                                          • Combined supply and extract air unit as a slimline design for ceiling installation and control from below
                                          • With high performance countercurrent heat exchanger made from corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy
                                          • Fans designed with free-running impellers; infinitely variable with EC technology
                                          • Compact unit dimensions up to 2200 m³/h
                                          • Compliant with Hygiene Directive VDI 6022
                                          • Unit is fully wired for fast, straight forward commissioning
                                          • Control panel with WRS-K control unit mounted on the side of the unit; control unit for PWW or electric booster heater bank can be selected
                                          • BMK programming unit can also be used as remote control
                                          • Broad range of accessories available
                                        • COMFORT LARGE AREA VENTILATION UNIT CGL

                                        • Wolf CGL comfort large area ventilation units are designed as internal appliances for controlled ventilation in individual rooms. Alongside their primary use in classrooms and kindergartens, the units are also ideal for applications in conference rooms, club houses and restaurants, offices and canteens.

                                          Wolf CGL comfort large area ventilation units provide rooms with filtered outdoor air, the volume of which can be adjusted to ensure sufficient supply. At the same time, a corresponding volume of used ambient air containing CO2 is removed and expelled. This results in other pollutants such as odours, fine dust, moisture etc. being removed effectively as well.

                                          Heat is recovered via an aluminium countercurrent plate heat exchanger with efficiency levels up to and exceeding 90%.

                                          Continuously variable mechanical ventilation of the space according to demand is possible due to a CO2 sensor. Recommended application range from 300 m3/h to 800 m3/h.

                                        • Comfort thermal wheel heat exchanger ventilation unit CRL
                                          For indoor and for outdoor installation

                                          Compact units with heat recovery are designed for controlled ventilation in modern properties. The regulations for energy saving and air hygiene in buildings have led to an increase in the technical and hygienic requirements of ventilation systems. CRL units with heat recovery provide rooms with filtered outdoor air, the volume of which can be adjusted to ensure sufficient supply. At the same time, a corresponding volume of used room air containing CO2 is removed and exhausted. This results in other pollutants such as odours, fine dust, moisture etc. being removed effectively as well.

                                        • Air heater

                                        • Air heaters from Wolf ensure constant, comfortable temperatures.
                                            • LH AIR HEATER

                                            • Designed for all fields of space heating, Wolf air heaters always ensure constantly pleasant temperatures, e.g. in warehouses and production facilities. Equipped with modern, economical EC fans, the new Wolf air heater series greatly reduces power consumption.

                                              Whether in the smaller version, the Wolf LH-EC 25 with a flow rate of 2400 m³/h, or in the most powerful version, the LH-EC 100 with a flow rate of 9400 m³/h, all Wolf air heaters feature well-engineered, sophisticated technology and are easy to install and maintain.

                                              The new LH-EC air heater series at a glance:

                                              • Smooth-running, variable speed fan (230 V/50 Hz)
                                              • Energy saving primarily in the partial load range
                                              • Air flow rates of up to 9400 m3/h
                                              • Very good sound levels – extremely quiet
                                              • Variable control possible via 0-10 V signal
                                              • Very robust housing
                                              • Detachable casing panels allow heat exchanger to be removed
                                              • Cu/Al heat exchanger, suitable for pumped warm water (heating coil, DHW coil), pumped hot water up to 140 °C at nominal pressure up to 16 bar, steam up to 9 bar,
                                              • alternatively in zinc-plated steel

                                            • TOPWING TLH/TLH-K AIR HEATER

                                            • The air heaters in the TLH/TLH-K series were specifically developed for the comfort range. Depending on their version, these heaters are suitable for: heating, ventilation, cooling or filtering
                                              With the appropriate fittings, any of the devices can be used for air recirculation, with mixed air or with external air, and can be fitted on the wall or ceiling.

                                              4 device sizes for air quantities of up to 9000 m³/h and heating capacities of up to 164 kW
                                            • TOPWING TLHD/TLHD-K AIR HEATER

                                            • The TopWing TLHD air heaters are designed for use where the design plays an important role on top of the need for ideal air conditioning.


                                              • The air heaters in series TopWing have a modern, attractive design, the harmonious, soft outline of which is shown to its best advantage in showrooms, entrance halls, sales floors, or supermarkets.
                                              • The light colour in white RAL 9016 and the rounded edges let the TopWing device blend in on ceilings.
                                              • Depending upon installation conditions, circulating air or mixed air is drawn in from above and blown out in six directions.
                                              • Since the devices are suitable for heating or cooling, the air distribution always provides a pleasant room climate, both in the summer and in winter.
                                              • As motor/fan unit, a quiet impeller with a single phase 230 V motor is used. Alternatively, a motor/fan unit with 3x400 V motor is available.
                                              • Regardless of which motor/fan unit was selected, the speed can be controlled continuously with the corresponding control techniques in the product range.
                                              • As the heating or cooling application, a Cu/Al register with three pipe rows is used for TopWing. This has the advantage that with low-temperature heatings or condensing heating systems with supply/return spreading of 50/40 °C and a maximum volume flow in operation with circulating air, exhaust temperatures of approx. 34 °C can be reached.
                                              • With the quiet impeller, and in combination with the continuous speed control, the TopWing concentrates on the essential while reducing noise.
                                              • See for yourself: TopWing warms without being noisy.

                                          • Industry, trade, municipalites - Powersystem BHKW

                                          • Wolf Powersystem - combined heat and power units.
                                                • Wolf Power Systems - In-house electricity and heat generation

                                                • A combined heat and power unit essentially consists of a combustion engine and a generator combined with heat exchangers.

                                                  Natural gas, sludge gas and biogas are likely sources of primary energy. The combustion engine, a gas-burning four stroke engine, drives a generator. The generator converts part of the energy used into electrical power. The electricity is used in the consumer network or is given directly to the power supply company.

                                                  Wolf BHKW units have the same essential structure over the full range of powers: a frame constructed of steel sections forms the heat exchanging unit with the connections for the heating supply and return lines, exhaust and fuel.
                                                  The unit comprises a plate heat exchanger that takes heat from the engine's cooling water, a shell and tube heat exchanger that exchanges heat with the exhaust, and a flue gas cleaning unit.

                                                  A combined heat and power unit can achieve an efficiency of about 90%, meaning that 90% of the primary energy is converted into electricity and heat. If the radiated heat can be included, the efficiency can even reach about 95%. The efficiency of a conventional power station is between 30 and 40%. The advantages are clear.