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  • Renewable energy from biogas plants

    The number of our locations is growing continuously. The reason for this is that the advantages of biogas spread among governments, farmers and investors. But it is also because potential plant operators prefer searching for experienced partners.

    EnviTec Biogas AG covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas - including the planning and turnkey construction of biogas plants as well as their commissioning.
    The company provides the biological and technical service, and also offers full plant and operating management.
Product Portfolio
  • Biogas Plants

  • How does a biogas plant work?
    Regardless of where an EnviTec biogas plant is operated, the basic principle is relatively simple. Renewable input materials from farming, animal manures and waste materials from the food and agricultural industry serve as input materials.
      • Agricultural biogas plants

      • Because of the variety of economic and ecological benefits it affords, many farmers set up biogas plants as a further source of income. Utilising renewable raw materials and other agricultural products contributes to value creation in rural areas. An efficient recycling economy is the result – reaching all the way to the use of fermentation residues as fertiliser.
          • Long-term perspective

          • Many farmers use biogas production to establish a second economic mainstay, thereby ensuring that their agricultural enterprises continue to flourish into the next generation. Because energy generated from biogas is not subject to price fluctuations, it represents a reliable source of revenue.

            Farmers additionally save on long-term energy costs when they use exhaust heat from the co-generation unit to heat buildings or stables. The exhaust heat can also be marketed via local heating networks to external purchasers to further increase profits.

            An alternative to the generation of electricity from biogas is upgrading it to valuable bio natural gas.
          • Higher added value

          • Decentralised biogas production using independent resources strengthens value creation in rural areas. Using renewable resources effectively reduces the dependence on foreign energy imports, so that revenues remain in the region. More and more bioenergy villages are showing us how biogas can be used to get the most out of local synergies. This supports rural development and creates efficient cycles which represent major contributions to environmental protection.
          • Maximum efficiency

          • No other use of energy is as efficient as biogas utilisation in a co-generation plant. Because they simultaneously generate both electricity and heat (hence "co-generation"), the efficiency of cogeneration plants is considerably higher than that of conventional large-scale power plants, which only generate electricity. Co-generation plants convert between 80 and 90 percent of energy generated from biogas into heat and electricity. By way of comparison: the average efficiency of coal-fired power plants worldwide is 31 percent.
          • High flexibility

          • Biogas can be generated from different renewable resources. Instead of being tied to a certain crop type, farmers can adapt flexibly to different framework conditions. Even catch crops, whole-plant silage and energy beets deliver top yields. Plant operators can also integrate businesses from the local community to procure substrates.
        • Waste to energy

        • Every farm or food enterprise generates by-products which are eminently suited to biogas production. The targeted utilisation of organic waste can help generate energy and heat. This lowers overall production costs and is also good for the environment. In short: what you would normally dispose of is a valuable source of energy.
            • Optimal technology

            • Biogas is produced through the fermentation of organic substrates. Many waste materials are suitable for this process, such as those permanently available in factories from the agricultural, food and vegetable-oil industries. Be it food waste, glycerine, slaughterhouse waste or vegetable/animal fat: our biogas plants have an optimal technical design to ensure that these waste materials produce the best possible yields as substrates.
            • Sustainable utilisation

            • The efficient utilisation of organic waste in biogas plants creates a cycle of economic sustainability: Continuously generated by-products can be profitably employed to produce electricity, heat or bio natural gas. This reduces the accumulation of waste which production plants would otherwise have to dispose
            • Customised concepts

            • Specific local conditions, locally available substrates, the most efficient possible utilisation of generated exhaust heat in the respective production facility – every biogas plant is different. We develop a customised concept for your project which accounts for the respective conditions. We can provide you on demand with a turnkey plant with which you can utilise the organic residues you have available for optimal energy production.
            • Good CO2 figures

            • Thanks to the high energy yield in EnviTec "wasteto- energy" biogas plants, the required amount of fossil fuels has been reduced, resulting in a considerable improvement in the CO2 figures of production plants. This gives you an important competitive edge, as more and more consumers and companies are emphasising sustainable production when purchasing products.
          • Envi Than biogas upgrading

              • The principle

              • Gas separation by means of a polyimide hollow-fibre-membrane
                Biogas is becoming increasingly important as a local, decentralised and environmentally friendly source of energy. Particular potential is afforded by upgrading biogas to biomethane which can be fed into the public natural gas grid.

                With EnviThan, EnviTec is offering a highly efficient technology for upgrading biogas – gas separation with SEPURAN® Green by Evonik. This process increases the amount of high-energy methane from approx. 50 percent to up to 99 percent.

                  • Biomass fermentation produces a gas mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, as well as small amounts of hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide and, in some cases, ammonia. The higher the rate of methane, the higher the energy content of the gas. In the process of upgrading biogas to biomethane with natural gas quality, the crude gas is first cleaned and compressed. Then the most important process steps follows: the thorough separation of CO2 and water vapour by means of a highly selective hollow-fibre-membrane
                  • Energy for the public gas grid

                  • The membrane technology exploits the fact that gases have different permeation speeds and solubility properties. CO2 molecules are smaller than methane molecules, are more soluble in polymers and therefore pass through the microspores of the membrane more rapidly. While the majority of the CO2 and water vapour permeate the molecular screen, the valuable methane concentrates on the high-pressure side of the membrane. The upgraded biomethane is transferred to the supply station where it is further treated by the network operator or directly fed into the natural gas grid. The CO2-enriched exhaust gas is post-treated in a regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO).
                • The technology

                • Successful design, progressive technique
                  The EnviThan membrane technology using the SEPURAN® Green membrane modules developed by Evonik boasts essential advantages in comparison with other technologies: It is environmentally friendly, considerably more energyand cost-efficient and much more flexible. EnviThan is the ideal solution, especially for a future decentralised energy supply using a large number of smaller plants.
                    • Simple modular design

                    • The EnviThan biogas upgrading system is simple and robust as well as compact and space-saving. Components for desulphurisation, compression, condensation, filtration and gas separation can be installed in closed containers. Thanks to the modular design, every system can be adapted to the individual performance requirements of the operator. So any number of modules can be linked depending on the plant size..
                    • Hollow fibre membran for gas separation

                    • Every SEPURAN® Green module consists of several thousand very fine hollow fibres whose ends are embedded in resin and then bundled within a stainless steel tube. The fibres are manufactured from high performance plastics design with high pressure and temperature resistance. The membranes are characterised by having excellent selectivity properties. This results in an extremely low loss of methane when the separation of CO2 and methane occurs with the added advantage of requiring lower energy input to achieve it.
                    • High performance through separation and pressure

                    • Pressure is applied within each module by compressing the crude biogas. The resultant pressure difference between the retentate and permeate sides creates the separation of CO2 and water vapour whilst retaining the methane. The advanced technology of the hollow fibre SEPURAN® Green system and its excellent selectivity, i.e. permeation of the CO2 and retention of methane, makes it possible to achieve rates of less than 0.5% methane passing through the membrane and retention of a gas with up to 99% methane.
                  • The advantages - flexible, energy saving and efficient

                      • Up to 99 percent methane content

                      • Thanks to the highly selective hollow-fibre membrane, the EnviThan technology increases the methane content to up to 99 percent. In addition, it is also possible to reduce methane slip to less than 0.5 percent.
                      • Profitable for smaller and large biogas plants

                      • The EnviThan gas upgrading system is suited both technically and financially to smaller and large biogas plants. Thanks to the low investment costs, an EnviThan system operates economically even with small amounts of crude gas.
                      • Higher flexibility thanks to modular design

                      • Thanks to its modular design, the technology can be installed in a quick, smooth and cost-effective way and adapted flexibly to different quality standards and performance capacities.
                      • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

                      • Unlike other gas separation methods, EnviThan technology requires no chemicals, no water and no other resources. That makes EnviThan cost-effective and environmentally friendly, as it generates no waste water.
                      • Compact and inconspicuous

                      • An EnviThan system is especially space-saving.It is delivered in a containerised format which generally do not require major on-site works.
                      • No gas drying required

                      • EnviThan technology requires no further gas drying following the separation process. When the product gas leaves the membrane, it is sufficiently dehumidified to be fed directly into the public gas grid.
                      •  Robust and low-maintenance

                      • The technology is simple and robust. This reduces the demands on operation and maintenance which, in turn, saves on time and costs. The membranes are extraordinarily durable and generally maintenance free.
                      • Energy-saving

                      • In comparison to other processes, EnviThan technology requires very little energy. In addition, much of the heat generated during the upgrading process can be recovered and utilised.
                      • Low pressure loss

                      • The upgraded gas must have the same pressure as the natural gas in the grid in order to be fed into the grid. Whereas in other processes the pressure of the product gas is insufficient and the gas must be subsequently compressed, gas upgraded using EnviThan technology can often be fed directly into the public grid...
                      • Short start-up times

                      • An EnviThan system can be started up and shut down within a short time. The start-up time until full performance capacity is reached in only a few minutes. Even operation under partial load is no problem, as it is easily regulated via pressure and volume flow.
                    • Service

                    • All-round service and security for trouble-free operation

                      Our outstanding market position is attributed to our comprehensive services and the high quality of our products. EnviTec offers an all-round worry-free package – from planning, to financing and insurance, to commissioning, maintenance, and support. Thanks to our service offering the average efficiency of plants supported by EnviTec is greater than 90%
                        • Biological service

                        • Starting up
                          Our biological service sees you through the start-up of your new plant at no extra charge and later you can get this service optionally at extra cost. This service does not only consist of plant data collection of the biogas facility by daily dialing into your host system but also of regular visits to your plant by our staff as well as schooling of the operator in your own facility.
                          Additionally we conduct regular testing of the fermenter biology and the fermenting potential of the input substances for accurate feeding recommendations and thus the optimal efficiency of your facility

                          In our laboratory input substances and fermenting residue are examined for all important parameter and fermenting testing with different input substances is conducted.
                          Our scientific staff compares the quality of the different substrates by help of a data bank. Hence we can give you accurate feeding recommendations.
                          For checking the gas production in the running facility the real production is compared to the gas prognosis on a daily basis. This way, discrepancies can be detected at an early stage. Thus you can intervene and go against it at an early stage.
                        • Technical service

                        • The best service for your facility
                          Regular servicing and prescribed maintenance of all facility components protect against loss of income due to stand-still and breakdown. By using our technical service operators have the choice between part-time and full-time maintenance with take-over of the repair risk by EnviTec. If desired our trained specialists will also tend to the maintenance of BHKW including auxiliary drives, gas-, pump-, and agitator technology as well as measuring technology.

                          24 hour service
                          In case of emergency our technical service is there for you – 24 hours a day. Short delivery periods for important parts that have failed are our specialty. All components are on stock at all times. The standardised module-system by EnviTec offers crucial advantages – our facilities contain many non-variable parts, irrespective of the size of your plant.
                      • Own investment

                      • Besides building biogas plants for customers, EnviTec invests in and operates own biogas plants. These plants are operated together with partners from agriculture or industry and thus combine local expertise and competent management with technical know-how by EnviTec.
                          • In a partnership EnviTec will provide the following services

                            • Assistance in choosing the right location for a plant
                            • Overall project management such as preplanning and authorization
                            • Provision of external expertises and certificates
                            • Building of the turn-key plant and approval by the authorities
                            • Connection of the plant to the public power grid and completion of contracts concerning connection and the feed-in of electricity
                            • Maintenance work and repair
                            • Handling of all commercial aspects
                            We seek a long-term relationship with our partner, which means that the biogas plant is jointly operated for at least 20 years. The partner provides the location and agricultural products and residual materials as input material. Together with our partner we will gladly calculate the profitability of the project, taking into account all location-specific factors. Different factors when planning a biogas plant make each location special and need an individual assessment.
                          • Advantages and requirements

                          • The clear advantages of our partnership model are:
                            • Manageable equity investment
                            • Limited liability
                            • Financing negotiations
                            • Common operating risk
                            • Selection of raw materials and their contracts
                            • Meetings with the energy supplier
                            • Formulation of heating concepts
                            The following requirements must be fulfilled:
                            • 51% (or more, if applicable) of the company's shares are held by EnviTec Biogas AG. Preferrably with inclusion of the existing operation
                            • Project-based financing
                            • Long-term assurance of input and output (corn, rye, liquid manure, digestate)
                        • Our references - Biogas plants tailored to customers' needs

                        • Biogas plants for customers from agriculture or biogas parks in industrial scale - EnviTec Biogas offers customers worldwide individual solutions.
                          Currently we have installed more than 202 MW of plant capacity. 46 MW are under construction at the moment. (as at 31.12.2010)

                          These pages will give you details on some of our projects. To get an overview of all realized projects by EnviTec please take a look at our list of references.