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  • Landia is a world-leading manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Chopper Pumps, Submersible Mixers, Jet-Aerators and advanced process units.

    Our products are in worldwide service in: Waste Water Treatment Plants, In Biogas Plants, in Agricultural Farms, in the Food and Beverage Industry and in the Process Industry.

    Landia was founded in 1933, giving us 80 years of experience in manufacturing high quality pumping and mixing equipment.
Product Portfolio
  • Pumps

  • Landia developed their first chopper pumps in 1950. A chopper pump is a pump with rotating knives at the inlet of the pump, - a knife system which ensures that the pump does not stop due to impurities in the fluid being pumped.

    Originally, Landia's chopper pump was designed to chop straw, which was always present in liquid manure and gave rise to breakdowns and problems.

    Landia chopper pumps are still used extensively for pumping liquid manure but over the years have also won recognition for their excellence in other industries where there is a need for trouble-free pumping of e.g. untreated wastewater, sludge, liquid biomass, by-products from the food industry or highly abrasive fluids.

    Most of Landia's chopper pumps can also be obtained in acid proof steel for pumping fluids with low or high pH.

    • Axial pumps

    • Axial pumps designed to pump large volumes of fluid with low back pressure. The pump is mostly used in wastewater treatment plants for the recirculation of sludge, but may also be used in e.g. drainage, and for recirculating in fish farming facilities.

      The AXP-I/AXP-I is typically mounted directly onto the outside of a tank wall, but it can also be fitted in-line in a pipe system.

      In brief:

      • Motor sizes between 1.1 - 18.5 kW
      • Output of up to 5,000 m³/h
      • Pump pressure up to 0.2 bar
      • Pump sizes of 300, 500 and 800 mm
      • Available in stainless steel
      • Available in Ex-specification
    • Long-shaft chopper pumps

    • Landia's first long-shaft pump was introduced in 1950. The special thing about the pump was that the pump was equipped with a knife system which was designed to chop straw, which was always present in liquid manure and gave rise to breakdowns and problems.

      Landia's long-shaft pump is still used extensively for pumping liquid manure, but over the years it has also gained recognition as a pump that can pump fluids with a significantly higher dry matter content than most other pumps. Perfect for heavily contaminated fluids or fluids with a high content of fibre in the form of straw, grass etc. often found in e.g. biogas plants.

    • Dry-installed chopper pumps

    • A dry-installed pump is mounted outside the tank and is therefore easy to monitor and maintain. Since the pump is mounted in a pipe system it is also called an in-line pump.

      Landia's pumps are designed to handle viscous and highly corrosive fluids, and are used in e.g. waste water treatment plants, biogas plants, the agricultural industry, the food industry and in various industrial processes.

      Please click to continue on this site or contact Landia - together we will find the right pump solution.

    • Pumps for submersion

    • A submersible pump is a chopper pump, which is submerged into the liquid to be pumped and/or shredded.

      Landia's pumps are designed to handle viscous and highly corrosive fluids, and are used in e.g. wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, the agricultural industry, the food industry and in various industrial processes.

  • Mixers

  • Landia has been manufacturing mixers since 1970 when a need arose - first within agriculture and later in wastewater treatment plants. Thousands of Landia mixers have since been sold around the world, where on a day to day basis they contribute to the optimal operation of wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, agriculture and many other industries where there is a need for effective and energy efficient mixing of fluids.

    As a Danish company, it is natural that Landia over the years has developed mixers with the lowest possible energy consumption. Mainly, low energy consuming mixers have the lowest propeller speeds as possible. This not only saves energy, but it also leads to increased life span of the product with the lowest maintenance cost.

    Landia has the largest selection of submersible and dry mounted mixers with countless variations and motor sizes, ranging from 1.1 to 30 kW. Landia mixers are always adapted to the specific task and are supplied in the materials that provide the longest lifespan - whether it be cast iron or acid proof steel.

    The operating conditions for a mixer are often extreme, which places great demands on the sealing system. Landia has developed a unique sealing system consisting of three or four seals in combination with a grease chamber. This is unique in the global market!

    A mixer is a special product which can only be sold under expert guidance - guidance which naturally is included in every Landia product.
    • Submersible mixers

    • A submersible mixer is submerged into the fluid which is to be mixed. This offers effective mixing as well as simple installation - it is even possible to mount a Landia mixer without emptying the tank.

      Landia's mixers are designed to handle viscous and highly corrosive fluids and are used in e.g. wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, the agricultural industry, the food industry and in various industrial processes.

    • Dry-installed mixers

    • Typical applications: waste water treatment plants, biogas plants, food industry, the chemical industry, etc.

      The Landia POPTR-I is a flexible and efficient mixer, typically used for mixing fluids with a high solid content, such as sludge, digested biomass or fish silage. The relatively low revolutions per minute leads to the POPTR-I being ideal for mixing fluids of high viscosity.

      A POPTR-I mixer is mounted through the side of the tank wall, which means that all service and maintenance can be performed from the outside - the tank does not need to be emptied or the mixer lifted out of the tank. Furthermore, the POPTR-I is able to mix very hot fluids, since the electric motor has optimal cooling conditions.

      The Landia POPTR-I can be installed in most types of tanks - concrete as well as steel tanks.

      Landia mixers are always adapted to the specific task and are supplied with installation equipment which ensure a long lifespan and safe operation.

      In brief

      • Motor sizes between 5.5 - 18.5 kW
      • Speed 300 rpm
      • Mixing up to 6,000 m³/h
      • Available in Ex-specification
    • MBBR Biomover™

    • The Landia BioMoverTM is specially developed for the gentle mixing of the plastic carrier elements (bio media) in MBBR and IFAS tanks.

      The bio media which are used in MBBR and IFAS processes in modern wastewater treatment plants are usually manufactured by HDPE.

      The bio media are designed in such a way that they have a very large internal surface area upon which bacteria can grow without being knocked off, or otherwise destroyed, when they rotate and collide.
      1. MBBR =  Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor 
      2. IFAS   =  Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge
      3. HDPE =  High-Density Polyethylene

      Advantages of the Landia BioMover™

      • Can handle all kinds of bio media from different manufacturers.
      • The slow-moving stainless steel propeller with its broad blades ensures a gentle and energy efficient mixing of the bio media.
      • The gentle mixing prevents the bio media from wearing down.
        During mixing, full contact between the bacteria and the nutrients is ensured, while at the same time the excess of bacteria is removed from the bio media.
      • Landia's BiomoverTM ensures that the entire content of the tank is kept in motion, preventing biomass from clogging sieves or settling at the bottom of the tank.
      • A wide range with several motor sizes and customised propellers ensures efficient mixing of the contents in all tank types and sizes.
  • Aerators

  • Since the 1970s, Landia has been producing aerators. Today, the programme consists of two types:


    Landia AirJet is a so-called air ejector where the air, and thus the oxygen, is automatically sucked into the ejector and then mixed with the wastewater from which it is pumped, under pressure, into the tank.

    In its simplicity, the Landia AirJet consists of a chopper pump with equipped with an ejector system. Compared to many other aeration systems, AirJet is extremely easy to install and manage. There is no need for compressors, bottom-mounted diffusers and advanced controls.

    Landia AirJet can be installed in existing tanks - it is not even necessary to empty the tank when mounting!

    Landia AirJet is available in three different versions

    • With a submersible pump - AirJet is lowered into the tank
    • Dry-installed - all mechanical components are mounted outside the tank
    • AirJet suspended on a pontoon - used in lagoons

    PODB-I propeller aerators

    Landia PODB-I propeller aerators are submerged into the liquid in a tank or an open lagoon, and operates by the rapidly-rotating propeller creating a vacuum behind the propeller, wherein atmospheric air (or pure oxygen) is sucked down through a tube.

    Landia PODB-I is available in two different versions

    • With a submersible motor - PODB-I is lowered into the tank
    • PODB-I suspended on a pontoon - used in lagoons
    • Airjet aerators

    • An Air Jet consists of a Landia chopper pump and an ejector system. With its effective knife system, the chopper pump ensures that the aerator does not get clogged due to contaminants in the waste water.

      Application areas for Landia AirJet are typically

      • Aeration of waster water or sludge
      • Combined mixing and aerating
      • Eliminating odours from waster water - the waster water is kept fresh
      • Additional aeration during peak periods
      • Aeration of industrial waster water - often due to problems with other types of aerators
      • Cleaning/flushing of counter basins

      Benefits include the following

      • Can be mounted in a full tank
      • Clog-free - even with a high content of solids, such as in sludge
      • No maintenance of the aerator - only the pump needs to be serviced
      • Simultaneous aerating and mixing
      • Self-priming down to 6 m - no need for supply of compressed air
      • Low noise levels
      • The complete AirJet system can be supplied in stainless steel, including the pump
    • Propeller aerators

    • Self-priming propeller aerators where the air, and therefore the oxygen, is automatically sucked down through a tube and dissolved in the wastewater by means of a rapidly rotating propeller.

      Application areas for Landia's PODBI are typically

      • Aeration of wastewater or sludge
      • Combined mixing and aerating
      • Eliminating odours from wastewater - wastewater is kept fresh
      • Additional aeration during peak periods
      • Aeration of industrial wastewater
      • Cleaning/flushing of counter basins 

      Benefits include the following

      • Can be mounted in a full tank
      • Simultaneous aerating and mixing
      • Self-priming down to 4 m - no need for supply of compressed air
      • Low noise levels
      • Landia's PODB-I propeller aerators are available in stainless steel
  • Landia Gasmix

  • Landia GasMix is a unique mixing system for anaerobic tanks on biogas plants - commonly known as reactor tanks or digesters. 
    All the mechanical components of the Landia GasMix are located outside the tank. It is not necessary to open the tank for servicing or when repairing the Landia GasMix system. Beyond the safety benefit of never having to open a tank of gas, there are naturally also economic benefits: the production of biogas can continue running unimpeded during a GasMix system service!
    Mixing using the Landia GasMix works by means of a mixture of liquid and biogas being circulated in the tank. This keeps the tank mixed, as well as contributes towards a better quality of biogas with a resulting higher production of biogas.

    The below video illustrates the operation of the Landia GasMix

    • Accessories

    • As a supplement to our pumps and mixers, we offer a large number of accessory products which make everyday work easier, faster and/or safer.
      • Automatic control system

      • We can supply several different control systems for our pumps, mixers and processing plants.

        The range spans from the very simple, manual start/stop switches to advanced, programmable PLC control systems, with temperature sensors, pressure sensors, frequency converters, remote monitoring and electronic logbooks.

        The choice of control system is based on a thorough clarification of the customer's current needs and long-term ambition.

      • Level gauge

      • Automatic control system via accurate measurement of the fluid pressure in the tank. Landia offers automation, where precise measurement of the liquid level in the slurry tank can control the pumps and mixers.

        The so-called "pressure transmitter" sits at the end of a long rod that is mounted on the side of the tank and, via a line, is connected to a control cabinet.

        The connected control cabinet monitors and controls the liquid level in the tank, based on the signal from the pressure transmitter.

      • Pump pits/dry pits

      • Buried pit with dry-installed pump
        The precast pump pit in PE (Polyethylene) is a good, easy, odourless and reliable alternative to traditional reception tanks and manually built concrete pits.

        The PE-pump pit is completely sealed and is fitted with a base plate so that it will stay in the ground in the event of the ground water rising.

        The PE-pump pit fits all Landia's dry-installed MPTK pumps, which are available in several different sizes.

        The PE-pump pit is made of dimensionally stable moulded Polyethylene (PE) and is supplied complete at the desired height with the required pump and appropriate vent valves, sluice valves and hinged lids.

      • Manual valves (knife gate valves)

      • We offer a range of manual valves (knife gate valves) for piped slurry systems, which fit standard PVC pipe diameters of 110, 160 and 200 mm.

        All valves are in acid-proof stainless steel.

        The valves are glued to the pipes and are easy to operate with their removable levers.

        See the brochure below for further information.

        Numerous applications:

        • As a drain valve on the discharge line
        • As a stop valve when distributing the discharge to one or more tanks
        • As a stop valve placed inside or outside the building
      • Floorflushtm flush valves

      • Cleaning barn floors has been made quick, easy and efficient with Landia's FloorFlushTM.

        The solution consists of one or more flush valves, which has been flush-mounted into the barn floor, and is connected to a submersible pump in a tank via buried pipes.

        As the washwater, groundwater collected from the yard or roof may be used - or, as shown in the following video clip: recycled collected washwater from the previous cleaning of the dairy system.

        In hibernation mode, the valve is flush-mounted into the floor.
        When the submersible pump is powered up, the water pressure will automatically lift the valve a few centimetres up off the floor so that water can be sprayed out over the floor in a predetermined direction, thereby flushing the floor clean of slurry and other solid material.
        When the water pressure ceases, the valve falls back down to its recessed space in the floor.

      • Discharge pipes

      • To ensure problem-free pumping of the piped slurry to the storage tank, we recommend a special discharge pipe in hot-dipped galvanized steel.

        The pipe hangs vertically down from the edge of the tank's inside, where it extends almost to the bottom of the tank to prevent splashing over the edge.

        On the external side, a solid pipe is placed vertically along the tank wall. This piping can be insulated up to full height and if required be fitted with an electric heating cable to allow discharge in winter during hard frost.

      • Cranes / hoisting applications

      • To make it easy to hoist the pump or mixer out of the tank for inspection or service, we recommend an original Landia crane, which is easy to install and simple to use.

        The crane can be mounted in several different ways depending on the design of the tank and any covering.

        In the example to the right, the crane is mounted down on top of the square pipe, which controls the mixer inside the tank. The bracket is produced upon request in various sizes and shapes.

        All parts are made as requested, EITHER in stainless steel OR in hot-dip galvanised steel to ensure durability.

      • Working platforms / safety baskets

      • Safety comes first

        In order to prevent accidents during inspection and servicing of pumps and mixers in open tanks, we recommend installation of a working platform in a fixed position at the tank’s edge to ensure easy and stable access.

        The platform is available in several sizes and shapes  and are supplied with brackets that fit exactly the equipment that is to be inspected and serviced.

        All parts are made out of hot-dip galvanised steel to ensure durability.

      • Sluice gates for tanks and slurry channels

      • We offer several different manual sluice gates and stop taps for mounting on slurry tanks, slurry pipes and slurry channels.

        All products are made of durable materials; either galvanised steel or stainless steel.

    • Service and preventive maintenance

    • Our products are often used in aggressive environments under demanding operating conditions and with long operating times.

      Therefore, all Landia products are constructed based on the following principles: All components are sized so that they are not overloaded; wearing parts (bearings and sealing systems) can easily be replaced directly on site

      The need for service and maintenance is minimal and can be done on site, without the unit needing to be transported to a service centre - and it can often be done by the operating staff themselves. Naturally, you can also book one of Landia's own service technicians to come and help you with servicing, preventive maintenance, or any repairs.

      In connection with a service call and upon prior arrangement, we can set aside extra time to train one or more of the customer's own staff to do preventive maintenance.

      To ensure prompt and correct delivery and to minimise your expenses, please state the device's serial number and product number, which you will find on the metal identification plate on the motor.

      Delivery time: Spare parts are usually sent daily from Landia own departments as well as from several of our distributors.